New Documentary Takes Eye Opening Look at Efforts to Stop Citizens From Being Able to Find Justice in Court

Brainwashing Citizens to Kill Consumer Rights

A new HBO documentary takes an eye opening look at efforts to stop consumers from being able to find justice in court.  Many Americans have bought into the notion that lawsuits are out of control and the judicial system needs to be reformed.  The film “Hot Coffee” contends  terms like “lawsuit lottery” and “greedy trial lawyers” were actually planted in the public psyche and repeated over and over after being word-smithed and focus-grouped in a public relations campaign by corporate America.  “Hot Coffee” reveals how this well planned, well funded crusade has been very successful in stopping consumers from gaining access to the courts when they’ve been harmed, physically or financially.

The documentary promotes the sobering revelation that as a result of 25 years of brainwashing, Americans have increasingly voted away their consumer rights and signed them away in contracts with big business.  Saladoff also reveals that major corporate lobbyists, like the Chamber of Commerce, have spent millions on political campaigns to get more conservative, business friendly judges elected to help corporations.


Seinfeld mocked it. Letterman put it on one of his Top Ten lists. More than 15 years later, the McDonald’s coffee case continues to be cited as a prime example of how citizens use “frivolous” lawsuits to take unfair advantage of America’s legal system. But is that an accurate portrayal of the facts? First-time filmmaker and former public interest lawyer Susan Saladoff uses the infamous legal battle that began with a spilled cup of coffee to investigate what’s behind America’s zeal for tort reform – which threatens to restrict the legal rights of everyday citizens and undermine the entire civil justice system.

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13 Responses to “New Documentary Takes Eye Opening Look at Efforts to Stop Citizens From Being Able to Find Justice in Court”
  1. DLC 55 and holding says:

    PS. Not to long ago someone commented that we’d see “Justice in America when Pigs Fly.”

    Well, yesterday I saw a pig fly!!!!!!! He was a little pig but he was flying.

  2. DLC 55 and holding says:

    FRIVOLOUS. ie. [T]he attitude with which elected officals, judges and lawyers view the current financial crisis, bankster fraud and consumer rights violations committed against the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES.

    RETTRIBUTION, IE., [W]hat is coming from the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES when they reclaim their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS from all of the Frivolous (see, Frivolous) Actors hiding behind the guise of public servents.

    PUBLIC SERVENT, IE., [T]he lying SOB’s with a Frivolous Attitude towards justice in America…..

    FIRING SQUAD, ie., [A] place of rest for Public Servents.

    I have been fighting these bastards as a pro se litigant since 2006 and BAC’s Attorneys have just recently filed for foreclosure on my home for the 4th time in the Great State of Colorado, great for business’ that is.

    Win, lose or massacre I plan to make sure this is the last time. I want resolution, final resolution. This shit has consumed my life, my health, my money, my vehicles, my self dignity and it has to end. NOW.

    Food for thought for those of you dealing with a Countrywide/BAC mortgage. Almost all of the Notes belonging to Countrywide prior to the BAC Merger in July of 2008 weren’t held or even owned by Countrywide at the time of the Merger/buyout because CW had sold almost everything ( with the exception of the most vile of its products) that it held into MBS, THEREFORE, the most that BAC got from the deal was some second rate right to a Pooling and Serviciing Agreement. In most of those agreements CW was listed as a sub-servicer.

    Bottom-line, BAC can’t foreclose on what it never received in the buy-out in the first place so if your mortgage was securitized before BAC crawled up Countrywide’s ass, BAC don’t own it and the fraud is in the pudding (no pun intended)……

    Good luck to all and keep up the fight for as long as you can as hard as you can. The enemy is counting on all of this to just fade away………

  3. concerned says:

    Are our elections rigged? Much of tort reform is written by Corporations….

  4. JJ says:

    We have criminals submitting fraudulent documents to our courts .. and then some judges turning a blind eye to it because they don’t want to do their job and actually take time to look at the evidence, do the legal research, and actually decide a case on the merits .. it is simply quicker and easier for judges to side against the weak party (the homeowner) and quickly move the case off of their docket because the homeowner rarely has the resources to properly fight and appeal the case and the banks have ample resources to do so .. this is especially true in those court systems that have cut back on staff ,including judges and legal assistants, because they claim that there is not enough “money” (fake money) to pay the judges and legal assistants (this is because we have been robbed of our fake money by the banksters) .. it is a matter of priority and mindset .. we will not get justice until we make justice for the people a priority in the minds of both the judges and the politicians. Politicians need to know that their voters want them to place great emphasis on foreclosure prevention within their districts .. this should include everything from changing laws to funding for “money” for legal assistance for at risk homeowners – the kind of legal assistance that will provide the homeowner with representation in the court room. Hopefully judges will then realize that they can no longer “rocket docket” a foreclosure case by summarily ruling against the homeowner.

  5. These are our courts…..and if we don’t get justice …I suggest to shut the courts down. We are NOT guilty until proven innocent……that is the enemy talking that has brain washed the government’s of the world…..they do not own us….we do not owe them…they OWE us….. if the courts will not settle this massive criminal fraudulent repulsive crime done to the people….in the count of many millions…than shut the courts down…the judges are aiding and abetting the criminals….and We the People will settle matters with no courts. We are not members of ANY CULT…they have murdered to gain the power through threats….their so called rules are not the rules and laws of this land….WE THE PEOPLE NEVER AGREED TO ANY OF THEIR SHIT>>>INCLUDING FAKE MONEY……Just how crooked this government has been for years….the lies…the cover ups….the fake wars for oil and gold FOR THE ENEMY who did not have the guts to seek their own wars to gain…they used and abused the people of the world by bribes given to the governments….bribes of fake money…one way to elimate the rich a$$holes is to change the money making the old money worthless…it has no trade in to back it up. it’s printed from ‘ air’…’s just figures on paper. THE DEPRESSION OF THE 30’S were caused by the dollar not 100% backed up with gold…only 40%….so 60% was fake. This country can print their own money as this government is not broke by all means….this country never needed the federal reserve…get rid of the lying bastards. Bernanke was asked by Ron Paul if gold was the same as money and Bernanke said it was not….yet the IMF has hoarded gold by many tons…..why are they hoarding it if it is not of value.???? Lying SOB. That is probably where all our gold went during the night flights…..It was said the Rochefeller plane took a load of gold to Mexico during the night…and Kissinger and his wife took the same plane to Europe..made a few stops…(were they to deliver another load of gold from Ft. Knox ???) and started back to America…supposley the last time heard was on their way back…?????? Where is Kissinger now? Hiding or dead…… Not that I even care….he too was the enemy right here in our government….this cult enemy uses others to do their dirty work than they elimate…….Isn’t it about time to start elimating the silent criminals???? The whole world needs to join in the hunt from all points…not just one country……This, my friends is who has ruined the Courts of Justice….and the rights to sue….they are foreign lying murderers that parked their a$$es on our land to hoard everything….including Justice….the moment is coming… moment of TRUTH>>>> So lets not even compare a hot cup of coffee spilled in the lap to this massive crime scene of America….In order to reform the court system…FIRST…they would have to remove the gold fringed flag from the court room so our Constitutional rights can enter…..this whole article is a distraction again….let’s talk about the biggest ponzi heist of America…the suites in the Civil Courts…the foreclosures..not a cup of hot coffee….that is elementary….the backlog in civil courts is not the concern…it’s the courts under the cults oath…against America is our concern. STOP THE DISTRACTION…IT WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE.

  6. talktotennessee says:

    If you think there are too many frivolous lawsuits, you have never been in one and tried to get an attorney to represent you or sought recovery through the courts. If so, you would never think there are too many frivolous lawsuits. For one thing, the standard of even getting your case presented to the court is very high, requiring experts to testify, even then a corporation or insurance company with deep pockets can outspend you in no time making it hard for your attorney to counter. If you don’t have the money to fund the case, you will need to get an attorney who will handle on a contingency, which means he or she does not get paid unless they win. In cases like that an attorney will not represent you unless your case is solid and NOT FRIVOLOUS. Even then expenses can easily cost the attorney more than the recovery. In cases where there is some doubt about the facts, the attorney may spend years trying to get the defendent to share information making it not worth his while to work the case on his own dollar no matter what you want or believe.
    You just don’t know until you watch a loved one die from blatant negligence that you can’t get help or a jury to hear your story because your state legislature has placed caps or limits on any award, making it almost impossible to get an attorney to represent you.
    In Tennessee the Republican legislature just enacted laws that allow even a felon to harm you and be sheltered by caps with limits on jury awards, never having heard your story or stepped into court, you are limited.
    Most people in TN do not even know they have lost access to the courts and a jury to hear their story. They blindly believe the lies and hype that tort reform is a good thing.
    It is, for the corporations and negligent!

    • lvent says:


      • lvent says:

        WE THE PEOPLE have a right to know, how much of the National Debt is actually money owed or SPECULATED MONEY OWED and WHERE THE F— IS ALL OF OUR GOLD BEING HIDDEN, WHO HID IT AND WHY DID THEY HIDE IT……???

    • see says:

      So true talktotennessee. There is nothing frivolous about standing up for your rights and taking legal action to make the offending party accountable for their actions. I am in a case where I had a hard time finding an attorney to take my case. This one attorney agreed to take the case on a contingency basis. The case was not about getting all this money and me becoming rich. I knew from the beginning there was a cap and it was not much. It was about getting justice for what was done to me. Unfortunately, money is the only way in some cases for justice. You get your character attacked about some little thing they dug up (nothing illegal or any wrong doing) that has nothing to do with the case. You get to feel like you are nothing and the disbelief of what the other side can do to you is unbelievable. You get attacked beyond belief. Next week in my trial, if all goes well and I win, (worse case senario) I will only OWE a few thousand of dollars. So if I win, I still loose. So if worse comes to worse, whomever I may end up owing money to, sue me. I have nothing and judgment proof. But what no one can take from me is the fact that I STOOD UP FOR MYSELF AND MY RIGHTS. Wake up America and when you hear these campaign ads, look into who is sponsoring the ads. Seems like everytime you have an election, we end up loosing our rights. Fight for your rights because no one else will.

    • TALKTOTENNESSEE…..YOU ARE SO RIGHT…Over the many years in slow motion the laws have changed to not the betterment….one now realizes changes were done on the ‘ secret ‘ and millions did not realize the real enemy was behind it all….this cult enemy has had it’s rotten criminal sick minds in all forms of our government….it is all corrupt. The flag with the fringe in our court rooms needs to be removed pronto…this has left the Constitutional Rights outside of the courts doors of entry. .the secret oaths are not the American oaths….they are the devils wish..the evil SOB’s who have caused so much pain to so many….everywhere in the world…especially America. We must blame our government going back many years as that of a tyrant….a tyrannical act….a deliberate act to destroy America. The lawyers are under the British Guild…they take the oath of this Guild…not the American oath…And at this point one must remember that the British (QUEEN) is also with the Vatican/Pope….who claims to own all the land…everything…in the whole world. Who ever gave these people the right to think that…. needs to be put out of their misery….it is an illusion of the cult. So again…this crap of the civil courts is just another distraction ….a stall tactic….frig the courts…we have much more important issues to settle…even outside the courts. we don’t need the courts of today…they are no longer and have not been for many years…a court of Justice. Justice will be settled without the courts….

  7. lvent says:

    If Justice is dead, Democracy is dead…These judges have been behaving like tyrannical debt collectors for these PRETENDER LENDERS for way too long……These judges act like S.S. SOLDIERS working for the FOURTH REICH…..IS THIS A DEMOCRACY OR A DICTATORSHIP???? Walk into any foreclosure court in America and you will see what I mean……..The judges only question WE THE PEOPLE with intimidating tones of voice to instill FEAR in the…….WELL,……. ARE YOU PAYING THE MORTGAGE? THEY SAY RIDICULOUS THINGS SUCH AS: THE ONLY WAY THE BANK WILL EVEN TALK TO YOU IS IF YOU ENGAGE IN A LOAN MEDIATION. Of the people who even show up to court, I have seen people cowering in fear and accepting SHORT SALES and LOAN MEDIATIONS with these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS who DO NOT EVEN OWN THESE LOANS……….The American people are being taken to the cleaners once again and are having what is left of the value of their homes stolen away from them by PRETENDER LENDERS who are simply lying. PRETENDER LENDERS are bringing forth illegal foreclosure complaints to deceive homeowners into handing them back their homes without showing any proof of ownership of the MORTGAGE and they are bringing these suits on CLOUDY TITLES, riddled with FRAUD……..These judges are ILLEGALY aiding and abetting these PRETENDER LENDERS who are being allowed to act like financial terrorists by allowing foreclosure complaints to even be brought on CLOUDY TITLES….. Homeowners are having their homes stolen for UNSECURED DEBTS and the JUDGES are allowing this to be done by allowing UNFAIR DEALING AND DECEPTIVE PRACTICES by PRETENDER LENDERS who do not own these homes……These judges should be removed from the bench, stripped of their pensions and tried for not only allowing this, but also aiding and abetting these crimes to be commited against We The People….their fellow man who have no idea of their rights or the strict property laws that do exist to protect homeowners….The UCC Code also protects homeowners from such a tyranny…….Bottom line this is TYRANNY……..THE CRIMINAL BANKSTERS AND WALL STREET GOT THE ILLEGAL TAX-PAYER FUNDED BAILOUTS SO OUR HOMES ARE PAID FOR, CALL IT EVEN. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND NATIONWIDE LOAN RECISSIONS AND CLEAR TITLE TO THE HOMEOWNERS…WE, THE TAXPAYER COVERED THEIR ASSES AND OUR HOMES ARE PAID FOR FREE AND CLEAR THOUGH TRUTH BE TOLD, THEY ALWAYS WERE……..ALL THEY WANTED WAS THE INTEREST ON THE FAKE LOANS, THEY NEVER WANTED US TO OWN OUR HOMES…TOO LATE, WE THE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY DID AND IT WAS THE BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST IN HISTORY AND NOW WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND RESTITUTION…………..AND A PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM ALL OF THESE CROOKS INCLUDING THE MEDIA WHO THEY OWN FOR SLANDERED OUR GOOD NAMES AND CALLED US DEADBEATS……WHO BOUGHT HOMES WE COULD NOT AFFORD…….LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  8. lies is all they tell says:

    i am sorry but we live in america and pay taxes and we should get the help we need. i am going to do a few comparables that TNharry didnt like. Hitler was able to so successful because he closed all the factories (reminds how all our jobs have been systematically taken out of our country, please think for a minute), he use dhis power to squash one religions power in numbers (there were alot of jews and they owned alot of business side noted: i am jewish my great grandparents bore hitlers tatoos) doesnt this remind how home owners who cant sell their homes because of jobloss are called “deadbeats”. just like the jews in eastern europe we are being discrimnated against so are we. hilter shut off the news papers to the news of the world and owuld only allow propaganda for his crusade fill the german airwaves. (for tnharry i am jewish and my great grand parents bore the tatoos) doesnt that sound a bit like today only our internet blog sites and afew news papers allow foreclosure internet out to the general publc especially in floridah. (thank you orlando sentinal and west palm beach post),
    the last cpmarison i will use untill next time is the way we have few jobs in florida yet prices of our essentials keep rising so more peope end up bankrupt or on food stamps. food stamps can be compared to the breadlines of germany keep us poor, know all oour finaces and keep us hungry.

    we will not get the help we need unless we get together. i can do that but there are alot of you out there that can. i propose we start small 1 group per 4-5 counties then once we have our numbers we combine. we eill not get help inflorida untilwe demand it. if we keep things status quo the taking of our homes will continue, the purging of jobs will continue. please help i know you are out there this is my cry for help

  9. Ready to Blow says:

    “Frivilous” as in trying to prevent some random thief from stealing ones’ home? I look forward to seeing this movie, having experienced lack of due process first hand.

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