Must See Video of My Hero, Lisa Epstein | Foreclosure Fraud Speech from an American Patriot and Citizen Warrior

From our Rally in Tally 2010 What a day it was… Here is a little blast from the past that is etched in time forever. I will never forget that day in April of 2010 as long as they let me live. The video above shares Lisa Epstein’s, of, experiences in fighting Foreclosure Fraud … Read more

Is Lawson About to be Thrown Under the Bus? | Bondi Troubled by Lack of Documentation in Personnel Files of Clarson and Edwards, Calls for Outside Investigation

(Not actual picture of Lawson but it was too funny not to use) ~ “She said she trusted the judgment of three top staff aides who recommended forcing Clarkson and Edwards out. But Bondi said she was troubled by lack of documentation in personnel files and wanted an outside investigation to clear up any misgivings“ … Read more

George Mantor | The Golden Years – Uncovering Ponzi II

  The Golden Years—Uncovering Ponzi II If you liked what they did to the value of your real estate and American jobs, you are going to love what they did to your pension. And, it’s gone. Vanished into banksta bonuses just like the credit default swaps that paid them a hundred times the value of … Read more

60 Minutes | Fraudclosure – The Next Housing Shock Re-Airing this Weekend Aug 7th 2011

Click Through to View ~ Be sure to read Lynn Szymoniak’s email to Daniel Ruetenik, Associate Producer of 60 Minutes/CBS News below… ~ Mortgage paperwork mess: the next housing shock? (CBS News) If there was a question about whether we’re headed for a second housing shock, that was settled last week with news that home … Read more

Matt Weidner | Are You Ready For The Revolution?

  Are you ready to do something real? Are you ready to stand up? Are you ready to stop feeling like you have no voice? Are you ready to make sure you have a voice? Just stay tuned.  Share this site with as many friends and people that you can.  Whether they care about foreclosure … Read more

Letters to the Editor: Bondi’s Reasons for Ousters Don’t Convince this Reader

  Bondi’s reasons for ousters don’t convince this reader Orlando Sentinel Pam Bondi‘s My Word explanation for the removal of two top investigators was anything but convincing (“Bondi explains ousters,” Sunday). She states that her division manager repeatedly spoke to them about failed expectations. However, every documented report and evaluation was exactly the opposite — … Read more