Must See Video of My Hero, Lisa Epstein | Foreclosure Fraud Speech from an American Patriot and Citizen Warrior

From our Rally in Tally 2010

What a day it was…

Here is a little blast from the past that is etched in time forever.

I will never forget that day in April of 2010 as long as they let me live.

The video above shares Lisa Epstein’s, of, experiences in fighting Foreclosure Fraud on the steps of the State Capitol of Florida. She was joined by many other speakers that day in support of full Judicial hearings on their foreclosures.

We can never let the bankers change the rules to prevent homeowners their day in court even if the scales of justice are tilted against us.

History will look back on this time and will remember the people who stood up and said no…

Each person can make a difference…

We did it and (we’re still at it) so can you…

If they only would have listened…

So, stand up and fight back!

It’s time…



25 Responses to “Must See Video of My Hero, Lisa Epstein | Foreclosure Fraud Speech from an American Patriot and Citizen Warrior”
  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    I cannot post to this blog!!! It does not take my comments….

  2. 1. To bobbie swan and anyone who will reply
    2. I still donot know or understand why there are problems with foreclosures by Chase Home Finance LLC in New Jersey
    3. I hope some of you experts will answer this question and cite actual cases and/or case law or rulings by any judge
    4. By the way: where can I find a list of the assets purchased by Chase from Washington Mutual Inc.
    in the shut down of Washington Mutual Bank? Was Long Beach Securities Corp acquired by Chase or is it still owned by Washington Mutual Inc and also is Long Beach Securities Corp still in business?

  3. 1. I read the article Lisa Epstein foreclosure fraud and the reply comment by Eugen Villarreal August 3, 2011 at 9:11 AM 2. I am not aware of any problems with foreclosures involving Chase Home Finance LLC and JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. I would like any information on this problem. Please contact me immediately. What is the reason why all of these cases are on hold?

    • incognito123 says:

      You do not need to look hard to find problems with any of these banks. And while many will say Bank of America is the worst, Wells Fargo is the worst, Chase is the worst, Deutsche is the worst, etc., etc, the reality is they ARE ALL in it together and ALL doing the same crap. They only difference is probably size in relation to the size of their bank, with the only exception of Bank of America since they did all this crap on their own, but then also inherited probably THE worst, Countrywide. Safe to say, if your case is on hold, they are trying to manufacture fraudulent evidence to ‘claim’ to “prove” their case. If your case isn’t moving, let it sit, BUT learn all you can about your case, and what is happening in all states in the country with all the fraud and corruption!!

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        @ concernedcitizen12 – Evidently you are a “newbie” not to know of all the fraud that has been perpetrated by Chase all over the country! In my case for instance, and I am in Flori-duh, Chase Home Finance LLC brought the foreclosure suit. Chase Home Finance LLC is not even a registered company with the State of Florida and therefore, could not bring suit. Aas a matter of fact, it nulifies my mortgage since they were not a “legitimate” institution in the State of Flori-duh. My mortgage was with Chase Home Finance LLC and with that the merger brings JP Morgan Chase Bank into the picture. However, no assignments were ever recorded and you can’t go back and fix what was fraudulent after the fact! This would also probably be the case in Jersey as well. They think merging Chase Home Finance LLC with JP Morgan Chase is going to resolve the issue!!! I don’t know if Chase Home Finance LLC was ever registered in Jersey or not but 2 wrongs don’t make a right!

  4. TheHutMaster says:

    WELL DONE LISA! We Love You!

    “Fight The Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day!!!

  5. John Anderson says:

    A very good speech, by Lisa Epstein and Matt Weidner.
    I am surprised that Lisa was in NY on 9/11.
    As shocked as she may be on the fraudclosure issue, and the failure of our government to protect it’s citizenry, she should spend one week investigating 9/11.
    Our government is controlled, by murderers and thieves who will stop at nothing in the furtherance of their goals.

  6. Mario Kenny says:

    I thing a new key work is criminal and we all have to file criminal charges on every one of these wrong doers and their friends

    • lvent says:

      Mario, “Someone” is blocking criminal investigations by the states attorneys as I have tried this.. When you try to file a police report they divert you to the State AG’s office…. The AG’s office is only able to give them wrist slapping fines and only if they have many complaints against one entity and we all know there are so many entities….The Civil Court judges are also only capable of fining these crooks as these are civil courtrooms these crooks are committing federal crimes in…That is probably why Bondi’s office fired those two woman because they uncovered the massiveness of this crime spree and SOMEONE does not want to take this to the next level which is criminal prosecutions….So far the DOJ has also not delved to deeply into this…This is FORECLOSUREGATE…..

      • lvent says:

        To understand why the scoope of this cover-up is so huge people must first understand who is hiding behind the scenes of this GLOBAL crime spree…..The Illuminati controls media, finance, law, education and government. They can hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil…. This is no conspiracy theory, this is fact. All roads lead to Rome.


      • lvent says:

        The prediction in this article from 2001 is that the fascist dictator, one world leader is going to be ushered in via the Republicon party. Let’s not be deceived and let’s remember those two parties are now the party of ONE and we should not vote for either party in 2012…….Satan is a great deceiver as we have all found out that the battle over raising the debt ceiling was never about that, it was about passing the dirty debt deal which includes FASCIST AUSTERITY measures against the Amerian people……See the video entitled: The Debt Deal is a Vote for Treason:
        There is real evil lurking in the shadows of Foreclosuregate..

      • lvent says:

        Beware of the Supreme Congress. We can not allow that to happen, that is unconstitutional….They will try and call it by another name as CNN is already calling it a Special Committee, they are all LIARS and corrupt treasonists in CONgress and are set to throw the U.S. Constitution and The United States of America under the bus and end turn democracy into a fascist communist dictarship……. Michael Savidge said last night that Obama is our first Communist President and this is the most corrupt Congress in history and if live through this it will be a miracle. Michael Savidge also said all roads lead to Rome……….

  7. Eugene Villarreal says:

    To Lisa Epstein : Now that Chase Home Finance, LLC has merged with JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. as of June 2011, with permission from the OCC, has that had a favorable effect on your case? The nucklehead foreclosure mill, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard here in New Jersey has been filing foreclosure complaints for JP Morgan Bank, N.A. using the Servicer, Chase Home Finance, LLC ( CHF), as the party of interest in the complaints as far back as 2006, or longer, citing in court and on the complaint(as in my case) that because they were the successor by merger with J P Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. had Standing to bring the complaint in CHF’s name with no assignments needed even though both entities still existed after the merger and the judge also had questioned the merger in court. Even though the judge was leery about the merged, she accepted the evidence as being true and granted a summary judgment to the fraudulent bank that had submitted this false, fraudulent evidence. At the present, I think Fein Such Kahn & Shepard is no longer representing JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., but as of Dec. 2010 there are thousands of cases on hold in New Jersey where Chase Home Finance, LLC is still named as Plaintiff because of the New Jersey Supreme Court Order To Show Cause. If an attorney is not up to par on the foreclosure and securitization cases, the legal community says, that does not include myself, that there may be some liability for those attorneys. I don’t believe that because with 95% of foreclosure cases are uncontested in New Jersey there is an unsurmountable shortage of attorneys who will take foreclosure cases where the banks are using the foreclosure mill attorneys to force their fraudulent foreclosures upon the courts. There are only a very few judges and attorneys who see the fraud upon the courts and are still ruling on the right side of the law and the state statues. For this reason, the New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Rabner saw fit to put a halt to the judges that were losing control of the court’s integrity and Due Process. Its the judges who have caused these frauduluent foreclosures to perpetuate here in New Jersey and throughout the country.

  8. chichi says:

    Lisa……..I think I can truely speak for everyone……”You Are Our Hero”….. 🙂

  9. Bloodsoaked says:

    This shit has been going on along time, Remember Pearl Harbor. That attack could have been thorted but all inteligence reports wher ignored they new what the target was and let it happen so they would have the peoples support to Drop Two atomic bombs on the poor people of Japan just to show Russia and China that we had the technowlagy and would use it in a snap of a finger. Not many people know that Japan had already succeeded to defeat a few day’s before we dropped those bombs on those poor people. The Government Corperation will be defeated. Please people of the world don’t hold the American People responcable for what the Government has done. The American people are being held hostage by our highjacked government by the corperations of the NWO. We must keep fighting on every front. If America go’s down there will be no Freedom for anyone. Thats why thay call this great nation THE LAND OF THE FREE!

  10. Bloodsoaked says:

    Lisa great speach and thanks for your compation and helping the victoms of 911. You are a good American. But for me I beleave Fraudcloser and 911 were bolth inside jobs. You cannot pull somthing like these crimes on humanity off without a powerfull and well organized attack such as these. Where was NORAD on 911. Dick chaney was in command of our special tacktical Defences. Why was this buffoon put in charge just months before 911. He has no military training as far as I know. He was vice president and this is the only time ever in history since Norad was established (I think sometime in the late 40’s early 50’s) that a polatician not a train General and commander in charge of such stratigic defence was ever in control. Why was there a delayed order to scrammble F-14 to intersept when they had plenty of time to. Why BIG DICK can’t even be trusted with a hunting rifle let alone our country’s stratigic defences. Just like the slow responce to 911 so the responce to fraudcloser. SEE? More proof the terrorist are from within.

  11. Bobbi Swann says:

    @ Lisa – if you read this blog I still want to do some sort of “Rally” on a smaller scale throughout the state on the same day. I still say that a rally at the foot of the steps of our local courthouses could have a tremendous effect on the cause. I’m on the other side of the state (Gulf side) but I know there are plenty of readers and those who have input here on this site that are in the Sun-don’t-shine (anymore) state that are clearly thinking the same. Would it not be great if we could rally at all, what 67 counties, throughout? I’m in Pinellas County, Florida. Where are all the rest of you Floridians located? If we could do this maybe other states and their respective counties would follow….there is power in numbers!

    • incognito123 says:

      Awesome idea!! If we can pull it off, let me know what I can do!!! I’m in Charlotte a bit below you Bobbi

  12. lvent says:

    I remember seeing this and Lisa’s appearances on Dylan Ratigan as well fighting for the rights of homeowners along with Matt. Lisa and Matt are true American heroes and patriots.. They give me hope and I will be forever grateful for what they have done and what they are doing to try and save this country from these foreign owned financial terrorists and their treasonist protectors within our own Government and Judiciary who are aiding and abetting these foreclosure crimes… God Bless you guys and God Bless America…

  13. Fury says:

    incredible speech.
    incredible woman.

    thank you lisa epstein and michael redman!

  14. Litgant says:

    This girl is indeed a super American. She is a hero. When the history of foreclosure in Florida is written the name Lisa Epstein will be included. While I have never met her in person, I am very proud of her. Usually people like here hang on until their problem goes away and then they disappear. She is still in the fight. She is still trying to help others suffering from fear and the unknown. I must say also here that Michael Redman also is a great American. The two have been real heros to me and many others. My only contribution in all this is just spouting off here and there and showing my contempt for the mess the banks and the criminals have brought upon America. So, I appreciate this really neat girl and all she is doing. You Go Lisa…..

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      Lisa rocks.She is Real…a Real Human Being.May she be ever protected and prevail.Me,too,Litgant-all I do is spout off but you know what some ARE starting to hear…now that the planned crash of the”economy” is happening…to them…too:(

      When you’re going through hell-keep going.~a Martial Art’s maxim

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