Anonymous Foreclosure Mill Attorney Responds to the FL Bar Ethics Opinion Approved by the FL Bar’s Professional Ethics Committee

In response to the Florida Bar Ethics Opinion Jan. 11, 2011 Approved by the Fla. Bar’s Professional Ethics Committee June 24, 2011 Fraud and Documents.

Dear Ethics Committee,

I was an inexperienced, green around the gills, newly minted esquire when The Law Offices of X&X hired me way back in ’04.  Anxious to please and further my soon-to-be illustrious career, drive a nice BMW, and drink vintage Bordeaux on a regular basis, I was thrilled to death when I discovered that my job description included compiling packets of information for a large bank, information which included affidavits that, even to my untutored mind, looked a little fishy.  You know, all those blank spaces…  All those dates that didn’t jibe…  All those signatures that varied wildly, document to document… Well, anyway, the affidavits came from a company that was rumored to be somehow involved with one of the partners, and so I didn’t say anything.  It’s really not my job to think, because every plaintiff who can pay for it deserves justice.

So I rocked and rolled along, got the BMW (in a nice blue, with beige interior and top), and impressed all my high school buds at the reunion.  Those peons!

Well, ’round about 2006 I got a copy of the affidavit company’s newsletter.  I think it was sometime in September.  Those good folks were kicking ass and taking names, because there was an article in that newsletter where they stated plainly that they were executing – on average, mind you – 1,000 documents a day!  Wow!  I counted on my fingers and then counted on my toes and I just didn’t see how those folks could manage such a feet,  I mean feat, but, you know, it’s not my job to think, because every plaintiff who can pay for it deserves justice.  I wanted a larger Beemer, and wanted to graduate from vintage Bordeaux to vintage champagne, and carry a Bottega Veneta briefcase like the lawyers you see on TV, so, you know, it was cool.

I tore my personal copy of the newsletter in little bitty pieces.  I never really saw it, not really.

Then in 2007 I read an opinion out of the US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York State.  The opinion was called In Re Fagan.  Those mean judges up in bankruptcy court cast aspersions on the character of the very affidavit people I was working with.  The nerve.  I didn’t say anything, course, because my mom was bragging to her garden club about me and I was up for membership at the yacht club.  You know how it goes.

My whole firm was doing it, so, oh, come on, it must have been hunky dory.

Then in 2008 I started hearing grumblings coming out of Louisiana – why wasn’t that bankruptcy court wiped out in Katrina? – in a case called In Re Wilson.  Danged if those judges down there insisted on fining and sanctioning our great affidavit people – they went so far as to call those nice affidavits I was using a “farce” and a “sham.”  I mean, what’s the big deal?  The deadbeat homeowners are in default, so why not play just a teensy bit fast and loose with some of the more minor details?  So what if those good affidavit folks don’t really have “personal knowledge”?  So what if there’s no notary in the room – I mean, I need a bigger BMW and I might make partner in a couple years!

I pretended not to read In Re Wilson, and I sure as hell didn’t mention it to my mom.

Then in 2009 I took a class across town in Tampa – I mean, where I work, and it was to keep certified in my area of professional expertise. Which is real estate, in case you didn’t know.  The class was put on by the Florida Bar and the title was “Hard Times:  Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Offers of Judgment, MERS and Such.”  Everyone was really impressed when I drove up in my new BMW 750i – it was sweet!  But I was shocked, shocked when I read a little item in the package called “Max Gardner’s Top 200 Signs You’ve Got a False Document,” because, lo and behold, the #1 sign was the town where all the nice affidavit people worked!  Oh, no!  The #3 sign was a county across the state, which was where their other offices are located…  Gee, I didn’t know what to say or where to look, so I pretended not to notice that many of the names in this list have been names on the affidavits I’ve been filing in courthouses all over the state.  How many times?  Who knows!   I mean, I’ve talked to these nice people on the phone – lots!  One of them even rode in my BMW – not this new one, the blue one I bought after the red one.

But, this Max Gardner – what does he know?  He’s way up north – why’d the Florida Bar include such scurrilous information from a Yankee, anyway?  I don’t believe a word he says and I’m not going to worry a bit about it.

Who can stop my upward climb?! It’s my fate!  It’s my DESTINY! Let’s get real here!

But now, now the mean ole Florida Bar is trying to tell me that I have to notify the court about those affidavits!  What are they talking about – do you know how long it would take my assistant’s assistant’s assistant to do that? They can’t make me!  I mean, I’ve lost track of how many homes I’ve foreclosed on! Doesn’t the Florida Bar understand that affidavits are just details, mere technicalities in the ongoing life cycle of foreclosure?  Why is it so important to have personal knowledge anyway? Notaries – bah, notaries are idiots!

Why does the Bar care; the Courts sure don’t!  What’s the big ole hairy deal?

Then last week some stupid girl that I foreclosed on back in TWO THOUSAND SIX sent me a whole package of stuff. For crying out loud!  I got a good laugh out of that!  This nutcase said that the way the Bar’s opinion looked to her, I had to “receive information” about robosigned documents and then I was supposed to tell the court!  The nerve! She sent me a copy of the affidavit company’s 2006 newsletter:  turns out the author of that article signed the financials in her foreclosure the month after the article came out. She implied I should have known!  Coincidence!  Mere coincidence!  She seems to think I read that article!  She sent me a copy of In Re Fagan, too, as if I had time to concern myself with what the bankruptcy court in New York – of all places! – was doing!  She also sent me a copy of an April Memorandum in In Re Wilson – does she seriously think I keep up with my profession?  Please!  Besides, those federal people don’t know jack, they don’t really know what’s going on.  Then this girl found out – I’ll have someone’s head! – that I attended that Florida Bar thing back in 2009 – does she really believe I was paying attention?

Gee whiz, this girl has an exalted opinion of lawyers if she thinks so.  So what if the same affidavit signer who wrote the newsletter article and signed off on the financials I filed in this girl’s case is the very signer that the federal courts said “gave false testimony” – attorney-speak for “lying” sounds so much nicer! – in In Re Fagan and In Re Wilson?  So what if that same signer was #76 on Max Gardner’s list!  How was I supposed to know?  Remember, I never read In Re Fagan.  I never read In Re Wilson.  I never, ever read that Max Gardner list!  She’s nuts!

She said she read the Florida Bar’s Ethics opinion that I have an affirmative obligation – pre- and post-judgment – to notify the court that there was a false affidavit filed in her case.  Get her!  And why is the Florida Bar letting the general public read ethics opinions, anyway?  I mean, that’s really something that should be kept only for the right kind of people to read – not the hoi polloi. This crazy lady thinks I’m going to tell the court – “do the right thing” was how she put it.   I haven’t laughed so hard in years!

Holy moly, what’s the world coming to?!  I’m a lawyer.  A LAWYER. When I speak, people sit up and pay attention.  I COMMAND respect! I don’t concern myself with right or wrong, black or white.  That’s for the little people.  I was made to drink champagne and drive BMWs and go out in yachts and impress my mother’s garden club.  I’m ABOVE it all.    It’s really not my job to think, because every plaintiff who can pay for it deserves justice.

So you see, Florida Bar, you are wrong, wrong, wrong when you say I have to bestir myself and do a darn thing about the fraud I helped my clients commit on the court.  Because, I’ll tell you one thing, if one of those nice people’s affidavits was phony, they were all phony!  Geez, give me a break. Seriously, whose side are you on???

This isn’t FAIR!


Your Local Neighborhood Foreclosure Mill Attorney


h/t lizinsarasota
(Great Job!)

13 Responses to “Anonymous Foreclosure Mill Attorney Responds to the FL Bar Ethics Opinion Approved by the FL Bar’s Professional Ethics Committee”
  1. Rita Cheche says:

    I am the plaintiff suing Wachovia for lying, cheating, and stealing from me, everything is with MERS, “ASSIGNMENTS OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ etc. (call me 757-427-0075 Rita Cheche)
    I have 2 fraud/predatory loans from them, Oct. 24, 2005 World Savings Bank / Wachovia and Nov. 21, 2006 Peoples Choice Home Loan / Specialized Loan Servicing L.L.C. / Wachovia / Wells Fargo. In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk Division. RITA CHECHE Plaintiff, v. WITTSTAT TITLE & ESCROW COMPANY, LLC, WACHOVIA BANK NATION ASSOCIATION AND SPECIALIZED LOAN SERVICING, LLC, Defendants. TRIAL DATE: OCT. 18, 2011.
    NO ONE IS GETTING TREATED FAIRLY, AND I KNOW, WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN CHANGE THIS. Or, anyone can help me, please give them my information, Rita Cheche, 757-427-0075. I have an email, but I am getting hundreds of emails of people in mortgage trouble, needing help, SO PLEASE CALL ME DIRECTLY. I need to get my story & evidence in the public eye! And be in the public eye to make it harder for the court system to continue to violate my rights. I’m not great on the computer, not having the right tools for the job! BUT I AM THE FAXING QUEEN! If you would like to see proof of any docs.
    I have evidence of every entity & actors’ violations of the law and my rights, example of just one of hundreds of my original documents:
    VICE PRESIDENT OF WACHOVIA, JUDY WILLS, FORGED AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT FROM MY FRAUD MORTGAGE CLOSING, SHE SIGNED MY NAME INCORRECTLY, AND DATED IT 3 YEARS AFTER THE CLOSING DATE, PLUS IT’S DATED 6 MONTHS INTO THE FUTURE (closing 11/21/05, date of package to O.T.S. 03/25/08, date on document 09/23/08). V.P. of Wachovia sent her version of my closing package TO THE OFFICE OF THE THRIFT SUPERVISION, Dept. of Treasury, answering my complaint to the Attorney General of TX, Greg Abbott. I have contacted approx. 15 agencies, having the correspondences, including the secret service and the F.B.I. and getting NOTHING BUT SCREWED.
    PLEASE COME TO Virginia Beach, VA to document my plight, before they silence me. My case is a Precedence Setting Case, and will help hundreds of thousands, with your help!
    They have stolen over 2.3 million in assets alone. Losing my commercial floor contracting business, I started in 1986, installing floors and wallpaper. Forced to liquidate and/or lost my 9 unit apartment building I provided to the Section 8 Program, a duplex on Chesapeake Bay, I bought to help a lifetime friend who is a quadriplegic, a single family rental home, my son’s education, and my retirement.
    My attorney (working for Wachovia) is continuing to bend me over, holding me for WACHOVIA! I have searched for the last 6 yrs. for representation, hiring mine 2 years ago, and in that time I’ve had about 15 mins. Face to face, the first & only appt. She said, for a cost of thousands, up front, she would do everything I asked, get my 2.3 million back, my home, my livelihood, what I would have made with my business, real estate properties, assets, investments, $100k, 25 yr. equity credit line from my rental, they illegally closed, & my excellent credit (they ruined my credit within 48 hours of 1st fraud closing, Oct. 24, 2005 dropping approx. 200 points to 513). Plus, I wanted several million dollars for ruining my family & my life! I wanted all of them to pay until it crushed them, legally doing to them what they illegally did and are continuing to do to me!
    I was retiring, when they ripped off my world. I have done nothing but fight back, every waking moment since Oct. 24, 2005. I will fight till I win what is rightfully mine, and then, with the money I win, I will help homeowners get their worlds back! My attorney pulled out the 3-day Cancellation Notice I signed, faxed, mailed & confirmed received, saying “we can start with this”, and then we can file motions and such, after looking over only a couple of pages of my presentation, I set up at 1st & only appt.
    I had 2 hrs. to wait for her, an empty conference room, & 6 files boxes of documents to show her. She said she would be in touch to go over everything else, after I deposited the money into her account.
    I personally, with my money & labor had taken an old 1300 sf. farm house built in 1890’s having a “Purchase Money Mortgage” of $235K, 06/30/04 no additional loans, my boyfriend built with my money & help, I alone paid for everything, building a 4,000 sf. 2-story Custom home appraised 03/06, for $796,500.00, the bank, with 2 fraud mortgages stole every cent of equity, & a year after my court case, I put against them they fraudulent foreclosure, everything is with MERS, “ASSIGNMENTS OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ etc.
    but there are no attorneys who specialize in mortgage fraud (not even the ones that advertise, like my attorney). Up until a few months ago, they acted like I was a “crazy lady”, who was trying to get something for nothing from the “Great Gods”, I mean, the banks, brokers, title companies, insurance cos., credit bureaus. I’ve corresponded with at least a hundred. Locally, in Virginia, owned and operated by Wachovia / Wells Fargo Bank, they want to bankrupt you or do a bogus modification, not go up against the “Almighty Bank, WACHOVIA”, and the out-of-state attorneys, Demet, etc. that have succeeded against the banks for homeowner’s tell me they “are licensed in 34 states but not licensed in VA”. Virginia is a “Commonwealth” run by the CBN, and Wachovia/Wells Fargo, also, a NON-JUDICIAL STATE, this bunch of “Good ol’ Boys” stick together & change the “rules” to sue themselves, just like our government.
    If you know a lawyer or advocate or anyone who can help, before my lawyer and the court shut down all my options,
    PLEASE CALL ME, Rita Cheche (757) 427-0075.

  2. Lawyers are a different breed of adults….not all but most come from families of lawyers. Years back it was said that most were dishonest and/or crooked. They knew the laws and how to manipulate to manage artfully or shrewdly …often in an unfair way…and lawyers become judges. With conditions of today…one must believe there is control to deceive ordered by a secret oath….a threat..whatever….to see the judicial system as we have experienced tells us there is more behind the curtain…this is not judicial in no way shape or form. in my opinion the courts should be shut down all but the criminal section….shut down especially in the foreclosures. Just how can a criminal act on a whole country be approved by one person sitting on a bench knowing that they too are deceicing the people. Is this not a crime in itself? I may be wrong but I understand the flag with the gold fringe is not suppose to be in the Courts of Justice….it is the Military Flag…….what gives here? That tells everyone to leave the Constitution outside the doors of justice? Are we at war with the courts? Is the Bar Assoc. just another racket hidden behind the curtain too? Why are good lawyers threatened to loose their license and the rotten ones are praised?

    • incognito123 says:

      Marilyn, to answer your question GREED OF MONEY and POWER. PERIOD. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear this was Erin Mae Rose Quinn from the fraudclosure mill Albertelli Law – to a tee!!!

  3. Jason Werner says:

    I like the report, good job. The esquire said they wanted to drive a BWM; what the hell is that?

  4. lies all of it says:

    And the daily foreclosures continue no end in site

  5. William A. Roper, Jr. says:

    Terriffic job, Liz! Very nicely played!!

  6. AS says:

    I like the statement “I don’t get paid to think” from a person working in a Foreclouse Mill. LOL!

    “every plaintiff who can pay for it deserves justice” He left out or defendant if it happened to be the banks. The sad part is that is a true statement about our whole judicial system, civil and criminal! The poor defendant in any case will likely get scr@wed.

  7. COCO says:

    Dear Anonymous Foreclosure Mill Attorney,

    Of course it isn’t fair! You poor soul! After having spent all of that money on tuition for law school ,and after having all of your big dreams dashed, the american people owe you. It is not your fault that you feel entitled to walk all over the public . As a matter of fact, I believe you were taught to walk on a screaming pile of babies with cleats if that gets you what you deserve. It is called the Machievellian Principle. How dare anyone try and change the game at this juncture. After all, any one who does not share your idea of the good life is white trash. Driving a BMW(300 Series does not count), drinking expensive wines(even if you can’t read the label),
    carrying Louis Vitton(even if you can’t pronounce his name) and ultimately lording it over everyone you come in contact with(speaking out of both sides of your mouth to fit the situation) are only a few of the things that separate you from the lowly masses. You can NEVER be thrust into a mix that still reveres the family, has moral values and refuses to lie. Theose people are just plain stupid, and they are not of your ilk. Your parents spent good money for your education to make sure that you never have to rub elbows with the peons and their value systems. “Do the right thing”, makes you laugh.
    I guess the only thing that can be done for you is to remove some clauses from the foreclosure proceeding rules like they just did in D.C. so we can get these people out of their homes much more quickly so you can be paid. There must be new laws enacted immediately that will assure you that no matter how much fraud you or your lenders commit upon the court, you will NEVER be held accountable. And, lastly, I know that you have no idea what “DO THE RIGHT THING MEANS”. How could anyone try and thrust that down your throat. What idiots!
    I don’t know what is wrong with people. Why can’t they see that you were made to rise in this society. Only the cream and the bastards rise to the top. You are definitely one hell of a bastard and no one is going to stop your ascent.You are unconscionable. You are the perfect animal to stalk and prey upon the sheep. You are good but it remains to see how good. You have fleeced us but the question remains, CAN YOU SLAUGHTER US??????????? Ciao for now-You big beast.

  8. lvent says:

    We need more human beings like this to break on through from the”other side” so to speak, like Robert Stone for example, and speak the truth on behalf of the victims of this Foreclosuregate scandal. Fortunately some of these people do realize what these pretender lenders and their attorneys are doing to the American people is not only UNCONSTITUTIONAL but ILLEGAL. I do still believe we should be governed under the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS. I believe the founding fathers had it right the first time and wanted to protect the rights and freedoms of WE THE PEOPLE from a NWO tyranny such as this.

  9. Ron Moss says:

    Don’T tell me you still believe in thet constitution stuff. Numerated powers for who? Coin money? Now just what is that suppose to mean? Play the slots? or the parking meters? That is pretty old stuff for this age of discovery. Right?

  10. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    Is this fiction or is this reality….
    amazing composition,”anonymous foreclosure mill attorney.”

    I ask myself every day is this real or am I a Fiction?

    Maybe if ya’ cut me I might still bleed…not so sure most of that plasma et al has been
    Awesome confession to the truth of where-we’re-at.

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