WAPO | Florida Foreclosure Investigators Say They Were Forced to Resign

Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson had headed up investigations on behalf of the Florida attorney general’s office for more than a year into the fraudulent foreclosure practices that had become rampant in the Sunshine State. They issued subpoenas and conducted scores of interviews, building a litany of cases that documented the most egregious abuses.

That is, until the Friday afternoon in May when they were called into a supervisor’s office and forced to resign abruptly and without explanation.

“It just came out of nowhere,” said Edwards, who had worked in the attorney general’s economic crimes section for more than three years. “We were completely stunned.”

Less than a month before they were forced out, a supervisor cited their work as “instrumental in triggering a nationwide review of such practices.” Now, Edwards is convinced their sudden dismissals will have “a chilling effect” on those probes into the shoddy foreclosure practices that caused national outrage when they made headlines last fall.

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6 Responses to “WAPO | Florida Foreclosure Investigators Say They Were Forced to Resign”
  1. COCO says:

    I am with Ivent. Time is of the essence. After all, Florida has a governor that is tied to medicare fraud. We are not talking the cream of the crop here. Just remember there are two kinds that rise to the top-the cream and the bastards. Scott and Bodi need to be stopped. Scott is not afraid as he has already jumped one criminal hurdle with the medicare fraud. All of us need to respond quickly-60 minutes is a great idea. Scott is trying to make Florida a nonjudicial state for foreclosures because he says that the foreclosures are keeping businesses from opening up in the sunshine state. Nothing could be further from the truth. He needs to be monitored daily-slippery when dry they say.

  2. Jim Bethea says:

    The law of the illegal jungle ~~ When bank’s fraud ~ crooked judges ~ crooked attorneys ~ political fraud gets exposed the Illuminati gets busy making it all silent ~~ no matter what it takes ~ having people fired ~ or even having people killed ~~ they will not allow much exposure to their ongoing scams that are stealing every penny from the American people in one way or another…….

  3. Heather says:

    Bondi and Scott need to go.

  4. lvent says:

    Wow, Bondi has to go. She and others in this country are obstructing justice.. The criminal powers hiding behind the scenes do not want criminal prosecutions and are blocking efforts to prove the massive extent of these MORTGAGE FRAUD crimes. . I am glad to read that Ms. Edwards and Ms. Clarkson are doing investigations on their own for others. What Bondi’s office did is wrong as is all of the intentional blocking of criminal investigations. I would send this story to 60 Minutes and to Dylan Ratigan. This is a national disgrace. People need to file more police reports and bring this massive mortgage fraud to the attention of the States Attorneys and we should all be screaming at the DOJ-MAIN SWITCHBOARD-202-54-2000 EMAIL- DOJ@usdoj.gov I also have a number for a AG PUBLIC COMMENT LINE: 202-353-1555 CONTACT THE US STATES ATTORNEY AS WELL AND TELL THEM WHAT YOU HAVE ALL UNCOVERED AND DEMAND INVESTIGATIONS. CALL THE FBI, THEY HAVE A MORTGAGE FRAUD DIVISION. .The intentional obstruction of justice is a crime.

  5. Readdocs says:

    If the investigations grow cold, they will have their answer.

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