FL AG, Pam Bondi and LPS VP, Joe Jacquot go for a Walk, Discuss Personnel Changes

Had nothing to do with this one but could not pass up sharing it… ~ 4closureFraud.org h/t angry & NOT TAKING IT!

Barry Ritholtz’s Answer to the Foreclosure Mess: Sell the Fraudclosed, Clouded Title Homes to Unsuspecting Immigrants (VIDEO)

One answer to the foreclosure mess: More immigrants Money manager and influential financial blogger Barry Ritholtz was one of the few people on Wall Street to predict the subprime meltdown…. On Yahoo’s Daily Ticker program Friday, he offered this suggestion for clearing out the backlog of homes in foreclosure: Offer permanent resident status to any … Read more

News Service of Florida | Weekly Roundup: Courts, Bondi’s Personnel Decisions Dominate the Week

  Weekly Roundup: Courts, Personnel Decisions Dominate the Week It was a week full of legal maneuverings, from a major ruling in the battle over the landmark health-care law passed last year to a series of controversies over attorneys leaving the attorney general’s office. COMING AND GOING IN THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE When the state’s … Read more

Must Read Report | Calvin Townsend, A Speculator, Takes Blame for the Mortgage Mess

A Speculator Takes Blame for the Mortgage Mess: Leonard Goodman By Leonard Goodman In July, following a monthlong trial, a federal jury in Chicago convicted my client, Calvin Townsend, of four counts of bank and mortgage fraud. Later this year, he will probably be sentenced to federal prison. Townsend is one of many minor players … Read more

Fraudclosure | BofA’s Moynihan Said to Press Geithner on Foreclosure Agreement

A settlement among banks, state attorneys general and the Department of Justice would enable lenders to resolve delinquent loans and in turn allow the U.S. housing market to recover, Moynihan told the officials. ~ BofA’s Moynihan Said to Press Geithner on Foreclosure Agreement Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) — Bank of America Corp. Chief Executive Officer Brian … Read more

Citizen Warriors | Securitization Special Part Deux – Radio Show Saturday from 8-10 am EDT with 4closureFraud.org and ForeclosureHamlet.org

We will be hosting our radio show Today on WDJA 1420 from 8-10 am EDT. We are going to have some interesting updates and discuss topics emerging from the foreclosure/financial crisis. Special Guests Robert L. Stone and TERI L. PETIT will be discussing securitization. Her topic will be how the banks make money by servicing … Read more