Connecticut | Sen. Richard Blumenthal Announces Probe of Mortgage Servicers

Blumenthal Announces Senate Probe of Mortgage Servicers

Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Monday the Senate Judiary Committee will investigate alleged abuses by mortgage servicers, including improper loan modification agreements and shoddy foreclosure procedures, which may have resulted in improper home seizures.

Outrageous homeowner fees and inept tracking procedures by mortgage servicers have contributed to a rising number of unjustified foreclosures, Blumenthal said at a press conference Monday at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

Blumenthal said he has introduced a bill that would restrict fees and impose penalties on mortgage servicers who engage in fraudulent and deceptive practices.

“The law needs to be improved so that this kind of abuse can be caught,” Blumenthal said. “This problem spans the entire state of Connecticut…One out of 119 homes in the Connecticut is in foreclosure; 7,250 homes in the state are in foreclosure.”

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  1. concerned says:

    Whatever happened to (AG) Blumenthal’s LPS investigation from 2008 – 2009???????????????

    CONnecticut. Right!

  2. Jason Werner says:

    Announcing a probe is like clouds and wind with no rain. These criminals non-representative representatives and lame AGs and prosecutors like to play around with probes and investigations while they refuse to do their job: Stop the crimes.

  3. Maybe a senator’s family member or friend was abused by the Servicers, maybe even himself an that is why he wants to make the servicers accountable? maybe? then gagain it may be that this Senator is unique

  4. housemanrob says:

    Wow! Is Blumenthal for real?

    • AliceN.Wunderland says:

      This can’t be true. There has to be a catch. No Senator is going to put his job on the line to help we the people. I suspect this is just lip service so the end will be, gee, we found nothing wrong and I am sure the Servicers are going along with the plan.

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