Fox Guarding the Hen House? Jeff Atwater’s Inspector General to Investigate the Ouster of Bondi’s Foreclosure Fraud Fighters, Edwards & Clarkson

“Bondi designated her own IG, Jim Varnado, as Luczynski’s liaison in the Department of Legal Affairs.


Ouster of Clarkson, Edwards under review

Attorney General Pam Bondi borrowed Chief Financial Office Jeff Atwater’s inspector general Wednesday for an investigation into the disputed firings of two staff lawyers who ran tough prosecutions of mortgage-fraud cases.

Atwater said he will keep his distance from the case, directing Inspector General Ned Luczynski to make his report directly to Bondi’s internal investigator, Jim Varnado.

Two Democratic legislators meanwhile contacted U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and the Department of Justice, urging a federal inquiry to determine if “these terminations may have been motivated by outside special interests.” Bondi, a Republican, has said she knew nothing about the ouster of assistant Attorneys General June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards in May, but that she supports the decision by three top aides.

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Good to see she went with an independent, objective, outside investigator. /sarcasm

On a side note, we found this interesting blog post about Jeff Atwater.

By politicsintampa
October 24, 2010 at 7:48 pm

Meg Farley, who has claimed responsibility for numerous forged documents in the Kristin Mcrae case, but never had any charges pressed against her by authorities, also forged and altered mortgage documents and other bank records.

Friends of Mcrae say they are outraged that Atwater accepted contributions from a company at the center of a forgery and perjury scandal that has never been resolved.

One record in question of Farley’s was made when Atwater was on the board of Barnett Bank in the early 1990′s.

The documents are satisfaction of mortgage documents in Sarasota County. One detective tells Politicsintampa that signatures on the satisfaction documents, aren’t even close to original samples found by detectives.

Farley is the prime suspect in the forging of documents in the Mcrae case. She has somehow managed to elude charges so far but family members of Mcrae claim they want charges of forgery and perjury pressed against Farley-Scrivner and they have more than enough evidence to warrant an indictment.

Even though mortgage documents done recently by Farley are backdated and in violation of Florida law, notary stamps were done in the name of employees of Farley Funeral Home, donors to Jeff Atwater.

Wasn’t able to confirm/authenticate this, but if true, I can see why Bondi picked him to do the investigation. It would appear, again if true, that Atwater also knows how to take contributions from entities that forge/fabricate mortgage documents…

If anyone wants to see what more they can come up with regarding the above blog post on the Atwater accusations, feel free to post you findings in the comments below. I do not have time to look into this one…


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  1. W says:

    Farley was under investigation himself a long time ago for mortgage fraud. According to HIllsborough County public records, I did find where Meg Farley Scrivner backdated the warranty deed and then I went to the Farley Funeral Home website to locate the signers and notary of the document. David Farley’s employees. Why did no one investigate what happened to this girl?
    Why did Atwater not return contributions from Farley Funeral Home if they are involved in mortgage fraud. It kind of looks like Farley paid off Atwater to keep from having charges put against his family.
    I did also check out the Sarasota County mortgage documents and it looks like one such document had a North Carolina notary signature. So I went to the county in North Carolina and pulled up the signature of the REAL notary. WAY WAY off. A clear forgery in my opinion.
    Why did Atwater take that money with such obvious criminal activity going on and what is being done to investigate the Mcrae case and find justice for her?
    I will stay on this story until I get the answers I am looking for.

  2. housemanrob says:

    Great illustration!

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