Judge Rules Probe of Fraudclosure Firm Harmon Law for Unfair and Deceptive Acts Can Continue

Probe of law firm can continue

Judge rules Coakley can investigate office in home foreclosures

State Attorney General Martha Coakley (NOT PAM BONDI) can continue her investigation into the practices of a Newton law firm that specializes in home foreclosures, a Suffolk Superior Court justice has ruled.

Justice Bonnie H. MacLeod denied a motion by Harmon Law Offices to set aside or alter a request for documents in the state’s investigation into allegations of “unfair and deceptive acts’’ related to the firm’s foreclosure and eviction work.

Coakley said the decision confirms her authority to investigate law firms of wrongdoing. “We are investigating this case to ensure that tenants were not unlawfully evicted and that Harmon followed proper procedures before foreclosing on certain homeowners,’’ she said.

 Mark P. Harmon, president of the firm, said he is still reviewing the opinion before determining what action to take.

Coakley’s office began looking at Harmon Law last year in an effort to determine whether it failed to comply with a new Massachusetts law that protects tenants living in foreclosed homes from being evicted. The state also is investigating whether Harmon Law disregarded a court order requiring it to notify the state before initiating foreclosures on homeowners with mortgages that originated with Fremont Investment & Loan, a California firm Coakley sued for predatory lending practices.

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5 Responses to “Judge Rules Probe of Fraudclosure Firm Harmon Law for Unfair and Deceptive Acts Can Continue”
  1. Mary says:

    Another story broke last night about a RI couple trying to buy a home that is now homeless because of an error by Harmon Law: http://www.turnto10.com/story/23808954/i-team-law-firm-mistake-leaves-couple-without-home

  2. housemanrob says:

    The vigilantes in massachussetts should rise up……..break that reinforced glass……and string Harmon up…….from an oak tree…by the neck! Then let the buzzards finish the job!

  3. lies is all they tell says:

    hmmm i was told by bimbos office Ag’s can’t do that hmmmmm i was only told the only help i could get is they can make sure my pretender lender got my doc’s, hmmm can they also make sure they dont foreclose on me after i pay 18 monthsinto hamp??? as so many families are fighting now????? florida so corupt keep up the fight

  4. Me and Me too says:

    I have to ask why isn’t Eastern Savings Bank ever mentioned on this site? On Long Island in Nassau County and Suffolk County and Queens and Brooklyn, they have foreclosure actions …as a matter of fact all over the country THEY are foreclosing. We have hundreds of names of those who had or still have eastern savings bank. Does anyone know anything about them?

    • lvent says:

      ME AND ME, I want to save you some time so here is an update on the learning curve. They are ALL really owned by one bank, BOFA…………WHICH IS REALLY BANK OF ITALY AND THEY ARE ALL OWNED BY ONE BANK, THE WORLD BANK WHICH IS OWNED BY THE RULING ELITE…………THE U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER….

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