Fraudclosure Fail | D.C. Council Alters Foreclosure Law, Removes Clause Which Said That Any Violation of the Law Would Void a Foreclosure

Money talks and deadbeats walk…

Guess it is okay again to steal homes in D.C.

Gotta love how they spin the title to the article…


D.C. Council alters foreclosure law, adds new consumer rights

The D.C. Council enacted emergency legislation Tuesday to amend a controversial clause in its foreclosure mediation law that threatened to stall the sale of foreclosed affected homes across the city.

The move came just days after The Washington Post reported that two large title insurers, which account for nearly 80 percent of the D.C. market share, stopped insuring sales of foreclosed homes because of concerns over the law.

The change will make it easier for buyers of foreclosed homes to obtain loans, because title insurance, which protects mortgage lenders from challenges to their rights to a property, is an essential ingredient in the home-buying process. That, in turn, could help stabilize District prices by speeding the sales of homes in the foreclosure pipeline.

“The issue is resolved,” said Roy Kaufmann, a lobbyist for the D.C. Land Title Association, which includes the two insurers, Fidelity National Title Group and First American Title Insurance, which withdrew from the foreclosure market.

Fidelity and First American had argued that the council’s law, which requires lenders to begin mediation with a homeowner before foreclosing on a home, was too broad and posed too much risk for them in insuring foreclosed properties.

To allay their concerns, the council took out a controversial clause, which said that any violation of the law would void a foreclosure sale, and replaced it with specific language endorsed by the D.C. Land Title Association about what constitutes a violation.

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Saving D.C. Homes from Foreclosure Amendment Act of 2011

10 Responses to “Fraudclosure Fail | D.C. Council Alters Foreclosure Law, Removes Clause Which Said That Any Violation of the Law Would Void a Foreclosure”
  1. Rita Cheche says:

    I am the plaintiff suing Wachovia for lying, cheating, and stealing from me, everything is with MERS, “ASSIGNMENTS OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ etc. (call me Rita Cheche)
    I have 2 fraud/predatory loans from them, Oct. 24, 2005 World Savings Bank / Wachovia and Nov. 21, 2006 Peoples Choice Home Loan / Specialized Loan Servicing L.L.C. / Wachovia / Wells Fargo. In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk Division. RITA CHECHE Plaintiff, v. WITTSTAT TITLE & ESCROW COMPANY, LLC, WACHOVIA BANK NATION ASSOCIATION AND SPECIALIZED LOAN SERVICING, LLC, Defendants. TRIAL DATE: OCT. 18, 2011.
    NO ONE IS GETTING TREATED FAIRLY, AND I KNOW, WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN CHANGE THIS. Or, anyone can help me, please give them my information, Rita Cheche, 757-427-0075. I have an email, but I am getting hundreds of emails of people in mortgage trouble, needing help, SO PLEASE CALL ME DIRECTLY. I need to get my story & evidence in the public eye! And be in the public eye to make it harder for the court system to continue to violate my rights. I’m not great on the computer, not having the right tools for the job! BUT I AM THE FAXING QUEEN! If you would like to see proof of any docs.
    I have evidence of every entity & actors’ violations of the law and my rights, example of just one of hundreds of my original documents:
    VICE PRESIDENT OF WACHOVIA, JUDY WILLS, FORGED AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT FROM MY FRAUD MORTGAGE CLOSING, SHE SIGNED MY NAME INCORRECTLY, AND DATED IT 3 YEARS AFTER THE CLOSING DATE, PLUS IT’S DATED 6 MONTHS INTO THE FUTURE (closing 11/21/05, date of package to O.T.S. 03/25/08, date on document 09/23/08). V.P. of Wachovia sent her version of my closing package TO THE OFFICE OF THE THRIFT SUPERVISION, Dept. of Treasury, answering my complaint to the Attorney General of TX, Greg Abbott. I have contacted approx. 15 agencies, having the correspondences, including the secret service and the F.B.I. and getting NOTHING BUT SCREWED.
    PLEASE COME TO Virginia Beach, VA to document my plight, before they silence me. My case is a Precedence Setting Case, and will help hundreds of thousands, with your help!
    They have stolen over 2.3 million in assets alone. Losing my commercial floor contracting business, I started in 1986, installing floors and wallpaper. Forced to liquidate and/or lost my 9 unit apartment building I provided to the Section 8 Program, a duplex on Chesapeake Bay, I bought to help a lifetime friend who is a quadriplegic, a single family rental home, my son’s education, and my retirement.
    My attorney (working for Wachovia) is continuing to bend me over, holding me for WACHOVIA! I have searched for the last 6 yrs. for representation, hiring mine 2 years ago, and in that time I’ve had about 15 mins. Face to face, the first & only appt. She said, for a cost of thousands, up front, she would do everything I asked, get my 2.3 million back, my home, my livelihood, what I would have made with my business, real estate properties, assets, investments, $100k, 25 yr. equity credit line from my rental, they illegally closed, & my excellent credit (they ruined my credit within 48 hours of 1st fraud closing, Oct. 24, 2005 dropping approx. 200 points to 513). Plus, I wanted several million dollars for ruining my family & my life! I wanted all of them to pay until it crushed them, legally doing to them what they illegally did and are continuing to do to me!
    I was retiring, when they ripped off my world. I have done nothing but fight back, every waking moment since Oct. 24, 2005. I will fight till I win what is rightfully mine, and then, with the money I win, I will help homeowners get their worlds back! My attorney pulled out the 3-day Cancellation Notice I signed, faxed, mailed & confirmed received, saying “we can start with this”, and then we can file motions and such, after looking over only a couple of pages of my presentation, I set up at 1st & only appt.
    I had 2 hrs. to wait for her, an empty conference room, & 6 files boxes of documents to show her. She said she would be in touch to go over everything else, after I deposited the money into her account.
    I personally, with my money & labor had taken an old 1300 sf. farm house built in 1890’s having a “Purchase Money Mortgage” of $235K, 06/30/04 no additional loans, my boyfriend built with my money & help, I alone paid for everything, building a 4,000 sf. 2-story Custom home appraised 03/06, for $796,500.00, the bank, with 2 fraud mortgages stole every cent of equity, & a year after my court case, I put against them they fraudulent foreclosure, everything is with MERS, “ASSIGNMENTS OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ etc.
    but there are no attorneys who specialize in mortgage fraud (not even the ones that advertise, like my attorney). Up until a few months ago, they acted like I was a “crazy lady”, who was trying to get something for nothing from the “Great Gods”, I mean, the banks, brokers, title companies, insurance cos., credit bureaus. I’ve corresponded with at least a hundred. Locally, in Virginia, owned and operated by Wachovia / Wells Fargo Bank, they want to bankrupt you or do a bogus modification, not go up against the “Almighty Bank, WACHOVIA”, and the out-of-state attorneys, Demet, etc. that have succeeded against the banks for homeowner’s tell me they “are licensed in 34 states but not licensed in VA”. Virginia is a “Commonwealth” run by the CBN, and Wachovia/Wells Fargo, also, a NON-JUDICIAL STATE, this bunch of “Good ol’ Boys” stick together & change the “rules” to sue themselves, just like our government.
    If you know a lawyer or advocate or anyone who can help, before my lawyer and the court shut down all my options,
    PLEASE CALL ME, Rita Cheche (757) 427-0075.

  2. i think with michael, Lisa, Neil, Mary and other knowledgable people,
    we can certainaly produce a petition on this site and start with
    a written Shay’s Rebellion against the theft of our properties

    Shay’s rebellion changed the destiny of this Country.
    We must start, we can’t just sit like a row of sitting ducks.

  3. there are hundred of thousands of us, that are being stolen from, we must figure out how to petition the government to close down Fidelity Title Insurance and other dishonest Title Insurers.

    here are a few reasons I found with a quick search of the internet:

    The Tenth Circuit Ruled that Title Insurers did not violate Antitrust Laws even if they allegedly conspired to bribe the State Superintendent of Insurance.
    from Forbes
    The Title industry’s perennial protectionism has had a predictable side effect

    shielded by law from having to compete on price, insurers resort to bribes and gifts to real estate agents
    and mortgage brokers for steering business their way, deceptive front companies, phony “reinsurance” deals and other creative chicanery.


    This is why AG Bondi’s Deputy Attorney General Joe Jacquot is going to work at Fidelity.

    The Title companies, orchestrate and perpetrate mortage fraud, foreclosure fraud
    , from the forged and fraudulent documents, to false land registrations
    and bribery to judges to rule against the laws
    and bribes to legislators to change the laws.

  4. John Anderson says:

    As I have said they are all,
    city, county, state and federal representatives are influenced by money, now more than ever.
    When we move with our pitchforks and torches towards town, we should,,, never mind.

    • John…I ‘ think ‘ I know what we should do….and I am sure some ‘ will ‘ do….But what really angers me (along with the rest of the crap) is once a law is a law… it is never changed or altered for the citizens…BUT to alter the Foreclosure Law while all the fraud and crimes are in full force…they now remove a clause … to favor the criminal bastards…the lobbyists must be busy passing out the bribes….that law should and must stay as is…A VIOLATION OF THE LAW WOULD/ SHOULD VOID A FORECLOSURE….ALL LAWS VIOLATED IN THE FORECLOSURES WERE DONE DELIBERATE AND PLANNED….THEY JUST GOT CAUGHT RED HANDED. THIS D.C. COUNCIL NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT ON THE STREETS TO FACE THE ANGER OF THIS COUNTRY…..THEY TOO ARE SCUMBAGS RIGHT ALONG WITH THE FRAUDSTER BANKSTERS……..i AM SURE MANY WILL REMEMBER WHO THEY ARE…..

  5. DC Two Tier says:

    DC Council takes their marching orders, and like good employees do what they are told. What a F#$KING joke.
    This doesn’t effect the uber wealthy other then allow them to steal land more coveniently.

  6. Readdocs says:

    They have opened themselves up to hundreds of court cases in the future. And lots of borrowers
    who buy these foreclosed homes are going to lose their money, credit, and the home.
    The council itself may find itself in court as well for changing the wording of the law to accord
    the title companies.
    My, my, a lawyers wet dream!

  7. lvent says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people let them get away with it so it will continue. They can only get away with what we let them get away with. Like CNN reported about Emily Good who got arrested for filming an arrest from her front yard. Now the Chief is backpeddling and said she had a right to film if she was not obstructing justice. The problem is she did not conform is what the Cheif said. That is bullshit. Conformity is communism.

    • marilyn lane says:

      This Fidelity National Title is the same corrupt firm where Thomas P Malone works out of , that paid Judge Alice Schlesinger to rule against the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution. Who got paid
      for the DC Council to take out the line ” that any violation of law would void the foreclosure. “

      • lvent says:

        marilyn lane, This is getting uglier and uglier. I do believe they are calling us out more and more everyday with scurilous acts of treason against the American people. It appears to me that Fidelity National Title and Chicago Title and Trust are owned by CHASE. It appears that CHASE owns everything to do with this PONZI SCHEME even the Real Estate agencies. It is just one evil cabal crime syndicate of fraud, a giant fascist tyranny. They all acheive their evil plans via proxies and hide behind the scenes of their crimes like a predator waiting for the kill. The secret they are trying to hide is every one of these entities is just working for one evil empire that wants to turn the world into one big giant fascist NEW WORLD ORDER communist tyranny . That type of tyranny will never stand in America and it certainly does not mean that their perps are above the law. That is why they want to be allowed to commit all of their fraud in cyberspace so they can’t get caught. This massive cyber securities fraud PONZI SCHEME with MERS and electronic banker and notary signatures should never be forgotten and there should always be a paper trail at the recorder of deeds office or whenever there is a money transaction made. Without that safety net for consumers, they will acheive their evil plans of World Domination. Now I believe if I can’t put my finger on it, it probably does not exist. Kinda like those mortgage “loan” closings,. Did we ever walk out of those closings with a check? We trusted too much and it was all done very deceptively..

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