Hmmm… | Attorney General Pam Bondi Amends Financial Disclosure form that Shows NO Income for 2010, No Bank Accounts

“If you have a checking or savings account on Dec. 31 of the previous year, you have to show it if it’s over $1,000,” said Tallahassee election law lawyer Mark Herron. “If your checking account is empty on Dec. 31, or it’s under $1,000, you don’t have to report it. But it’s curious that the new report plus the one from last year, that it was under $1,000, too.”

That should raise a red flag, he said.

“If you’re making payments on a loan that’s significant, you think you’re going to have some money in a checking account,” he said.


Attorney General Pam Bondi will amend disclosure form that shows no income for 2010, no bank accounts

TALLAHASSEE — In financial disclosures filed last week, Attorney General Pam Bondi reported earning no income in 2010 when she was a candidate for office.

No checking, savings or retirement accounts are reported, either. She lists her net worth at $472,696, with her only assets a home, valued at $635,400, and a car.

Yet Bondi was still able to lower her liabilities in 2010 by $15,961 to $348,704.

After fielding questions from the Times/Herald on Thursday, spokeswoman Jennifer Meale said Bondi will amend her 2009 and 2010 disclosure forms “to provide the checking account balances that were unintentionally omitted on the original forms.”

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Pam Bondi Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interests 2010

10 Responses to “Hmmm… | Attorney General Pam Bondi Amends Financial Disclosure form that Shows NO Income for 2010, No Bank Accounts”
  1. M. Arctor says:

    Christ almighty, Pam Bondi is a god-damned disgrace to this state and this nation. Being a blonde bimbo for sale is nothing new, but she’s far more dangerous due to her position. Many of her friends commented on her sudden “conversion” to the GOP when the timing was convenient.

    She’s an empty suit who will gladly let a bank steal your Mom & Dad’s home w/forged or incomplete documentation. She doesn’t care one bit about the little people in this state OR the rule of law. She exists for one reason: To advancer her career, her connections and her personal wealth. She’s like that snowbilly grifter S. Palin or that idiot Dana Perino (W’s press secretary who didn’t know what the “Cuban missile crisis” was!).

    She’s so corrupt she doesn’t even try to hide the reason behind firing people in her office who actually DO their jobs or her connections to the foreclosure mills. Pam Bondi is slime and everybody knows it…….

  2. Ron Moss says:

    Having seven kids and leaving this nation in the hands of the bankers bothers me very much. Ron Paul can help. From the treatment he got fomr the media last time, you can smell their rejection now you know why.

  3. lvent says:

    Next thing she will say is all of her records were lost in a fire….Like the lost note excuse…

  4. woodknot says:

    Too bad we cannot get her IRS Filings……..of course they would be “mistakes” or “typos” too.

  5. John Anderson says:

    It’s not Pam’s fault. In the strip club, she was always paid in cash and drugs, and who can keep up with that?

  6. Rob Harrington says:

    Pam is above the law? Pam IS the law.

  7. DT says:

    Keep digging that hole Pam !

  8. Dawn L Hommes Salmon says:

    Must have been a blond moment…

  9. housemanrob says:

    It’s hard for first graders to get it right…..the first time.

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