| Attorneys’ Ouster From Fla. AG’s Office Stirs Controversy

Attorneys’ Ouster From Fla. AG’s Office Stirs Controversy Since leaving the attorney general’s office, Clarkson and Edwards have started their own firm and plan to represent homeowners in foreclosure defense Their employee evaluations were consistently exemplary. June “Clarkson is a dedicated and hard working attorney … and has embraced the division’s mission to protect consumers,” … Read more

MERS Study: Invalid Mortgage Assignments Found En Masse in Mass (VIDEO)

“This should concern everybody because if this taints mortgages and taints documentation of who owns a piece of property or who doesn’t or can you prove you own that property its certainly going to have an effect on the real estate market” –  Hampden County Register of Deeds, Don Ashe. ~ Study: Invalid mtg. assignments … Read more

Pennies on the Dollar | Wells Fargo Picks to Pay

Wells Fargo Picks to Pay by Jake Bernstein ProPublica On Friday, Wells Fargo disclosed that it had agreed to pay $590 million to settle class-action lawsuits [1] brought by investors concerning bonds sold by Wachovia, which Wells Fargo acquired in October 2008. Among the claims in the suits: That Wachovia misrepresented the quality of a … Read more

Fraudclosure | Mark Harmon – Building an Empire, One Foreclosed Home at a Time

“They loaned people money. It is not being paid back, and they need to be represented, and it is required that we represent them zealously’’ –  Mark Harmon ~ I bet you all $1 this firm implodes just as David Stern’s did… It is just a matter of time… ~ Building an empire, one home … Read more

Judge Rules Probe of Fraudclosure Firm Harmon Law for Unfair and Deceptive Acts Can Continue

Probe of law firm can continue Judge rules Coakley can investigate office in home foreclosures State Attorney General Martha Coakley (NOT PAM BONDI) can continue her investigation into the practices of a Newton law firm that specializes in home foreclosures, a Suffolk Superior Court justice has ruled. Justice Bonnie H. MacLeod denied a motion by … Read more

PONZI FAIL | S&P Cuts Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae from AAA to AA+ After U.S. Downgrade

  S&P cuts Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae after U.S. downgrade (Reuters) – Standard & Poor’s cut Freddie Mac (FMCC.OB) and Fannie Mae’s (FNMA.OB) long-term ratings one notch on Monday. S&P said the downgrades from the top-notch Triple-A were due to its lowering of the U.S. sovereign credit rating late on Friday. “The downgrades of Fannie … Read more

PONZI PART DEUX | Freddie Mac Seeks $1.5 Billion from Taxpayers

Freddie Mac seeks $1.5 billion from taxpayers (Reuters) – Mortgage finance giant Freddie Mac FMCC.OB said on Monday it would need to ask for an additional $1.5 billion from taxpayers due to losses stemming from weak housing markets. The company reported a comprehensive loss in the second quarter of $1.1 billion. Despite income of $1 … Read more

PONZI | Fannie Mae Seeks $5.1 bln More from US Taxpayers

Fannie Mae seeks $5.1 bln more from US taxpayers By David Lawder WASHINGTON, Aug 5 (Reuters) – Mortgage finance giant Fannie Mae (FNMA.OB) said it would ask for an additional $5.1 billion from taxpayers as a weaker housing market causes continued losses on loans made prior to 2009. The largest U.S. residential mortgage funds provider … Read more