PB Post | Bondi Seeks an Independent Review of Fraudclosure Investigators’ Dismissal

“We had made a lot of progress in the investigation and (Lawson) demanded we provide him memos about LPS showing the basis for our lawsuit and to defend the investigation,” Edwards said.


Florida Attorney General seeks an independent review of investigators’ dismissal

By Kimberly Miller

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi asked today for an independent examination of her office’s ouster of two former foreclosure fraud investigators as queries escalate over the reason for the duo’s abrupt dismissal.

Bondi said she has questions herself as to why there was no documentation to support the May ultimatum given former assistant attorneys general June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards to resign or be fired.

The women, who resigned May 20, were the lead state investigators of Florida’s so-called “foreclosure mill” law firms and of faulty court paperwork. Their performance was lauded in fall evaluations and in an April 22 review in which Edwards was touted for triggering a nationwide examination of foreclosure practices.

“I stand by the decision,” Bondi said today about the dismissals, “but because there are allegations being made, I am asking for an outside inspector general to review it. I want to make sure I make this the best office I can make it.”

The Palm Beach Post first reported the resignations July 13, but they soon garnered national attention.

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7 Responses to “PB Post | Bondi Seeks an Independent Review of Fraudclosure Investigators’ Dismissal”
  1. The technical term for this independent investigation is whitewash.

  2. Ron Moss says:

    If Alan Grayson is willing to run for governor, rally the people behind him. He understands MERS and the bankers intent just about like Andrew Jackson did when he paid off ther national debt back in 1835.

  3. woodknot says:

    Bondi is the person who should be investigated !
    do not allow her to throw others under the bus, as they attempted with Clarkson and Edwards,
    force her to take responsibility or resign.
    Thank God for the dynamic duo-God Bless you June & Theresa ! you received a “blessing in disguise” to be out of the AGs pit of devils. Bkessings on your private practice !

  4. Andrea Guice says:

    The AG…blondi… all liars,… it’s part of the ‘fraud game’ & a ‘pawn’ isn’t worth much in the game. She’s ‘bought & paid for’… her ‘pimps…her j-o-b,
    & she does what she’s instructed to do by those who ‘control’ all they can ‘buy’! Who are the ‘pimps’? Those who have the ‘money’; Wall St.
    Who in this ‘corrupt political society’ can’t, or ‘won’t be a *ussy for Wall St. & sell out?! Bondi, dumb blonde! Next!? It’s all going to come out in the ‘wash’!

  5. Litgant says:

    Yuk, she stands by the decision to fire them. And now she wants someone else from the outside to make her look like Lady Justice. Well, I have a suggestion. Hey Mrs. Bondi, appoint Lisa Epstein and Michael Redman. Or, appoint Lynn Szymoniak and Mathew Weidner. Or there is another suggestion of Mark Stoppa and Thomas Ice. But you can bet she will pick someone who is in with the bankers and who have not suffered any of the foreclosure fraud. She will pick someone who has had tons of money to pay all their mortgage payments and who holds the Bondi-mind, there is no free house in Florida so help me God. Bondi is doing all this because she wants to make a finding in her favor that is a quasi-AGO. Why not ask an AG from another state who opposes the fraud in foreclosure to come in and investigate her chicken house? Or will she hore someone who was an employee of the legal firms the girls were investigating? Bondi should pack up her rags and junk and resign. She has lost all honor and respect. If she wants a certificate of “Good Behavior” in regards to the termination of these girl’s employment, she can ask some former aid to Bin Laden. What she did was to me the same as a terrorist attack. Did I really say that? Well, if she allows lawyers such as those these girls were investigating to continue to rob people of their homes with fraudulent documents, evict them, send in buldozers to raze their homes, and put them in Salvation Army shelters and on food stamps: then she is a terrorist. Ok, give her a certificate Lisa or Mike. But make sure it is for Legal Republican Donkey of the month.

    • Elyse says:

      Hey All…
      We are all under attack from the banks, however, we are entirely too passive…I’m from the 60’s and we protested just about everything to do with the “Establishment”,,,we burned our draft cards and bra’s and we were on the evening news most every night fighting against the War in Viet Nam!!

      We need a Protest March on Washington!!!
      These site created to inform have done all it can…WE GOT IT!! We’re under attack and becoming a homeless society and no PROTESTS???

      You people are very bright on this blog and Michael is doing an incredible job…However, when do we make our voices heard? The time is now and we just need to organize like THE MILLION MAN WALK…DID YOU SEE ALL THE BLACKMEN THAT WERE ORGANIZED?

      Let’s get on buses and trains and planes and meet in DC….perhaps on 9-11!! The news will eat this up if we are organized with a goal of hundreds of thousands of irate homeowners picketing the White House on 9-11…OR the Day After Walk On Washington!!

      We must do something BIG!!
      We can get an airline involved, hotel chains…bus companies…MAKE IT THE BIGGEST PROTEST THE US HAS SEEN SINCE THE 60’s!!


      You can get the word out and all the palns can be made right here…right now!!!!
      I’m so ready…my bra is killing me!! LOL
      Let’s discuss this event please everyone…this is not working through the courts!!

      I awit,

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