Bank of America’s Lawyer Plays Dirty, Attacks Non-profit Attorney Who Represents Victims of Foreclosure Fraud

Gary Lane v Stuart Price

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – An attorney who represents victims of illegal foreclosures and mortgage fraud claims a Bryan Cave senior partner who represents Bank of America and Countrywide Mortgage is using underhanded tactics to try to put him out of business.

Gary Lane says Stuart Price filed a complaint with the California Bar citing 78 of Lane’s cases. State law requires Lane to respond individually to each of the 78 cases.

“Normally the state bar provides for a month to respond to a single complaint, expecting it to take that much time to find opportunity to respond,” Lane wrote in his abuse of process complaint in Orange County Court.

“Here the bar received 78 complaints from Stuart Price submitted as one by Stuart Price, which would be expected to take 78 months to find the opportunity to respond. However, since the complaints were brought by the single individual, Stuart Price, at one time, the bar is providing one to two months to respond. This is clearly impossible, and the result is effectively putting Mr. Lane’s law office out of business, by requiring that all of his time be spent solely on responding to Mr. Price’s complaints, and none spent on preparing law suits against Mr. Price’s client, Countrywide Mortgage, the admitted perpetrator of the largest number of home loan mortgage frauds in this nation.”

Lane claims Price had tried to discredit him previously by failing to file a joint stipulation to continue a hearing, which resulted in sanctions being brought against Lane after he failed to show. Lane also claims Price’s co-counsel “at defendant’s direction perjured herself on the stand and made false representations resulting in sanctions being issued against Gary Lane.”

Lane, who has been practicing law for 39 years, says Price’s actions are an attempt to discredit him, destroy his reputation and interfere with his ability to help the less fortunate.

Lane wants Price barred from filing any more meritless complaints or defamatory statements with the state bar and to be excused from responding to the 78 complaints Price made to the bar.

Lane also seeks damages for abuse of process, defamation and false light. He is representing himself.

Price is the only defendant. Bryan Cave is not a defendant.



Gary Lane v Stuart Price

7 Responses to “Bank of America’s Lawyer Plays Dirty, Attacks Non-profit Attorney Who Represents Victims of Foreclosure Fraud”
  1. Rita Cheche says:

    I am the plaintiff suing Wachovia for lying, cheating, and stealing from me, everything is with MERS, “ASSIGNMENTS OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ etc. (call me 757-427-0075 Rita)
    I have 2 fraud/predatory loans from them, Oct. 24, 2005 World Savings Bank / Wachovia and Nov. 21, 2006 Peoples Choice Home Loan / Specialized Loan Servicing L.L.C. / Wachovia / Wells Fargo. In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk Division. RITA CHECHE Plaintiff, v. WITTSTAT TITLE & ESCROW COMPANY, LLC, WACHOVIA BANK NATION ASSOCIATION AND SPECIALIZED LOAN SERVICING, LLC, Defendants. TRIAL DATE: OCT. 18, 2011.
    NO ONE IS GETTING TREATED FAIRLY, AND I KNOW, WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN CHANGE THIS. Or, anyone can help me, please give them my information, Rita Cheche, 757-427-0075. I have an email, but I am getting hundreds of emails of people in mortgage trouble, needing help, SO PLEASE CALL ME DIRECTLY. I need to get my story & evidence in the public eye! And be in the public eye to make it harder for the court system to continue to violate my rights. I’m not great on the computer, not having the right tools for the job! BUT I AM THE FAXING QUEEN! If you would like to see proof of any docs.
    I have evidence of every entity & actors’ violations of the law and my rights, example of just one of hundreds of my original documents:
    VICE PRESIDENT OF WACHOVIA, JUDY WILLS, FORGED AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT FROM MY FRAUD MORTGAGE CLOSING, SHE SIGNED MY NAME INCORRECTLY, AND DATED IT 3 YEARS AFTER THE CLOSING DATE, PLUS IT’S DATED 6 MONTHS INTO THE FUTURE (closing 11/21/05, date of package to O.T.S. 03/25/08, date on document 09/23/08). V.P. of Wachovia sent her version of my closing package TO THE OFFICE OF THE THRIFT SUPERVISION, Dept. of Treasury, answering my complaint to the Attorney General of TX, Greg Abbott. I have contacted approx. 15 agencies, having the correspondences, including the secret service and the F.B.I. and getting NOTHING BUT SCREWED.
    PLEASE COME TO Virginia Beach, VA to document my plight, before they silence me. My case is a Precedence Setting Case, and will help hundreds of thousands, with your help!
    They have stolen over 2.3 million in assets alone. Losing my commercial floor contracting business, I started in 1986, installing floors and wallpaper. Forced to liquidate and/or lost my 9 unit apartment building I provided to the Section 8 Program, a duplex on Chesapeake Bay, I bought to help a lifetime friend who is a quadriplegic, a single family rental home, my son’s education, and my retirement.
    My attorney (working for Wachovia) is continuing to bend me over, holding me for WACHOVIA! I have searched for the last 6 yrs. for representation, hiring mine 2 years ago, and in that time I’ve had about 15 mins. Face to face, the first & only appt. She said, for a cost of thousands, up front, she would do everything I asked, get my 2.3 million back, my home, my livelihood, what I would have made with my business, real estate properties, assets, investments, $100k, 25 yr. equity credit line from my rental, they illegally closed, & my excellent credit (they ruined my credit within 48 hours of 1st fraud closing, Oct. 24, 2005 dropping approx. 200 points to 513). Plus, I wanted several million dollars for ruining my family & my life! I wanted all of them to pay until it crushed them, legally doing to them what they illegally did and are continuing to do to me!
    I was retiring, when they ripped off my world. I have done nothing but fight back, every waking moment since Oct. 24, 2005. I will fight till I win what is rightfully mine, and then, with the money I win, I will help homeowners get their worlds back! My attorney pulled out the 3-day Cancellation Notice I signed, faxed, mailed & confirmed received, saying “we can start with this”, and then we can file motions and such, after looking over only a couple of pages of my presentation, I set up at 1st & only appt.
    I had 2 hrs. to wait for her, an empty conference room, & 6 files boxes of documents to show her. She said she would be in touch to go over everything else, after I deposited the money into her account.
    I personally, with my money & labor had taken an old 1300 sf. farm house built in 1890’s having a “Purchase Money Mortgage” of $235K, 06/30/04 no additional loans, my boyfriend built with my money & help, I alone paid for everything, building a 4,000 sf. 2-story Custom home appraised 03/06, for $796,500.00, the bank, with 2 fraud mortgages stole every cent of equity, & a year after my court case, I put against them they fraudulent foreclosure, everything is with MERS, “ASSIGNMENTS OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ etc.
    but there are no attorneys who specialize in mortgage fraud (not even the ones that advertise, like my attorney). Up until a few months ago, they acted like I was a “crazy lady”, who was trying to get something for nothing from the “Great Gods”, I mean, the banks, brokers, title companies, insurance cos., credit bureaus. I’ve corresponded with at least a hundred. Locally, in Virginia, owned and operated by Wachovia / Wells Fargo Bank, they want to bankrupt you or do a bogus modification, not go up against the “Almighty Bank, WACHOVIA”, and the out-of-state attorneys, Demet, etc. that have succeeded against the banks for homeowner’s tell me they “are licensed in 34 states but not licensed in VA”. Virginia is a “Commonwealth” run by the CBN, and Wachovia/Wells Fargo, also, a NON-JUDICIAL STATE, this bunch of “Good ol’ Boys” stick together & change the “rules” to sue themselves, just like our government.
    If you know a lawyer or advocate or anyone who can help, before my lawyer and the court shut down all my options,
    PLEASE CALL ME, Rita Cheche (757) 427-0075.

  2. Jason Werner says:

    Oh, that’s weak. I’ve got them beat all day long. Bank of America played all kinds of games with me and my attorney. Also, Fifth Third Bank and their co-conspirators (Ganley auto dealership crooks) tried to kill me with the help of a contractor. A prosecutor from my DA’s office actually called Fifth Third’s attorneys, but I have not heard anything in more than two years or so.

    Most of the FDIC-member banks play dirty.

  3. John Wood says:

    Bar complaints are just par for the course once you start prevailing against the banks in foreclosure. There are also complaints to the trial court of disciplinary violations, discovery demands for a lawyer’s personal information and for client confidences. They will ask for a list of your present and past foreclosure cases. The briefs sound like Jerry Springer ad hominums rather than arguments of law, apparently attempting to distract one from writing about case law and recording statutes and splitting the note and New York trust law and PSA’s.
    But this is common to trial lawyers who get good at any cause of action. They will try to take away the lawyer because they can’t beat the argument, in fact, can’t keep up with ithe argument in some cases. And in foreclosure now, there is the trillion dollar issue of the MERS mortgage and undisclosed securitizations, issues they are stalling like crazy hoping to get through the foreclosures before the courts finally state the obvious.

    If they’re coming after us its because they’re feeling the heat. Our state requires attorney affidavits now, like New York’s, and I have seen enough bogus attorney affidavits to make one actually feel for attornies who have to lie to keep a major client, or for the firm to keep a client. When this is all done, some fine people are going to be forever smeared by the mortgage wars.

    • Alan Sdad says:

      Too bad Mr. Lane was later disbarred. Look him up with the California Bar association for details, but in short, looking after a clients best interest is not his strongest suit

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