Jacksonville.com | Political Notebook: Pam Bondi Under Fire After LPS-Related Resignations

  “We were under fire like you have no idea,” Clarkson told the Times. “It was like our home team was against us.” ~ Political notebook: Pam Bondi under fire after LPS-related resignations The forced resignation of two state lawyers who were looking into the foreclosure practices of Jacksonville’s Lender Processing Services has put Attorney … Read more

Democratic Rep. Darren Soto Pushes to Reinstate Bondi’s Two Ousted Florida Foreclosure Investigators

“We loved those jobs more than you have any idea,” Clarkson said. “We would love to go back and work for the attorney general, but under a different administration. I don’t really think we’re looking toward the same goals.” ~ Lawmaker may push to reinstate two ousted Florida foreclosure investigators By Kimberly Miller Palm Beach … Read more

Hmmm… | Attorney General Pam Bondi Amends Financial Disclosure form that Shows NO Income for 2010, No Bank Accounts

“If you have a checking or savings account on Dec. 31 of the previous year, you have to show it if it’s over $1,000,” said Tallahassee election law lawyer Mark Herron. “If your checking account is empty on Dec. 31, or it’s under $1,000, you don’t have to report it. But it’s curious that the … Read more

Full Deposition of Jose Colon of AHMSI and Special Officer for Sand Canyon, Formerly Known as Option One

“In most of these cases involving the securitized trusts, the banks are now trying to scramble to show a chain of title when these notes and mortgages were never properly assigned to the trusts back when they were set up.  In my view, they can never establish that chain of title properly.“ ~ BANKS CANNOT … Read more

Pam Bondi, Lender Processing Services, Provest and Campaign Contributions from Companies CURRENTLY Under Investigation by Her Office

Campaign Contributions from Companies CURRENTLY Under Investigation by Pam Bondi Sure, let’s make a big deal about the firings of the AG’s investigators June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards.  We should and we must. But the fact that Bondi took campaign contributions from Lender Processing Services WHILE there’s an active investigation into Lender Processing Services is … Read more

Press Release | Hernando County Sheriff’s Office RE Christopher Boudreau’s Trash Out

Here is their side of the story. Was a trash out still justified? Remember, a foreclosure had not been filed. ~ Media Release From: Deputy Wendy McGinnis Public Information Officer, 352-754-6830 Re: Boudreau Foreclosure Investigation Re-opened Date: July 12, 2011 Case#: 2011-20481 On 06-17-2011 Christopher Boudreau, of 7334 Arizona Street in Brooksville, contacted the Hernando … Read more

Police: Pa. Woman Set Fire to House with Foreclosure Notice After Slicing Wrist

This is not the answer people, this is what they want. You die, they win… You must stand up and fight back… ~ Police: Pa. woman set fire with foreclosure notice CORRY, Pa. — A northwestern Pennsylvania woman tried to smother her sleeping adult son before she set her house on fire with foreclosure documents … Read more

Late on Mortgage? Bank Trashout = Civil Matter, Late on Rent? Landlord Trashout = Felony with Prision Time

Earlier today we put up a story on Hernando Sheriff’s Office “There was no criminal intent” when Jack Booted Thugs Trashed Out Home NOT in Foreclosure… The sheriff’s department can’t get involved, because as Mormando explains, there are no arrestable offenses committed. But, but, but… Property manager on parole sent back to prison for breaking into … Read more