Public Health Alert | Fraudclosures and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

“Real estate agents always tell potential buyers worried about mold that what’s in a house is the “good” kind that doesn’t really cause many health problems. By which they mean it won’t kill you.”


More Foreclosures = More Closed Up Houses = Lots More Mold: What Banks and Realtors Don’t Want to Talk About

It’s sort of the STD of this recession’s real estate foreclosure game. Embarrassing, smelly, uncomfortable at best, potentially hazardous if left untreated, and very often a dealbreaker if you tell the truth.

Which is why an awful lot of people don’t want to talk about how many foreclosed homes in Connecticut may be infested with mold. By some estimates, half the foreclosed houses in the U.S. now have mold problems.

Nearly 20,000 Connecticut foreclosures have gone through the courts since 2008, according to the Warren Group, a company that tracks foreclosure statistics across the nation. State officials say they have no way of knowing how many of those homes remain closed up and unsold, and how many are seriously infested with mold.

No one is reporting those kinds of facts to any state agency. Banks and real estate agents trying to unload these properties have no interest in publicizing unpleasant information. And the state doesn’t require the seller of a home to disclose serious mold problems.

“This is really a buyer-beware situation,” says Richard E. Maloney, director of trade practices with the state Department of Consumer Protection. “So if you’re going to buy a foreclosed home, you’d better know what you’re doing.”

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15 Responses to “Public Health Alert | Fraudclosures and Sexually Transmitted Diseases”
  1. This is just another problem that that you can add to the Massive Fraud !

  2. Javagold says:

    Thomas Jefferson was right !……He also said what the only solution is……..time for the people to step UP

  3. lvent says:


    • rictic says:

      They are like pigs at a trough, Vent and they are not going to stop until they have devoured everything. Barry is not going to do anything, THEY own him. CONgress Critters are not going to do anything, THEY own them. SCOTUS is not going to do anything, THEY own them (it). Local officials are not going to do anything, THEY own them all. It is up to US or we will all be truly funked….

      • housemanrob says:

        What a freakin’ mess!

      • lvent says:

        rictic, We need to secede from this NEW WORLD ORDER…. State by State..UNLESS THEY ALL RESIGN……We need to exert our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE…….This debt is unsunstainable because of the horrible economic conditions they have created……..They fully intend to take the whole country over by bankrupting America with this MANUFACTURED ECONOMIC CRISIS……….IT IS A HITLER PLAN…….WAKE UP AMERICA!!! THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL YOUR FREEDOM AND YOUR COUNTRY…WASHINGTON IS WORKING FOR THE ENEMY AND IS COMPLETELY CORRUPT AND — USELESS……….

      • lvent says:

        Rob, the nwo wants no sovereign nations..they want all of us to be debt slaves and own nothing but the debt they create….this is a huge hitler plan and the enemy has infiltrated us and are trying to overthrow us from within…..They are fomenting chaos around the world with their weapons of financial mass destruction and they are using many sneaky austerity measures to bankrupt every nation so they can own the world with FAKE, UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT…..THEY CANCELLED THEMSELVES OUT WHEN THEY CRASHED THE WORLD ECONOMY…THIS IS GLOBAL FINANCIAL TERRORISM BY THE RULING ELITE…..

      • rictic says:

        “We need to exert our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE…….”
        Vent, they don’t give a sh*t about the CONSTITUTION anymore. The Constitution and the rule of Law is for the peons to obey, the Elites wipe their collective ars*s with the Constitution every single day. It doesn’t apply to them.
        Too many Americans have just become so enamored with “American Idol” and taken with the ME ME ME mentality that they either don’t see what is happening to their fellow Americans or they simply don’t care because it hasn’t hit them yet. It will though….

        (Sarcasm ON) Gotta run “Dancing with the Stars” is on (Sarcasm OFF)

      • housemanrob says:

        We are on a heading for facism if we don’t and anarchy if we do. WAKE UP AMERICA!

      • rictic says:

        Spot on Rob… and the Elites really don’t care which it is.

    • They are the U.S. government. Trojan horses within our government and traitors, we must support the good represenatives and oust the traitors. The banksters and sinister terrorist have implanted the evil doers.

      • Reply to self. Did you see the FBI report for 2010. They criminalized the borrowers for criminal conduct, and falsefing our income losses and making false reports in order get qualify for loan mods . Brother! I know their heads are not in the sand. They must be part of the problem, not the solution. BAC just gave notice it is moving out of Florida. BAC gave notice to all the original borrowers from Countrywide in the State of Washington that they were assigning the deeds to BOA. I got that wrong yesterday. I looked up the letter from a friend who has BAC. They must be leaving WA. also. RECONTRUST, is the main forecloser thru BAC in WA and for Bank of America on my sons notices. RECONTRUST has just be sued by our attorney General asking for them to be forever banned from Wa state. NOW WHAT IS BOA GOING TO PULL? Our Attorney General is going after al lthe big banks in near future law suits. I will be a huge advocate for him if he does not turn around on this . I do not believe he will . It is hard for me to trust anyone. However I have had a lot of hope he is among the good people. I was starting to loose hope and beginning to doubt him when he pulledl through. We dont need another Tom Miller. Has anyone heard if he refused the champaign money and gone after the banks. last I heard Tom Miller had conformed to the banks. We keep a bad list guys and gals and come election time we will make it plain and clear who did and who did not do it.

        Hey hatgntosTates Coybtr[ntI

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