Must View Video | Florida’s Fraudclosure Fighters Edwards and Clarkson Discuss Firings from Bondi’s Office

The U.S. Department of Justice has been asked to investigate the termination of two lawyers from the Florida Attorney General’s office. They had played a key role in fighting foreclosure fraud in Florida. Investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero is On the Case. ~

It’s a Steal | Canadian Documentary on Florida Fraudclosures, Jackbooted Thugs and Allegations of a Corrupt System

Listen to the documentary in which the Canadians can even see this for what it really is… ~ It’s a Steal (Documentary) Property ain’t cheap in Canada, but you can find a bargain in sunny Florida. And many Canadians have. Since the 2008 mortgage crisis, many have been scooping up Florida homes that have been … Read more

WSJ | Tying Health Problems to Rise in Home Foreclosures

Tying Health Problems to Rise in Home Foreclosures The threat of losing your home is stressful enough to make you ill, it stands to reason. Now two economists have measured just how unhealthy the foreclosure crisis has been in some of the hardest-hit areas of the U.S. New research by Janet Currie of Princeton University … Read more

WSJ | Bank of America to Exit Correspondent Mortgage Business

Bank of America to Exit Another Line Bank of America Corp. intends to sell its correspondent mortgage business, as the troubled lender looks to narrow its focus and bolster its financial strength, said people familiar with the situation. Employees could be notified as soon as Wednesday that the lender has decided to exit the correspondent … Read more

Case Shiller Roller Coaster Illustration – The Ups and Downs of Home Prices from 1890-2010

Inspired by the infamous roller coaster video from in 2007 using Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 to illustrate the ups and downs of a century of inflation adjusted home prices. ~

CNN Headliner | How to rescue the housing market: Foreclosures! Experts say it’s time to push delinquent borrowers through the foreclosure process

  HOW TO RESCUE HOUSING NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — If the Obama administration really wants to save the housing market, it should speed up the foreclosure process — not prolong the inevitable, experts say. Four years into the housing crisis, the real estate market is still teetering on the edge. The Obama administration has tried … Read more

More Push Back | In 50-State Foreclosure Negotiations, Dispute Underlines Basic Questions

“We’ve been accused of being in bed with the banks. To say that to a group of people who have spent the last seven to 10 years fighting mortgage abuses day in and day out is an insult of the highest order,” said Iowa Assistant Attorney General Patrick Madigan, a longtime Miller deputy, who has … Read more


False Statements Limited Purpose Corporate Officers Action Date: August 31, 2011 Location: TALLAHASSEE, FL A STATEMENT ON MORTGAGE FRAUD THAT EVERY ATTORNEY GENERAL COULD ISSUE TODAY There has been widespread, well-documented abuse of corporate officer titles by banks, mortgage companies and mortgage servicing companies on mortgage-related documents. Individuals who are not corporate officers have been … Read more