I’m as Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! Are you? ~ 4closureFraud.org

Fraudclosure | Accusations of Impropriety Rock Bondi’s Office in Foreclosure Fraud Scandal

“You are improperly acting under the cloak of your authority … by publicly vilifying companies based on unconfirmed evidence,” LPS lawyer Joan Meyer wrote on Jan. 5, requesting an investigation into their tactics. “Isn’t that defense 101? The opposing counsel complaining?” Edwards replied Friday. ~ The hits just keep on coming… Now if only someone … Read more

Robo-signed | Eddie Miller Fought for His Country, Now He’s Fighting to Keep His Home

Video Robo-signing their lives away DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Eddie Miller fought for his country in the Gulf War, but now he’s battling just to keep his home. “When you’re in a position that you’re losing everything, you have a feeling that it’s your fault, that you’ve done something wrong,” Miller says. Miller was kicked … Read more

FBI 2010 Mortgage Fraud Report Year in Review

What a shame… There are a few mentions of  “robo-signing” and “servicing defects” but no mention on the massive pernicious fraud perpetrated by Wall Street and the Institutions that took down the entire global economy… No representation for the “borrowers” in this report. In fact, the “borrowers” are demonized… How they perceive the “borrower” from … Read more

Florida Courts Could Still Run Short of Funds, Unable to Pay Bills

It still amazes me that the courts in Florida rely on foreclosure filings for their funding. Talk about conflicts of interest. ~ Courts could still run short of funds By Gary Blankenship Despite a $54 million loan to begin the 2011-12 fiscal year, Florida courts still face the prospect of running out of money because … Read more

Public Health Alert | Fraudclosures and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

“Real estate agents always tell potential buyers worried about mold that what’s in a house is the “good” kind that doesn’t really cause many health problems. By which they mean it won’t kill you.” ~ More Foreclosures = More Closed Up Houses = Lots More Mold: What Banks and Realtors Don’t Want to Talk About … Read more

Under Attack | Real Estate Bar Association (REBA) Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Register of Deeds John O’Brien

Here we go again… Whenever someone stands up to the fraudclosure machine, they get attacked. But fear not, we are here to defend O’Brien and refute the claims of REBA. We will go through their letter and “educate” the Real Estate Bar Association on the circumstances that they are unaware of… From the letter… REBA … Read more

SEC’s New Whistleblower Program Takes Effect Today – Report Violations, Apply for Awards

If any “whistleblowers” out there want to come forward, we would be happy to put you on our Citizen Warriors radio show… More and more people are coming forward. Are you ready? ~ SEC’s New Whistleblower Program Takes Effect Today New Webpage Launched to Help People Report Violations, Apply for Awards FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2011-167 … Read more