Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, Faces Managerial Challenges

Florida attorney general faces managerial challenges

THE ISSUE: A stumble for Florida’s attorney general.

A misstep that raises questions about her managing skills is just about the last thing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi needs right now. Unfortunately, that’s the cloud now hanging over the AG, who is still in her first year in office.

In May, Bondi’s office dismissed June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, two foreclosure fraud attorneys who won national acclaim and a $2 million settlement for exposing lending fraud. The AG’s office initially said the two were let go due to problems relating to analysis of legal issues, judgment and professionalism. The move prompted the two women to go public in accusing the agency of playing politics, and in releasing their annual evaluations, which were exemplary.

If that weren’t enough, another attorney in the AG’s office left for a job as senior vice president with a mortgage processing firm that is under investigation by Bondi’s office. The firm had also contributed to Bondi’s 2010 campaign. The press also received a memo from a former employee who accused one of Bondi’s top deputies of interfering with a case involving a prominent Tampa businessman whose lawyer was on Bondi’s transition team.

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9 Responses to “Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, Faces Managerial Challenges”
  1. Kelley Monahan says:

    We are Occupying the NH Primary as we speak. It is now or never people.

  2. Kelley Monahan says:

    We are Occupying the New Hampshire Primary as we speak.

  3. Fury says:

    hit the road, pam bondi!

  4. Let’s not forget that Erin Cullaro also was employed at the AG office in the Economic Crimes Division and was let go/resigned and now is working for a foreclosure mill that they were investigating. Like I said, nothing like having the inside scoop!!!! (for the Mills, that is)

  5. rictic says:

    Time for Rick Scott’s lap-dancing beeaatch to RESIGN….

  6. lizinsarasota says:

    Sun-Sentinel post, part deux.

    You tell me: how can Bondi properly investigate companies from which she took substantial campaign donations? Answer: she can’t.

    You tell me: how can Bondi represent Floridians when she’s at the table with other states’ attorneys general as they negotiate a foreclosure fraud settlement with the banks? Answer: she can’t.

    You tell me: how can Florida CFO Jeff Atwater’s office investigate Bondi’s firings of the top two investigators investigating companies that were Bondi contributors WHEN JEFF ATWATER TOOK CAMPAIGN “CONTRIBUTIONS” FROM THOSE VERY SAME COMPANIES UNDER INVESTIGATION?

    Answer: HE CAN’T.

    Bondi took money from companies being investigated. Not “proposed” investigations. Not “potential” investigations. She took money from the targets of ONGOING, ACTIVE investigations. And then she squashed an investigation into Ferman. Sounds like a quid pro quo to me.

    The bottom line here is that our state’s attorney general is beholden to the very companies and people she’s supposed to be investigating. The attorney general’s sole reason in life, her position’s raison d’etre, is to protect Floridians from scammers and cheats. If she takes “contributions” from the very scammers and cheats she’s supposed to be protecting us from and then fires the attorneys who are investigating them – what does that tell you???

    Answer: Bondi has to go.

  7. lizinsarasota says:

    (As posted on the Sun-Sentinel’s website)

    It is too late for Bondi’s integrity – way too late.
    There are at least three foreclosure fraud-related companies, each the target of an active, ongoing investigation by the AG’s office which either gave to Bondi’s campaign or had people associated w/ them ‘donate.’
    1) Lender Processing Services, the now-notorious fraudulent affidavit mill out of Jax, gave, as did its affiliates/subsidiaries, in-house counsel, at least one lawyer for its in-house counsel, as well as a registered lobbyist for one of its subsidiaries.
    2) The top three guys at ProVest, the notorious wayward process server out of Tampa, donated, as did one of their wives.
    3) Daniel Consuegra, the foreclosure mill, donated by way of its attorney.
    The “prominent Tampa businessman” whose investigation was sidetracked by Bondi subordinates is Ferman. No fewer than TWELVE “Ferman” entities – businesses and people with the last name of Ferman – donated to Bondi’s campaign.
    The CFO’s office is run by Jeff Atwater. Turns out Atwater took donations from at least THIRTEEN Lender Processing Services’ affiliates and subsidiaries, including THREE donations from registered lobbyists of an LPS subsidiary.
    Political “contributions” made by companies being investigated are called BRIBES.
    When you fire the people investigating the contributors and squash investigations into other contributors, that’s called CORRUPTION.

    • Not my home your not says:

      You and I know all you said was right and of full truth. So how is it that even simple minded can see the corruption in all the states agencies in every state of the union? Why do they look the other way? How about we all just don’t vote for these backturners, and vote for the non party runners that have very little in donations, as this is a sign that they are not on the take. I mean if you have millions of dollars and other trinkets like cars and 2 million dollar busses to campaign in, I think they are on the take and should be prosicuted by the standard of the laws that were not contaminated by anti American politics. If you check all the contributions made to Obama, you would find all industrial strength corporate fraud. Why do you think all the corporations went out of the United States, The big picture, that why. Take this idea…….. How would you take down a whole country in several years? Ans: Destroy the family unit, then take their homes, then move their jobs overseas, what would you have left in this country?
      A whole country full of unemployed people who have no family left, with no money to live on, without any home and desperate living under government food stamps, beholden to the government, and can’t make the changes to the government, because the government took your job overseas, and left you in the gutter. As soon as everything is gone, and everyone who are rich, moved overseas for a long vacation, waiting for the rest of us poor slobs hit the streets and under the complete government control. They all move back, and will have millions that would do anything for any job, just to survive. The elete have won the planed silant war that they are wageing right now. All because the government voted themselves in office from money taken from the people, the citizens, the helpless. This is the plan, and anyone who disagrees with me is either blind or just plain stupid, or one who likes the way slavery works out for the rich. Doesn’t matter anyway, we are all fools for not taking back this country when we had the chance.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Well spoken and well written that even a child could understand. I am like you whereas I can’t believe some won’t see the writing on the wall! I am still amazed at speaking with people on this subject that they simply turn to deaf ears. However, I think we still have a chance if we fight, fight and fight. It’s beginning to unravel and striking distance is not too far in the future. Keep faith that American citizens will rise up and take back what is rightfully ours!

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