Broward Foreclosure Judge Victor Tobin on Joining Marshall Watson “I will be able to apply my overall knowledge of the judicial process to advance the firm’s goals.”

Old news, but this quote in yesterdays HousingWire article caught my attention…

“I had a strong desire to return to private practice once my term concluded,” Tobin said in a statement sent to HousingWire. “The firm established best practices and procedures policies, and I will ensure it is followed and advanced. Additionally, I will be able to apply my overall knowledge of the judicial process to advance the firm’s goals.

Yea, I bet he will…



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  1. angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

    it is in the water- its fluoride in the water.. it is a waste [by-product] from metal manufacturing ONLY !!!!!!!- no other source or purpose for fluoride, its poison, they needed a place to dump it,, hell the water is as good a place as any, fluoride for tooth decay … OMFG.. yea ..this is the same as ah….how about….how would you like a new mortgage ???

    In 1939 under the Alted agreement, the American Aluminum Company (ALCOA), then the worlds largest producer of sodium fluoride, and the Dow Chemical Company transferred its technology to Germany. Colgate, Kellogg, Dupont and many other companies eventually signed cartel agreements with I.G. Farben, creating a powerful lobby group accurately dubbed “the fluoride mafia”.

    • lvent says:

      angry, I agree with you. The “shadow” government who is not so hidden anymore, have become emboldened and really are not trying very hard to hide who they are anymore..,That Oligarchy ruled by the Plutocrats, are all the same group of Nazis from WWII with different faces, The U.N./New World Order are who has behind all of the evil in the world throughout history…All roads lead to the revived Roman Empire, the SMOM/VATICAN/JESUITS…Our Government has its head stuck up the asses of the ruling Global Elite. Their entire power structure,their evil empire has been built on nothing but lies, deceit and fraud. …Here is an interesting link. The info is well researched by Jon Eric Phelps.

  2. Fury says:

    utterly disgusting!

  3. see says:

    Tobin wants to advance the firm’s goals. Would those goals be to fraudulently take more homes? One has to wonder if his judge pals will do?

  4. Beth A. says:

    The only difference between this former judge and a prostitute is at least the prostitute is fairly honest about what/who he or she is.

    Too bad that every case this guy was involved in can’t be audited.

  5. debi p says:

    If any one caught the housing wires report, pam bondi and allan west both
    Sent letters to tom miller stating the foreclosure probe could have massive
    Consequences. Amongst them “strategic default”. We have a criminal in
    Our AG’s office. Pam bondi needs a full fledged investigation UPON her and now all
    Of her new crooked croonies. This state is ruined forever. Thanks Pam and Rick–
    Way to go u felonous fuks. Debra 5613899339

    • Pam Bondi and the foreclosure probe needs an Independent inviestigation…NOT one from the inside…Not a firm chosen by her or anyone involved with the government. No one can be trusted anymore….And Pam Bondi can pay the investigation charges out of the budget allowed for that office. ..This needs to come to an end…..we are sick of her and the rest that follow in her shadow.

  6. Readdocs says:

    The following link leads to some clarifying information on the damage being done to not
    only foreclosed properties, also those adjacent to these properties.
    Read the comments for more on how complex and devious the people who caused this
    crisis have become.

  7. losing my home in florida says:

    i am distgusted what i am not getting…………….that this is still goingon tand the people have not revolted yet. yet for stupid other crap we have o control over peole protest, like the train from tampa to orlando hundruds of people showed and there was aother rally in tally about other issues but here we are all losing our houses. i do not know how to get the public involved.

    • losing my home in Florida…..You and alot of others are all saying the same thing……I am beginning to believe that the past is why no one in this country has started a revolt….A few people cannot do it alone….it has to be announced and word spread in order to get the people involved. In the years past…other countries faced wars and fought for survival…..Has America ever done that in our life time? Since World War 11…all the fake wars have been in other countries So this country did not fave destruction, hunger and death like those countries faced everyday….they know to fight for their freedom, their rights, for food….if you don’t stand up and demand your rights…you lose them. The enemy will take everything away in order to keep the control and weaken the country…..
      So I believe that is why everyone sits in front of the TV to see what is happening next…it’s conversation….just as the Reality shows are….I have never watched a Reality show…cause WE are living reality….This year my daughter and I drove to Tallahassee to join in the Rally…700 miles round trip…and I am not in foreclosure but she is and not because she couldn’t pay the payments. But we carried signs to show the Bankers Assoc…how we felt…it was very disgusting…with so many laid many in foreclosure….yet only a few showed up to Rally….So do the people in Florida really care or are worried about anything? Did you attend the Rally this past Spring in Tallahassee? People say they didn’t have the money…the buses taking the people had cheap fares….and all had plenty of time to save the money…. Has the country gotten that lazy or is it they just don’t care…or are in denial? How can anyone help someone when that someone doesn’t even help themselves?

      • lvent says:

        I heard they have more than half of the population drugged. I think it is something in the water……….

      • Fury says:

        in france and praque, the rivers contain cocaine.
        in the US, the rivers contain anti-depressants.
        it comes from urine and flushing prescriptions down the toilet.

      • lvent says:

        Fury, that is what the news said. It was from flushing prescriptions down the toilet. How many people flush their meds down the toilet? I never flush meds down the toilet and I would never think of doing that. I don’t know if I believe that. Just one woman’s opinion of course. How many leftover meds are there that people flush down the toilet? Is it daily? I just don’t get that explanation.

    • I vent…Tap water or bottled water.?….I have well water and buy bottled water too….my well water taste the same…so that I drink…..Plus I think alot of the medical drugs may have it…even the ones sold on the counters….remember just a few years ago mercury was in just about everything….Just don’t get ne started on pharmaceutical……I have a deep thorn that won’t let me forget those bastards either. The government and pharma are the same breed…rotten liars and out to kill people off………….

      • lvent says:

        Well my local news reported a while back that there were high levels of prescription drugs in Lake Michigan’s water supply…I don’t think bottled water is much better considering it is in a plastic bottle which itself contaminates the water inside….Let’s not forget about the flouride in the drinking water which is in itself evil and despicable…A relative of mine used to work in a hospital and she asked a doctor one time where is all of the cancer coming from and he told her it is in the water…..The natural gas fracking contaminates the wells underground. Did you ever see stories of how people, I think it is in the southern States, can light their water on fire……You can probably Google it. The sad truth is we really cannot trust very many things. My tap water smells so bad of chlorine that it is unbelievable….

      • lvent says:

        It’s Water-gate all over again Marilyn!!! Sick%#$@^&

  8. myles says:

    Judges are always working on their next job. They go back to the public sector for civil defendant law or to corporations as chief consul. With their ability to harm consumers they betray the public trust. Judges are just lawyers who know the governor or a senator. They’re just another hustling politician. Never expect justice from a judge.

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