Sunny Shue Story w/ Will Garison on Power Hour

MONDAY – JULY 18 – SPECIAL “Mortgage Fraud” FEATURE:

This is the story of Sunny Sheu

But it coulda been me and it coulda been you
If we don’t stand up for what’s right and whats true
We’re gonna ALL end up like Sunny Sheu

Musician WILL GALISON shares an extraordinary storyof his good friend, SUNNY SHEU whose home was stolen by mortgage fraud in 2001.  Sunny performed due diligence in his efforts to save his property and consequently uncovered major judicial corruption in New York.
Sunny had established the goods to bring the ring down, particularly to put a judge behind bars. Knowing what he was about to bring forward – Sunny predicted his own murder in a YouTube video just days before he was killed.  Faithful friend, Will is fulfilling a promise to expose this truth.

Sheu’s problem centered around his residential property, a simple two story house in Flushing, which he said had been wrongfully wrested from him by a mortgage company with the aide of a judge, Joseph Golia of State Supreme Court in Queens. He claimed Golia was “corrupt” and had consistently ruled against him and in favor of the bank, to wrongfully ensure that he never recovered his property.” – – – “Sunny’s house was “returned” to him after his death!!!! No one knows how or by whom.”
Black Star News articles about the murder of Sunny Sheu
Summary of the story, with links to all the documented evidence supporting it:

Music performed by Will Galison: “When the Swamp Gets Drained”
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3 Responses to “Sunny Shue Story w/ Will Garison on Power Hour”
  1. JJ says:

    Rest in Peace Mr. Shue .. you fought the good fight and you are remembered .. we should all carry on in Mr. Shue’s name .. with his spirit to guide us and keep us strong .. we are ALL Sunny Shue !!!

  2. This whole horrible criminal act is so sad…to make Sunny suffer for 10 years or so,,,a criminal act done by the lowest level of scums…this judge will meet karma when he least expects it…thats how karma works….what goes around comes around….and the police involved should be behind bars right along with the judge…..they tortured this man in every sense of the word….a man who was in his own rights… fighting to keep his home….taken by thieves who were aided by a judge and the police. It is so hard to even comprehend…the corruption so deep that no one helped this man. And now he has his home back…isn’t that a bit to late…it is disgusting….and ‘ someone’ knows just how the home was returned to him in death…but that too is just another slam to Sunny. He was not an ‘enemy or a slave’ to this court or the police…he was an honest human, a man that asked for justice and got dealth instead.

  3. chunga says:

    Archived Here.

    Select, “July 18”, “Hour 2”

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