| Attorneys’ Ouster From Fla. AG’s Office Stirs Controversy

Attorneys’ Ouster From Fla. AG’s Office Stirs Controversy

Since leaving the attorney general’s office, Clarkson and Edwards have started their own firm and plan to represent homeowners in foreclosure defense

Their employee evaluations were consistently exemplary.

June “Clarkson is a dedicated and hard working attorney … and has embraced the division’s mission to protect consumers,” and Theresa “Edwards is a valued member of the team … demonstrating a strong work ethic and is always willing to assist others,” their supervisors wrote.

They received a distinguished service award from former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum for their work targeting foreclosure fraud and “robo-signing.” A PowerPoint presentation they produced on foreclosure fraud against homeowners became a model for attorneys general and judges around the country.

But just three months after stellar evaluations, Clarkson and Edwards were suddenly forced out of their jobs as assistant attorneys general May 20.

The forced resignations of the Fort Lauderdale-based attorneys, which only recently came to light, ignited accusations that Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi acted against them for political reasons. Some Democratic lfoegislators, public interest groups and foreclosure defense lawyers claim the two were doomed by their aggressive investigations of mortgage lenders and foreclosure firms, which revealed widespread irregularities.

They question whether there is a connection to the attorneys’ related investigation of a foreclosure process server, Jacksonville-based Lender Processing Services, which donated more than $50,000 to Republican candidates in 2010, including $6,500 to Bondi. The company hired one of Bondi’s deputy attorney generals, Joe Jacquot, as its senior vice president for government affairs, in mid-May.

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16 Responses to “ | Attorneys’ Ouster From Fla. AG’s Office Stirs Controversy”
  1. Janice says:

    It’s pretty black and white.

  2. thisblows says:

    This bitches goose is cooked!

    Another exemplary Repukelican!!!!

  3. lies is all they tell says:

    @ fly you nailed it!! control of the courts and control of the government. they new if they had those 2 in a bag they can let their ponzi scm loose. when the whole started and obama came out with the hamp it sounded to me if i didnt call my bank and ask for a mod when i lost my job i would loose, but all i am loosing now is my house. i could not understand something that rarely happened when homes were selling was happening to millions of families , foreclosure. it was just a mpatter of time someone figures out the whole ball of wax. but now they have all their wealth in off shore banks. the jobs are all in other countries. we cant sell our homes, we cant find jobs. this is not the america i thought it would be when i grew up.

  4. ween says:

    Pam Bondi is corrupt and incompetent.

  5. Fury says:

    i hope that clarkson and edwards can help some of the people of florida who were bulldozed by
    the corruption in the courts and beyond.

  6. This aint gonna fly says:

    This was all done so the banks could sell those notes to many many investers that have no idea they were buying empty box lots, this is exactly how the scam was supposed to work, and then the the banks get bailed out, and the banks collect on the insurance we paid for, and then sell more empty boxes without any trace back to the fraudsters. Then all the while the servicers were picking random home mortgages from a hat and passing around the forclosed homes to sell all over again in the next ponzie scheme, all because they say the banks are too big to fail…………. of course they are too big to fail, they hold all the aces up their sleeve, And our beloved government got part of the pot on each hand the banks win, all because the judges and counties have their pensions invested in the scams and knew full well they would not lose their investments as long as the have control of the courts.

  7. housemanrob says:

    You know? Pammy has dished out the death penalty more than once! I wonder………does she have real feelings for other people………or is she just a psychotic sociopath! Well………what goes around….comes back around……….what ye sow ye shall reap!

  8. Yes Lies upon Lies! Our government rather State or Federal is on nothing but a path to LIE AND DECEIVE EVERY person in AMERICA! I love some of these people that beat up on homeowners…There just legitimately is no way to get any of them to do fair honest business for all involved!

    We’ll be lucky if there isn’t another Civil War with the way all this continues to go! A country in flames over incompetent illegal acts of a few compared to the masses…Bondi eat shit and well u know what to do with it! The same for all your corrupt cronies as well!

  9. I say vote for Clarkson and Edwards as FL AG’s and recall barbie Bondi !

  10. maggie May says:

    well i been tellin u and u blamed europe lol

  11. Litgant says:

    The AG is an idiot. The longer it takes for her to make an executive decision and admit her office goofed, the more we know she is an idiot. Of course the girls cannot go back to her idiot office. She would then find another way to can them. What she needs to do is apologize to these two girls, give them a severance package fitting their jobs, and give them a certificate of appreciation. I think the severance package should be about a million dollars each. If this AG continues to drag her feet, stall for time for a change in the wind, she will come out of this with criminal charges and may go to jail. She is an idiot. She needs new advisors there.

  12. lies is all they tell says:

    YES there is a conection hello mcfly everyone please wake i feel like i am fallimg in a rabit hole

    • maggie May says:


      • lies is all they tell says:

        the fraud is there the banks did not loan this money why is this not out to 60 mins yet? they are still on the robosigning thats old very old. thats a diversion from the real scheme of stealing money from the investors and us. the title companies are in on it. the investors funded these mortgages. think about it if they did the right thing and there wa sno origination fraud and the securitization was infact correct it would not be the “banks” tryimg to foreclose. why would the investors assign the home to the bank. they do not own the homes. the fact is the securitization was a fraud it never happened becuase they lied. they never put the true name of whom loaned the money for the mortgage on the mortgage and note so the homes could be stolen and they can collect the cds the credit defualt insurance. so from appraisal, to closing to modification to foreclosure its all a scam to collect the cds. the insurance policies these banks bought were sometimes 30x more then the princple balance.
        sad we cant more people on our side and get rid of these banks. i am sure we would all love to deal with the investor but one problem …………the banks left them off the m=mortggae and notes so they are null and void. unsecured debt
        no way to prove the debt exists at all

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