Matt Weidner | Justice for All? Only When You’re Willing To Stand Up and Fight For What’s Right! (VIDEO)

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16 Responses to “Matt Weidner | Justice for All? Only When You’re Willing To Stand Up and Fight For What’s Right! (VIDEO)”
  1. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    “By Nature’s law,every man has a right to seize and retake by force his own property taken from by another by force or by fraud.Nor is this natural right among the first which is taken into the hands of regular government after it is instituted.It was long retained by our ancestors.It was a part of their common law,laid down in their books,recognized by all the authorities,and regulated as to circumstances of practice.”~Thomas Jefferson:Batture at New Orleans 1812 ME 18:104

    “The true foundation of republican government is the equal right of every citizen in his person and property and in their management.”~Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval,1816 ME 18:36

    • lvent says:

      That is beautiful Jeanette!! My son told me today it is about time the people stopped acting like cowards and overthrow this bastard Government…I think that after what I went through today in trying to fight my fraudclosures. that is what is going to take. Because unfortutunately, there is massive rampant corruption in America and it has its boot on the throat of justice in America…Like Max Keisers guest Professor William K. Black said the other day, because these Wall Street crooks are getting away with their crimes, society is deteriorating to a society filled with criminals..

  2. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    not my home your not-thanks for the link to the Lawful Path…long time ago I had a call from Big Al;lost contact(s) with many and many are gone/jailed for speaking truth…anyhow wonder what happened to Right Way L.A.W.?

    just sayin’

  3. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    what is:fee simple absolute?fee simple defeasible?fee simple determinable?what is a warranty deed?a quit claim deed?
    WHY am I so damned ignorant after being a graduated ;uhmnn…moron?
    Public education,junior”Ivy” League Scholarship from the State..big fat hairy deals…
    we are all so dumbed down…rants&cries….

  4. Kathleen Burt says:

    Will get the petition in the mail tomorrow.


  5. Wayne says:

    ya well ………….. It doesn’t help me in Arizona. Here in Arizona I have spread the word of the fraud and Racketeering of these Banks and it has fallen on deaf ears. The fraud is so large and so wide spread and so obvious that everyone knows exactly what has and is happening. The federal government knows, Congress knows, the FBI knows, the Secrete Service knows …. Everyone knows. No one wants to do a damn thing about it.

    • lvent says:

      It is called Wall Street Law A/K/A how to beat the system and break the laws of the land with impunity and get away with it…The best and brightest young minds go to the Ivy league just to learn Wall Street Law which teaches them the most clever ways to break the law (they learn how to find and use all of the best loopholes and bypass strict laws) and screw all of us out of everything and make the owners rich and then they go to work for the evil empire on Wall Street…….

  6. tonycat says:

    What really irks me these days is how we have to FIGHT to have what we are supposed to be already entitled to. Does that bother anyone else?

  7. How can we clone a Matt for California?

  8. Litgant says:

    Clarification on the petition: Can someone in a different county sign this and will it help there in your county?

    Matt, even if I am not in your county I will volunteer some time. I have worked on other candidate’s run for the state house and senate.

  9. sheryl says:


  10. maggie May says:

    Doing it as we speak!:))

  11. Way to go Matt. You have my vote – even if I have to sleep at the polling location. I WILL be there to vote for you!!!

    • Larry says:


      Freedom is not free. Corruption and Tyranical governments have been arround since the beginning of time. Our founding fathers warned us that we would have to fight everyday to protect ourselves against corruption and tyranny None of us are entilted to anything unless we are willing to fight for it.

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