In RE Gonzales v JPMorgan Chase CLASS ACTION | JPMorgan Chase has NO Intent in Becoming a Landlord or to Comply with the Law

JP Morgan Chase Bank’s “evict and sell” business model, in summary, goes as follows: “When JP Morgan Chase Bank becomes the owner of a foreclosed property, JP Morgan Chase Bank chooses to evict whatever tenants reside at the property in order to enhance the property’s sale prospects. JP Morgan Chase Bank has no intent in … Read more

MERS Rules Update | Certifying Officers MUST Execute the Assignment of the Security Instrument from MERS BEFORE Initiating Foreclosure Proceedings or Filing Legal Proceedings

Well, I wonder why MERS decided to do this? /sarcasm Especially here in Florida where they continually argue that they do not rely on the assignment once it is pointed out as a FRAUD. From the MERS POLICY BULLETIN – Number 2011-5 To: All MERS® System Members July 21, 2011 Changes and clarifications to Rule … Read more

NY Times | Bank Settlement in Mortgage Mess May Hinge on MERS

These practices have consequences, as described by R. K. Arnold, MERS’s former president, in a 2006 deposition. “We are heavily at risk as far as, you know, having to follow the rules of the court and enforcing our rules that our members must go by,” he said. “We also have jeopardy as far as if … Read more