Florida Woman is Not Dead, She Insists. Chase Bank, However, Disagrees.

Oviedo woman to her bank: I’m not dead

Her suit alleges bank’s error is ruining her credit.

SANFORD — Wrenella Pierre is not dead, she insists. Her bank, however, disagrees. In November, Chase Bank USA sent her family a letter of condolence.

“We are very sorry to hear of your loss,” it said.

Pierre, of Oviedo, is not amused. She is now suing Chase Bank, saying it has stymied her attempts to refinance her mortgage and ruined her credit rating.

Who, after all, wants to lend money to a dead woman?

“I don’t know why the bank made this type of disastrous mistake,” said her attorney, William Peerce Howard of Tampa. “There is no possible way to have credit extended when you’re deceased.”

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  1. Beth A. says:

    Chase is run by the “undead”.
    Pure evil.

  2. Wide-awake says:

    Chase was on the phone with both my wife and myself almost daily as they assured us our modification was going through. Meanwhile we were served with foreclosure complaints. “Don’t worry about that, it will go away once we get this modification through.” we were told. Then we received notice that an Ad Litem Attorney had been appointed to my wife. Two months later and 2 “please resend your information for modification because it’s not on file” later, I was appointed an Ad Litem Attorney. We were still foolish enough to believe a modification was still going to happen and ignorant to the fact an Ad Litem attorney is appointed on your behalf either when your dead or mentally incapacitated. We were never contacted and had we not received an advertisement from an attorney on the up coming sale on our house we would have been removed from our house before finding out that a summary judgement had already been awarded to fraudsters. They have no ethics and no shame.

  3. JS says:

    Familiar story….

    After we submitted accurate paperwork to CHASE and made 5 timely trial payments, they rejected our loan modification, first stating falsely, that we didn’t meet the requirement that 31% of our gross income be less than our housing expense (it’s not even close). Then, 3 days AFTER the rejection, CHASE sent a letter threatening to drop our request for a modification if I failed, specifically, to provide my DEATH CERTIFICATE and proof of social security death benefits.

    Having dealt with Chase for months now, I’m not quite sure if I’m alive or have died and gone to hell.

    CHASE – THE WAY FORWARD! (their advertising mantra. WOW!)

  4. lvent says:

    The banksters, are all out of control. The banksters are like a rogue regime of NAZIS scouring the country for people to victimize.

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