George Mantor | Wringing Chaos Out of Order


Wringing Chaos out of Order

Why does it always seem as though given two options, elected officials will always chose the one that inevitably inflicts the most damage on their constituents?

  1. Because everything is so unpredictable that despite their best intentions they just can’t get anything right.
  2. Because they are boneheads who are incapable of digesting the mountain of research they buy, with our money, which invariably warns of the consequences of their intended actions.
  3. Because they are part of a conspiracy to create a new world order based on global profiteering and the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a ruling elite.
  4. Shit happens.

Is that your final answer?

Fundamental test taking theory says that when in doubt, always chose C. But I can understand wanting to assume no criminal intent and just go with B.

I’ve never understood otherwise bright people who zealously defend government as though it were anything other than the natural enemy of the individual.

How much do you need to see? The news isn’t even news anymore; it is simply a growing list of calamities for which the people we elect and pay are directly responsible.

A levee failing is not an “act of God”; it is the predictable consequence of continuing to allow our infrastructure to deteriorate and collapse, taking us and our lives with it.

Don’t let them tell you we can’t afford it. We can, but more importantly we must, simply to protect ourselves and preserve our investment for the future. Have you seen any pot holes lately? Just imagine what you can’t see.

We had everything going for us until we let them start telling us what to think, stopped informing ourselves, stopped voting, got fat, got lazy and turned our ever growing backsides to the responsibilities of representative government.

And in the void left by the absence of our participation they have become almost unstoppable in their quest for a consolidation of all wealth and power into the control of a handful of global elitists.

In California, where the “Impregenator” has been screwing everyone including the maid, 33% of registered voters bothered to cast a vote in the primary. Let that sink in.

You know that voting is perfectly legal, right?

That’s just registered voters; there are a bunch of the rest of you out there who argue that it doesn’t have anything to do with you. I understand your argument but you are wrong. Now, voting may not be enough.

The collateral damage will be unavoidable. You cannot get far enough off the grid to avoid the impact of the next ten years as, one by one, the full impact of seriously bad decisions comes home to roost. Did I mention that I am an optimist?

We squandered our rights to self-government and now a gang of thieves has, in little more than a decade, looted America and left it weakened to its enemies and more hated than ever.

A third of our men don’t have jobs. Those still young but war-weary, disciplined, returning veterans have a higher unemployment rate than the rest of their age group. Thanks for your service and sacrifice, now go enjoy life on the streets with the other 250,000 former service members. How can we stand for this?

And recent college grads face the same bleak job picture. Education for what? A PhD. will get you a job as the head Barista at Latte Land.

You can ruminate on quantum physics or the astral plane while you whip up a double, half-caf, banana, walnut, caramel chai frappe with a triple shot of espresso

Why? We exported every job we could to countries with no labor rules and then imported ignorant cheap labor to do the jobs that could not be exported.

That’s why the bankstas and their abettors hate unions and blame them for America going broke. And unions tend to organize people…oh, they really hate organization.

So while our big corporations generate even higher profits, our leaders make sure that they pay no taxes.

It is either criminal or evidence of a raging incompetence so pervasive in government that we should simply turn all of the decision making over to a computer.

And what is the government’s response to its critics? More secrecy, less access by citizen tax payers and a test of the iron fist for those who pose a threat.

I’d like to get a few answers out of these people but the following topics are off the table.

Why is there a tax payer funded program that trains foreign workers to take our jobs?

It’s called the United States Agency for International Development and its stated purpose is to assist American corporations in outsourcing more jobs to countries with lower labor costs.

Why are we running guns to Mexican Drug Cartels and if we call it “gun-walking” does it change the answer?

Now I’m certainly no expert on combatting international narco-terrorism but, if it were me, I’d make them get their own guns.

It’s a little thing, but I think it sends a powerful message. Hey, Sinaloa Cartel, you Zetas, get your own fucking guns.

If we give them guns, it makes it look like we aren’t really serious about this war. And, the fact that we don’t control our border means that more and more Americans are at risk of being killed with guns supplied to the criminals by the victims very own government. Who do the families see about that?

Maybe we would win more wars if we didn’t arm the other side. Just sayin’.

Why is everything a big secret?

The answer to that seems pretty obvious when you consider the above. In my lifetime we have never witnessed the level of government secrecy that now exists in almost every area of government. The main justifications are that if we knew what was really going on, we couldn’t handle it; it would compromise our security and leave us vulnerable.

Isn’t it because they know they are engaged in activities that American citizens would be mad as hell about, if we knew? That is called guilty knowledge

Why has the truth fallen into such ill repute with the government?

It’s just one big lie after another from our leaders, aided and abeted by a lap-dog media that can’t even figure out how to run spell check.

Why did we suddenly turn on our old buddy and regional stabilizer Muhamar Gadhafi and not the other Middle Eastern scoundrels we like to “Oil Party” with?

Before we get started on this I need to mention something I discovered during my research; there is no agreement on the spelling of this guy’s name. Every news agency spells it differently. There are about a dozen widely used versions but and one of the news agencies has posted a list of 112 versions.

Now, I don’t really care so I just spelled it anyway that came to mind. Now, back to why Libya and why now?

Was it because Lloyd Blankfien of Goldman Sachs screwed Kadaffi out of $1.3 billion in one of those GS/BS guaranteed to fail investment programs?

Kaddafi sent two of Goldman’s minions back from Libya with a message to Blankfien that it was either his $1.3Bn. or Blankfiens testacles.

Blankfien was so scared he offered Gaddhafi a big stake in Goldman Sachs. Even an ignorant Arabian goat herder knows that old con. After the “Mark” is taken the first time, you offer an opportunity to get a whole lot more in the next big score. In the words of the South Park banker, “And it’s gone.”

So Blankfien calls Paulson, Paulson to Obama, Obama to Gates and we are off to Libya on a “humanitarian mission to prevent civilian deaths” as terrorist sparked anarchy is now referred to as pro-democracy in the Middle East. If you call a mid-east wide uprising of Al Qaeda a democracy movement. “Arab Spring” my ass. More like “Springtime for Hitler.”

We have singled out one of the more benign Middle Eastern terrorists and let the rest continue their reigns of terror. Why?

A lot of people have asked me why doesn’t the Securities and Exchange Commission do anything about the massive fraud going on all around them?

I have always responded that the SEC was a bunch of jerkoffs.

I was right again. Last month the inspector general of the Securities and Exchange Commission said his office has investigated three more SEC employees, including two staff attorneys, and an agency contractor for using their government computers to view pornography.

What’s really obscene is that we live in a time of the most rampant and blatant securities fraud and they cannot find anything to investigate and prosecute.

If they were firemen, their own building would burn down around them before they noticed.

What about this? Homeland Security has a new toy to abuse you with.

Apparently it has come to the attention of DHS that some people are starting to get a little frustrated having their children molested at the airport and other similar indignities to which we are now routinely subjected.

Well they have a name for people like you and me and now a means of detecting us: “Malintent.”

And you thought you still had rights. Well bless your naïve little heart.

A Malintent is a malcontent who is detected by a machine. A Malintent can be identified by one or more of the following:  elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate, shifting gaze, steadiness of gaze, certain facial expressions such as smiling, frowning, laughing, talking loudly, not talking, heavy breathing, and other non-verbal clues that might indicate that individual was thinking about committing a crime.

Unfortunately, I’ve been in a teeming rage for thirty years and you don’t need a machine to detect it. I don’t dare go near an Airport.

According to scientists, the MALINTENT detection system uses a barrage of non-invasive sensors and imagers to detect and evaluate a person’s behavior.

(Nice of them to keep it to the “non-invasive” sensors, more on the invasive options in a moment. Will the anal probe be next?)

So now the TSA has a means of detecting thought crime. If you sweat a lot, you can be detained and interrogated before any crime is committed.

Homeland Security feels that in order for us to be safe, we need to isolate people who demonstrate physical signs of stress. Where you could previously be arrested for saying “Hi, Jack” at an airport, you can now be arrested for thinking it.

There are going to be a lot of people being detained and a lot of false positives.

If you aren’t going along with the program cheerfully, the device can predict if you are frustrated by government incompetence, government bullying and the increasingly intrusive direction our country is headed in. You cannot make this stuff up.

Why do our local governments need LRADS?

Also known as “noise cannons”, LRADS produce a literally ear splitting sound that is being used virtually everywhere for crowd control. How invasive is a ruptured ear-drum?

In San Diego, the Sheriff drags one to every meeting of government officials. One vendor’s web site refers to it as a “behavior modifier.”

At the same time, cash strapped cities all around me are finding the money to buy armored vehicles that they have never needed in the past. Presumably, they see a time fast approaching when they will need to deploy such weaponry against their very own citizens.

Chaos is eroding the order of our lives.

The Banks are financial ENRONS propped up with our money and paying themselves huge bonuses for cleverly engineering a bailout.

And my still unanswered, “Thousand Trillion Dollar Question”

If a derivative is an investment that has no value but is based on something else, ergo derived from that thing, and given that according to the World Bank of Settlements there are approximately $1,000 trillion in these investments that have no value, and given that the total value of everything on the planet is about $165 trillion does that mean that the world economy is a Ponzi scheme?

The medical/pharma/chemical complex delivers the poorest quality health care for the greatest cost on the planet. That is quite a distinction, first in cost, last in quality. Why?

There are kids in high school who cannot recall a time when we were not at war and they have no idea why…and neither do the rest of us.

Our local governments are bankrupt, unable to provide even the most necessary functions. They have laid off entire police forces, taken emergency response vehicles out of service and turned off street lights.

And not because we can’t afford these things, our elected officials just decided to spend the money on other things and while they were at it they spent money they don’t even have. Now the problem is that there isn’t any money left in our communities to pay the taxes that have already been spent.

We are on the verge of reaching critical mass and change, inevitable, massive upheaval awaits us. The message is pretty clear. Even our elected officials know that chaos is now unavoidable and they are getting ready.

George W. Mantor
The Real Estate Professor
Founder, American Foreclosure Resistance Movement

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”  —  Mahatma Gandhi



7 Responses to “George Mantor | Wringing Chaos Out of Order”
  1. John Anderson says:

    This is one of the top 10 posts on this subject I have ever read.
    Totally right on.
    Now, what to do about it?


  2. Ms. A says:

    WOW!!!! George Mantor is right-on.

  3. lvent says:

    The media now has a nicer name for fraudclosures, PREVIOUSLY OWNED HOMES. Kind of like the nicer name for used cars, Pre-driven vehicles.They are trying to again, dumb down the masses and quiet the FUROR OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD THEIR HOMES OUTRIGHT ILLEGALLY STOLEN FROM THEM BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER WHILE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS SITTING BACK AND ALLOWING THIS TO BE DONE TO ITS OWN PEOPLE. Found a few interesting you tube videos that explain alot about who George Carlin calls The Owners Of The Country A/K/A the New World Order. It is not a pretty picture. If you think you are mad now, just watch the you tube videos entitled: The Ring of Power-Hidden Empire (4 of 29), The Ring of Power-Profiteering from 9-11 (3-29), The Ring of Power-Vatican Hoarder (5-29), The Ring of Power-Drug Running (23-29), The Ring of Power- Asses of Evil (22-29). Right on as usual George.

    • Ms. A says:

      We are long past getting help from the federal government. If we want to right all of the wrongs perpetrated against us by the Banks, corporations and their political minions, we need to hit the streets and kick ass. Even voting the bastards out of office will not help — the electoral system has been corrupted beyond redemption. We need a People’s Army to invade Wash. DC and purge our government of the corporate whores. Where is our Cesar Chavez? Where is our Gandhi? We need a polarizing leader to organize us into a force to be reckoned with before we become too beaten down and too poor to rise up.

  4. Ron Moss says:

    What are enumerated rights?

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