Abigail Field | Fannie and MERS

“MERS has no employees. MERS does not enter any data. MERS does not update any data. MERS does not control the quality of the data. Employees of servicers or their vendors do these tasks, to the extent that they are done at all.” ~ Fannie and MERS Fannie Mae has a lot of responsibility for … Read more

Action Alert | Stop The Florida Foreclosure Fraud Forgiveness Act of 2012

The Florida Fair Foreclosure Act If this bill passes, there will be no more defense of foreclosure in Florida. I could just feel that something like this was brewing and that’s a big part of the reason why I’m running for the Florida House of Representatives and why I’m asking for all of you to … Read more

Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, Faces Managerial Challenges

Florida attorney general faces managerial challenges THE ISSUE: A stumble for Florida’s attorney general. A misstep that raises questions about her managing skills is just about the last thing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi needs right now. Unfortunately, that’s the cloud now hanging over the AG, who is still in her first year in office. … Read more