Fraudclosure | Beau Biden, Delaware AG, Moves To Join Bank Of America Mortgage Deal, Signaling Concerns

Beau Biden, Delaware AG, Moves To Join Bank Of America Mortgage Deal, Signaling Concerns

WASHINGTON — Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden signaled his intent Friday to intervene in a proposed $8.5 billion settlement over troubled mortgage securities between Bank of America and a group of investors, uniting with his New York counterpart Eric Schneiderman, who argued a day earlier that the deal is unfair and its participants committed fraud.

Ian McConnell, director of Biden’s consumer protection unit, told a New York state judge that the state of Delaware intends to file paperwork early next week asking to become a full party in the suit. If granted, that status would allow the state to comment on and question virtually every move “from start to finish” as Bank of America and the investors attempt to end their multi-billion dollar spat.

It would also give Delaware the right to investigate the claims the deal strives to settle, like whether the lender and the other bank involved in the case, Bank of New York Mellon, followed state law when creating these mortgage securities, and when they moved to foreclose on homeowners who defaulted on their obligations.

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5 Responses to “Fraudclosure | Beau Biden, Delaware AG, Moves To Join Bank Of America Mortgage Deal, Signaling Concerns”
  1. Beth A. says:

    These politicans have got to realize at this point that if they don’t act on behalf of homeowners that the sh*t will hit the fan more than it ever has.

    People are beyond angry – some people are desperate. These policitians can no longer sit back and collect their campaign contributions and do “jack” while we watch people living in tents, living in fear and not knowing what the future will bring.

    No doubt foreclosures mills have reinforced glass on their office locations, etc.

    I just can’t even believe what has happened to all of us. I try to explain it to my children and they are in utter disbelief – they want to know how the banksters could do what they have done in their America and how the “law” makers and those who are to protect us – have sat by and let it all happen…and many are continuing to do so.

    It saddens me when my young children start refining the family’s disaster-contingency plan….all on their own (from listening to the news, etc). So, it has come to this.

    For us, for our children – we have to continue to come together – to pressure those who are charged with the duty to protect and serve into action and if they won’t – then we have to fight alongside each other and do it ourselves.

    My father, a second generation American citizen (Sweden) did not endure the horrific hardships and injuries in WWII for nothing – and here we are with the enemies right on American soil raping and pillaging this country’s citizens. This man was a single survival of his unit after one skirmish – and he did not give up. Thank the Lord he was rescued – but I’m so very sorry my children never met him (he died so young). But, I think he would say to me now that this just can’t happen on our watch. It just can’t happen. We may feel like we’re the only ones left – but together we’re strong.


    • lvent says:

      Let’s all keep searching for the truth and keep spreading and sharing it…By doing that we are exposing not only their evil NEW WORLD ORDER plans for our demise as a free country but we also must expose who the traitors are so we can rout them out…they are threatening our freedom and our democracy..We cannot lose sight of what is at stake is OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY……The only thing protecting WE THE PEOPLE from a complete takeover by this GLOBAL tyranny is our U.S. CONSTITUTION……THE DEVILS ARE ALL HERE IN AMERICA AND ARE WORKING HARD TO DESTROY OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION…….ALL OF OUR RIGHTS………..OUR FREEDOM………..OUR DEMOCRACY…………OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fury says:

    let’s pray that ALL the AGs will stand up and protect scammed homeowners and those who don’t
    will face recall.

  3. Ron Moss says:

    Count WA state AG to join with Eric Schneiderman With millions more fraud forclosures

  4. lvent says:

    He better side with Ag Schneiderman or he will have egg all over his face like Bondi.

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