Robo-signed | Eddie Miller Fought for His Country, Now He’s Fighting to Keep His Home


Robo-signing their lives away

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Eddie Miller fought for his country in the Gulf War, but now he’s battling just to keep his home.

“When you’re in a position that you’re losing everything, you have a feeling that it’s your fault, that you’ve done something wrong,” Miller says.

Miller was kicked out of his home and lived out of his car for a month until those at Miami Valley Fair Housing discovered that his foreclosure case involved a practice known as robo-signing.

Robo-signing is when a someone signs off on a foreclosure without reviewing it first, or when someone forges a signature to approve a foreclosure.

Miami Valley Fair Housing has since helped Miller move back into his home.

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  1. This is beyond unconscionable crime! Our wonderful Governor set up a “Fair Foreclosure Act” notice not a ” Fight for Victims Rights Act”, this is a copy of a letter I just wrote to the fair people trying to help Washington citizens: And a book you should purchase. i did.I talked with the N.W.Justice Center today, and the woman informed me she was a free volunteer Pro Bono, and that the government has only allowed enough money to allow them to do mediation for modification and not big law suits against the banksters. I told her anotherwards the government gave trillions to save big banks and to have money to litigate against us their victims but the victims are being forced to do modification loans with the very criminals that are victimizing us. She didnot agree. I asked her if she would exspect me to negotiate with a rapist if I were the victim? She said of course not. I said you are dooing the same thing here. I am a victim of a crime and you are telling me I have to negotiate with my assalant. She once again told me they have limited resources and can not help me do anything but negotiate the mod loan and tell me if I qualify. I had faxed her my profit and loss and told her an estimated amount and to add by husbands retirement. she had not even looked at her faxes and told me first I did not qualify, then said Oh you do qualify. Her limited resources must not give her enough energy to look at the information we send before she makes her decisions. I told her I have an attorney that has my bankruptcy papers ready that I do not believe in bankruptcy and can not afford an exspensive attorney that I have filed Pro Se. And she tells me I am represented and she can not help me. She is closing the case. They will only help you to trick you into compling to the banksters and do modification loans on a debt you do not owe by law. pr owe to these criminals. Setting you up to agree you owe them.This is not NORTH WEST JUSTICE. This is a crime against the victims. It Takes a Pillage: An Epic Tale of Power, Deceit, and … › Books › Business & Investing › Economics – Cached

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  2. Javagold says:

    the Trojan Horse is here

    • lvent says:

      Javagold, Is that the same horse as the pale horse???…because I believe we are living the Book of Revelations and many of the seals have already been broken…..Whether we are religious or not,I believe this was definitely a well written and welll designed plan for the final battle of good or evil or God vs. Satan whichever you prefer…….

      • housemanrob says:


      • yvonne says:

        Am impressed, I Vent…so you have read Behold a Pale Horse and the Bk of Revelation? I agree with you…it is a spiritual battle and we can choose the winning side…

      • lvent says:

        yvonne, alot of us have being prepared for this battle for a long time don’t you think? I have read a book of prophecies back in the nineties…Now it could be inside knowledge because it is Catholic based but I personally believe in divine intervention… There are many prophecies in this book, The Thunder of Justice that I believe apply to today. One prophecy states, “I am opening for you the sealed book, that the secrets in it may be revealed.” Our Lady to Father Don Stefano Gobbi Marian Movement of Priests October 13,1988 Another excerpt from the book states:
        “Nowhere is an enemy more destructive than when he is in your own camp. Satan’s primary ploys were to divide Church from state and the Church from within itself. To date, Satan’s plan has been successful. This leads us to the topic of Freemasonry. It is a complex subject with its leaders having access and control in most economic, political, judicial and social spheres. It is a huge world-wide network that the Blessed Mother calls the “secret sect,” which has common goals and an agenda all its own.. Briefly, there is a vast network in place which is more for earthly goals of wealth and creature comforts than heavenly ones. Sadly, this network extends into the very Church itself. What could be worse than people in high places within your own camp working against you? This strategy of deceit in the Church is called Ecclesiastical Masonry.
        The reasons for corruption in the Church are numerous. However, one area of widespread destruction has been what Pope Paul VI called the “auto-demolition” of the Church; that is, destruction “from within” He was directly pointing to subversive movements in the Church looking to do harm from within………..
        another excerpt:
        “…It is Satan himself who speaks throught the false prophet of the Organization of the United Ntions using the corpse of the Organization of United Nations to deceive mankind……
        The political, financial, and ecclesiastical clout of the people working behind the scenes for the development of a a one-world government is overwhelming. Were it not for warnings from the mother of God, we would know little about the satanic plan which has nearly come to fruition.
        For an in-depth account of how masterfully this satanic plan is being executed on all powerful secular anc ecclesiastical fronts read the account by Gary Kah in his book, En Route to Global Occupation……It outlines in detail the structure of secular control throught reputable organizations which are household names. He warns that national sovereignty will soon be a thing of the past. Political forces around the world are now cooperating in an unprecedented fashion to achieve their goal of uniting the people of this planet under a New World Order..
        The umbrella organization actually charged with the task of bringing us into the New World Order is called The World Contstitution and Parliament Association (WCPA). It has many financial supports. The agenda of the New World Order is being funded by literally hundreds of organizations. One is the Lucis Trust-called at first the Lucifer Trust shows the boldness and confidence of the men behind this movement. But the use of such a name is really not suprising: the philosophy driving the creation of the New World Order is heavily indebted in the New Age, old pagan practices, Masonry, and the occult.
        The members proposing a New World Order are a Who’s Who of the world establishment, secular and ecclesiastic. Their agenda is control: their tactics, deceit. Most of the key players sit on the boards or committees of a few powerful organizations; the Council on Foreign Realtions (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and the Club of Rome. Often members of one organization will be involved with several of the others as well..
        “Toward the end of the world, Antichrist will overthrow the pope and usurp his See.”
        I believe the Jesuit order has been behind all of the evil in the world for a long time Many people may not choose to believe the blessed mother gave these warnings that is up to them… I personally believe she did. I am Catholic but I do believe the Church has evil forces at the top that are controlling everything and the same thing is happening to America and the rest of the UN member nations……..

      • Not my home your not says:

        You are telling the truth of humanity, but nobody listens, I have been screaming for 3 years now that I found fraud all over my purchase, and who listens? No single ear or agency even agreed with me, and keep telling me, I wont win. Why would the leave the wallet behind for 20 months without any legal court order, why??? well it all comes down to one thing. Don’t listen to any of them, it is not as hard to fight Pro-Se as they want you to believe. I an eighth grade drop-out can see problems as small as a single signature being forged, then have enough smarts to just write to the court when you get a complaint or default, and just tel the court that you were under a fraudulent foreclosure and fraudulent loan, and decided you wont pay to an unknown servicer without any proof of assignment and the wet ink Note and mortgage documents. To this day no documents, no default documents, and no correspondence from this scam servicer again. They still keep trying to talk to me on my cell phone that I forbid them to call, trying to threaten and intimidate me, but I don’t answer them at all, and don’t have to. I send them registered letters of my intentions and the forged documents the produced to the registry office trying to sign themselves in the record as the lender, from the fifth day after the closing after I rescinded my loan that they refused to give me on several occasions, but they still can’t get around how to claim any standing when I have documented proof of other servicers before they even were in the picture, and only after GMAC got caught, and it even states that the mortgage was paid off. Now without any assignments to this unnamed servicer, how can they put a claim on a mortgage that was stated as paid off on my credit reports. The reports don’t state that the mortgage was sold to another servicer, it states that the loan is paid and closed. So don’t give up, think how if you were a criminal, what would you do to get a home that doesn’t belong to you. You have to be as crooked as they are and stay ahead of them at least two steps. I checked on the MERs site and they don’t have any assignments other then the servicer that is trying to steal my home, but I have letters and original copies from the closing day on that they never had any business with me up to three years after the closing with GMAC, which denies they were the lender. So that means that MERs was never updated by the banks either, so how can they be a party to any standing. Even MERs was defrauded by the servicers, and pulled into the fraud by proxy. So let them come…… one and all………….I’m mad as hell and I am not gonna take it anymore!!!!!!! I am a Human damn it.

    • YES! I have been yelling this to the roof tops! A trojan horse is here, pilfering and reducing our country into shambles from within. It is a lot cheaper to fight a war by infiltrating our government and bank system to wipe out our internal infastructers, than by bullet, soilders, and the cost of wars. They have done a good job of it and we must succeed in stopping this crime and war of internal terrorism on American soil.

      • yvonne says:

        Shelly,, remember, it is ALWAYS and INSIDE job….just like Jesus betrayal was…and everything else that we are witnessing…the Roman Empire crumbled from within…likewise, America…

        Wonder how many people in Congress and Senate actually had their formative years in the USA?

      • Not my home your not says:

        That’s because the Fed is England owned, and that’s when the plan started to take our country back, after they lost the civil war with us. Even the Bush’s were blue bloods and have deep ties into the financial control of the world. The UN is another dehumanizing front of the new world order. The are forcing all the control into their pockets and one by one we fall, it may take longer to defeat us, but it is a sure thing. That’s why the government keeps trying to remove our right to bear arms, so we have no way to defend this country from our own government, in the name of homeland security. Along with FEMA the gestapo agency in the name of national emergency, can sweep all of us into cattle cars whenever their ready with the final takeover. Look at all our children….. Did you remember any kids at age 9 killing their parents or shooting up schools??? Well Hitler had a plan too, he said whoever has control of the youth, has control of power. I still think all this mumbo jumbo about ADHD and imminent explosive disorder is just a cover up, of some chemical that was spread into the population to gain control of us, so they can dope us up, and have an excuse for it. This sounds like a very doable plan to me, it’s logical that they would do just that, because Hitler started this very same plan but tried to go too fast, and that’s why it failed, he was too impatient and the plan fell apart, and the US got most of the mad doctors from Germany after the war. They call it conspiracy theories, but if you really look at how the way things are being done to fix this financial bomb that exploded, and now they are talking about crashing the monetary system. I wrote about this crash several years now in my blogs, and I never got any interest from my blogs, now look at the things coming to pass that I foretold years ago. They took your gold years ago and convinced you that a piece of paper was worth money, but in fact is not worth the paper it’s printed on. And when they crash the system, the elite will buy all the gold for the worthless paper, and then you will have nothing but paper that was abolished. That gold belongs to all you forefather that they stole it from, and is yours by proxy. But the big boys are gonna steal it again when the debt comes due, our lives and homes are the only thing we have left, and will be slaves to foreign interests.
        So brace yourselves, bend over, because here it comes………………………….

  3. lvent says:


    • housemanrob says:

      I do not think they care about the debt…..all they have to do is eliminate us!

      • lvent says:


      • housemanrob says:

        This does not look to sneaky to me……….we have been targeted and the rest are being deprogrammed, programmed and reprogrammed!

      • lvent says:

        Rob, there are ALOT of people who are still believing their liies and think WE are all nuts…crazy xonspiracy theorists……MANY ARE WAKING UP THOUGH…..

      • housemanrob says:

        Right Vent, But conspiracy isn’t a theory!

      • lvent says:

        Rob, we all know that but how many do not BELIEVE IT? How many do not even fight their foreclosures????…Many do not even believe there was any mortgage fraud, even my sister says that is what they did…..WTF???? i have argued with her for hours about her illegal fraudclosure and guess what Rob? she defends the financial terrorists…She has already lost her house and is fighting eviction and she still believes we owe these crooks money after I told her about all of the fraud killed their contracts and they owe us money… My sister is still a sheeple..

      • lvent says:

        Rob, I do believe there is an evil cult running the world and there are alot of brainwashed people believing every lie this cult is telling them…including my own sister. That is what they are counting on to win….We have to keep routing out their lies and exposing them and try to wake up the sheeple….My own mother told me there is always a conspiracy she has to see proof..For the love of God, do you see what I mean…???? I have a friend who is a retired police chief and FBI agent and he told me that “they” are way to powerful..

  4. housemanrob says:

    ….more smoke and mirrors…..elected officials acting like they are going to help and then NOT…….

    • I have a state patrol customer that looked pale the other day, and came to my desk and said there is really something sinister brewing out there. Things are not right! I dont understand all this mortgage fraud being ignored. He is feeling terrorized. And a good share of my customers come to me stating the same thing. They are terrified. America is not America any more.

    • Not my home your not says:

      Remember, it isn’t a conspiracy theory, if they are really out trying to get you.

      • Not my home your not says:

        Ivent, please don’t take this the wrong way, but your a Catholic and have been programmed by the same religion that causes allot of wars. Do your own research about the roman empire and how the church went along with money changers in the temple. Money and power mean different things to different people. Have you ever wondered why they are called Roman Catholics? Why does a human mortal sit in a thrown claiming that man has to admit his sins to another man? The mother Mary was only a vessel of creation, not part of the holy trinity, so why does she get a higher honor then the Christ himself, and she is depicted with a bleeding heart, and people pray to the mother Mary. Have you ever thought about it that the Mother Mary may not be the same Mary that gave birth to the Christ? Any why do the Catholics have their own Bible that they say us mortals don’t understand and have to tell us what the true meaning is? Don’t you trust your own heart and soul enough to know that only Christ can save. Not another human that claims to above all other man. I don’t recall God coming down himself declaring that the Pope is a deity of the trinity, and all others are below him. Somehow I can’t bring myself to believe that a church that declares the world as his following is the man to confess to, when there are so many perverted priests out there. Follow what God says to your heart, not another mortal man. I am just trying to get you to look into your God, not another man’s voice, God speaks above man’s voice, and will have the last say when it all falls apart. You should question everything that man says, the serpent can talk in many languages to deceive man, and I don’t speak as a religious nut, and I don’t have any power over any other man, and only take my love from the God of Abraham whom I trust. Because when it comes down to the details, The Bible states to be on the lookout for false Prophets, and should be cautious when it comes to giving your soul to any one man claiming to be given the right of powers of God. I never recall seeing a priest taking on your sins and dieing to erase those sins, not even the Pope whoul give his life to free another of his sins. Because he is human and have frailties and faults of his own to contend with.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        No reply yet….huh?

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