Time to Bash BB&T | One Day Late with Mortgage Payment, Gas Station Owner Could Lose Business to Foreclosure

Much more to come on this one, but for now the foundation of the story… One Day Late with Mortgage Payment, Gas Station Owner Could Lose Business to Foreclosure ST. PETERSBURG — Saji Mathew missed the Oct. 12 mortgage payment on the Mobil gas station he co-owns. On Oct. 13, he took the money to … Read more

Bondi on Public Records Request Involving Ousted Foreclosure Fraud Fighters “While these requests are politically motivated and not made in good faith, we will, of course, comply with public records law”

Of course you will my dear… Maybe if she would just keep her mouth shut, she wouldn’t sound so ridiculous. Does she not realize that every time she tries to push back against these two women she is digging herself a deeper hole? Pam, my girl, you have painted yourself into a corner… Just wait … Read more


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                   CONTACT:           MICHELLE DeMARCO AUGUST 4, 2011                                                                                                                 850.487.5833   SENATOR ELEANOR SOBEL, REP. DARREN SOTO PROBE DEEPER INTO FIRINGS OF ASSISTANT ATTORNEYS GENERAL Seek details under Florida’s public records laws of relationships between Tallahassee/mortgage service company under investigation   TALLAHASSEE – State Senator Eleanor … Read more

Fox Guarding the Hen House? Jeff Atwater’s Inspector General to Investigate the Ouster of Bondi’s Foreclosure Fraud Fighters, Edwards & Clarkson

“Bondi designated her own IG, Jim Varnado, as Luczynski’s liaison in the Department of Legal Affairs.“ ~ Ouster of Clarkson, Edwards under review Attorney General Pam Bondi borrowed Chief Financial Office Jeff Atwater’s inspector general Wednesday for an investigation into the disputed firings of two staff lawyers who ran tough prosecutions of mortgage-fraud cases. Atwater … Read more

Bondi Firings Draw Broader Criticism, Calls Ring Out for Federal Inquiry

“Since Bondi is a Republican and LPS has strong ties to the Republican party, which holds and iron-clad grip on both legislative houses, the Governor’s mansion and every cabinet position, there is an obvious fear that any investigation at the state level might be influenced by any number of political factors. LPS has been referred … Read more

Wells Fargo Forces Family to Live in Backyard While Courts Decided Possible Foreclosure Error (VIDEO)

Wow… Where is the breaking point people? How much more will you be able to take? ~ 4closureFraud.org

Matt Weidner | GET UP, GET READY – a PEACEFUL, Paper Revolution!

VOTER REGISTRATION Florida House And Senate Maps ~ 4closureFraud.org

Broward Foreclosure Judge Victor Tobin on Joining Marshall Watson “I will be able to apply my overall knowledge of the judicial process to advance the firm’s goals.”

Old news, but this quote in yesterdays HousingWire article caught my attention… “I had a strong desire to return to private practice once my term concluded,” Tobin said in a statement sent to HousingWire. “The firm established best practices and procedures policies, and I will ensure it is followed and advanced. Additionally, I will be … Read more