NBC Nightly News Guest Request | Wealth Gap Between Whites, Blacks and Hispanics Due to the Fraudclosure Crisis

NBC Nightly News is working on a story for tomorrow evening regarding the wealth gap between Whites, Blacks and Hispanics.  A Pew study due to be released after midnight tonight  states that the gap is at a record high.  The study reports that its partially due to the collapse of the housing market which affected … Read more

MERS | Mass. AG Coakley Launches Probe of Foreclosure Mess

“We have made clear that Massachusetts will not sign on to any global agreement with the banks if it includes a comprehensive liability release regarding securitization and the MERS conduct” ~ Mass. AG Coakley launches probe of foreclosure mess Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has opened a probe into whether banks violated state property-recording laws … Read more

Tues – July 26th Lake Worth, FL. Happy Hour For Combatants of Illegal Fraudclosures

It’s that time again for our monthly happy hour event, a regular happening since November 2009. For the first year, we were viewed as wacko-fringe. Behold the transformation! Now we are all the rage. Now we are cutting edge! Our October 2010 event was featured on the front page of our local paper here. These … Read more

Oakland County Clerk Bill Bullard (Not Sharon Bock) | More Fraudulent Mortgage Documents Discovered WITH VIDEO

“I believe it’s a nationwide problem. At a minimum, there are tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of fraudulently signed documents recorded with Registers of Deeds across the country.” – Oakland County Clerk Bill Bullard ~ Linda Green issue does not fall under “our purview to investigate or take action.” “The clerk does not … Read more

GMAC, Stephan, US Bank, Fraudclosure | Supreme Court AFFIRMS Homeowners VICTORY in U.S. Bank National Association, v. Christine Kimball

Looks like U.S. Bank screwed this one up royally… They tried every trick in the book to get the decision reversed but it actually looks like it backfired. Be sure to read it in its entirety… (Emphasis added by 4F) ~ U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION v. KIMBALL 2011 VT 81 U.S. Bank National Association, v. … Read more

Man Buys Foreclosure… Finds Owner Who has been Dead for 16 Months

The bank foreclosed. People hired by the bank went inside and took pictures of her stuff. They took pictures of her car. That happened twice. “Diligent search and inquiry,” they wrote. “Confirmed residence is unoccupied.” ~ A Brevard woman disappeared, but never left home Last year, a week before Thanksgiving, a man in Cape Canaveral … Read more