50 Protesters Overwhelm Security, Jump Turnstiles and Briefly Commandeered the Corporate Headquarters of OneWest Bank

Watch out banksters, the people are getting restless…

Wait til they start coming to your homes. The time is near…


Protesters invade bank headquarters to demonstrate against foreclosure practices

PASADENA – A group of about 50 protesters Thursday overwhelmed security, jumped turnstiles and briefly commandeered the corporate headquarters of OneWest Bank.

Members of Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and Service Employees International Union set up tents and blocked the narrow corridor in front of the employee elevators for several minutes as they chanted loudly in support of Rose Gudiel, who is on the brink of being evicted from her La Puente home.

“I’m here because they refuse to meet with me,” Gudiel said. “I believe I qualify for a loan modification, and they refuse to explain to me why I do not.”

Seven Pasadena police officers showed up to deal with the animated protesters, who ignored several requests to leave the private property. No arrests were made.

The group finally agreed to leave when Vice President Brandon Latman agreed to meet with Gudiel and her family.

Latman came to the front lobby, where he listened briefly to Gudiel’s story before asking one of his colleagues to set up a room with his laptop.

Protesters moved to picket the entrance to the building, while Gudiel met privately with Latman for nearly 20 minutes.

Gudiel said Latman would not tell her if he had the authority to authorize a loan modification. He scheduled a meeting this morning between Gudiel and “people with more authority,” she said.

“We asked him if he could postpone the eviction until the paperwork can be reviewed,” she said. “He said no.”

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31 Responses to “50 Protesters Overwhelm Security, Jump Turnstiles and Briefly Commandeered the Corporate Headquarters of OneWest Bank”
  1. Eugene Villarreal says:

    I also got distrcated.

    1,001 Reasons……..

    Reason 1,002… it surely wasn’t to uphold the law. I
    In the movie” Philadelphia” Tom Hanks so eloquently puts his reason for being a lawyer and Denzel Washington becomes his lawyer and fights the injustice.
    “Erma Brojavich” (a quasi- attorney) fights an huge injustice.
    Matt Damon in ” The Rainmaker” fights another injustice.
    John Travolta in ” _______” fights another injustice.
    Paul Newman in ‘The Verdict” fights for injustice.
    These may be fictitiuos cases, except Erma’s, but the law is NOT. It is real and until the judges and lawyers realize this, WE MUST continue the fight.

  2. Eugene Villarreal says:

    ” What are 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea? ” Answer ” A good Start.” (From the movie ” Philadelphia”).
    You don’t want to fish one of these lawyers out for your attorney.

    1,001 Reasons to be an attorney.
    1. You want to drive an expensive car.
    2. You want to own an expensive house.
    3.You want to buy $5,000 suits.
    4.You want membership in the finest golf clubs.

    Lawyers are intimidated by judges because they will have to be in their courts again. Knowing that foreclosures are fraudulent, they do not want to have to face these corrupt judges and challenge their rulings. That’s where the fraud begins and except where there’s an attorney that is made up of the “Right Stuff” and challenges the judge, like the one in Florida, Due Process and integrity to the courts will be brought back to the judicial system. Some of these lawyers are judges, like Judge Shack of New York, who do see the fraud. They are not only our Heros but saviors for the judicial system. We need more of them to stand up.

    • lvent says:

      I know it is mostly the judges Eugene, The attorney I went to was the attorney from my house closing and a friend of my husbands family. He has been a Real Estate attorney forever so I think that some of the attorneys have unclean hands as well. I think they turned a blind eye to alot of stuff…..That attorney from my closing, THAT ATTORNEY NAME IS ON MY ORIGINAL WARRANTY DEED that I received right after closing in 1992…Recorded and stamped paid at my County Recorders office..Someone committed FRAUD ON MY DEED AND AND ADDED A NEW PIN NUMBER TO IT AFTER THE RECORDING……..TO HIDE THE ORIGINTION FRAUD…..One of the attorneys I spoke with told me that Illinois is a VERY CORRUPT State…..People don’t call this crook county for nothing….What makes me livid Eugene is that attorney I spoke with yesterday who I spoke with him a few months ago and everything we talked about then he changed his story.. he told me none of them thought they would get caught and now he tells me these crooks did nothing wrong…I spoke with an Investigator from the AG’s office a couple of months ago as well as the Police Chief from a neighboring town…I wanted to file a police report but the Chief insisted I speak with this man from the AG’s office first. We all had a discussion about the fraud, The Investigator from the AG’s office told me you know that whenever there is alot of money involved, there is fraud…I told them that I cannot find a lawyer to rep me that I went and met with one of those attorneys I can’t remember what they are called.,.They looked at each and said oh yeah, what are those called?? and they both cracked up laughing.. At the end of our meeting the Investigator from the AG’s office told me you know there are 4 people who own everything? And I said, so I hear, and he said I figured you did..He also told me to file a complaint with the AG’S Office….They are already investigating my pretender lender, PHH and my Fannie Mae’s attorney Fisher and Shapiro as well as many other of their minions and cohores.

      • Fury says:


        you know more than any lawyer whom you’ve seen.

        i wish you well w/ your cases.

        there is corruption everywhere.
        someday, things will move quickly (after years of misery)., just like the fall of the berlin wall.

        this fraud just cannot continue. there will be riots and a revolution.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      there was a post once about a young lawyer who worked for the foreclsoure milss before all the fraud and then had to start doing it himself to get that big house, the cars ecr sad greed will take us far.
      i was just hired for a jobas a nursing instructior because of my un greedy attitude and found out i got gifts in return fo rnot being greedy. i get my insurance paid for, my college education paid for, and a job i love. sometimes you get rewarded and you never new.
      but here we sit hvaing to fight for our homes. people greedy committing fraud around us . when will this end. scary to be facing court when none of htis was my fault. it can not continue when will the people get mad enough. when will my holocaust end

  3. Eugene Villarreal says:

    New Jersey is also a judicial state. I don’t know how far along you are in your case, but here in New Jersey there are time limits that you have to be aware of and as a homwowner, I had to file a ” Motion to Extend Time to File an Answer ” ($30 N.J. filing fee) to give me time to find an attorney. Most of this information including forms to file may be found in court’s website or Legal Aid Services website. New Jersey’s court website also has a Motion Calendar section where you could look at a list of other cases in your county that includes attorneys that are helping homeowners fight their foreclosure. from this list, you can tell which attorneys are WINNING cases. Contact as many as possible. One of them is your attorney. In New Jersey, the time to Answer is very, very important. As a pro se, you or your husband may have the know how, but a good attorney is always better in my opinion to submit an answer($135 N.J. filing fee). There are also very good foreclosure advocate groups in your area that know the Ill. foreclosure laws and have a lot of knowledge in the foreclosure process. Other ways to find a lawyer who ” Gets It ” is thru a list provided by websites like livinglies.com or foreclosuredefensenationwide.com. Here in New Jersey, we have a small group of very knowledgeable people that know the foreclosure law and statues. Although I have an attorney, it is always helpful to be on the same page with ” an/your ” attorney.
    Unfortunately, New Jerseyans, with 95% of UNCONTESTED foreclosures, are NOT willing to FIGHT for their homes. They would rather live in the streets along with their homeless children not knowing that they CAN challenge EACH AND EVERY foreclosure in the state of New Jersey and around the country. Thirty five dollars to file a ” Motion to Extend Time to File an Answer ” (N.J.,$35.00) gives everybody a chance to find an attorney or get help in filing an Answer(N.J., $135). Even the New Jersey court staff will HELP YOU fill the forms. Each and every homeowner has the Right to DUE PROCESS.
    The banks DO NOT OWN your mortgage/note, but with the help of the judges, courts and the government, they try to IMPLY that they do.
    If I can help or direct you to help in New Jersey, my email address is eugenevillarreal@hotmail.com. I’m not an attorney or a rocket scientist. Just a homeowner like you who is fighting my foreclosure.

    • lvent says:

      Thanks Eugene, I did answer my foreclosure complaint on My house but now I have to answer the amended complaint and the commercial property that I own has a court date in less than a month. The Pretender lender is trying to be granted the Fraudclosure.. They filed a motion and tried to do that last March and they did not show up to court..The attorney I spoke with yesterday told me to ask for time in both cases. He told me the bank probably wont show up again to be granted the fraudclosure..It is nerve racking…!!!!!

      • lvent says:

        The attorney from yesterday also told me if the banksters attorneys do show up to court, ask the judge for 30 more days so I can get an attorney….YEAH RIGHT!!!! Dr. Evil must be pretty busy these days trying to manufacture more bullshit from behind the scenes!!!!

  4. john mccoirimck says:

    We need this happening on a daily basis?

    For a better understanding of the “why” of the situation see;

  5. lvent says:

    The U.S. GOVERNMENT is allowing the foreign owned multinational banks and all of their ruling elite minions and cohorts to make a laughing stock of MAINSTREET..Obama said people have lost their homes through no fault of their own yet, they are allowing these crooks to treat MAINSTREET like absolute shit..I heard one investor from Fairhome, who is heavily invested in BOFA whining on Bloomberg a few weeks ago about how BOFA is getting kicked like a dog..A couple days later Bloomberg reported he was going to get investigated for some of his dealings and I haven’t heard a word from that cry baby since. The arrogance of these bastards will have its day of reckoning and I hope it is soon. Bernanke is threatening a QE 3.. Some idiot ex Federal Reserve Governor said QE 1&2 saved jobs. Kudlow said many people would disagree with him.. If there is a QE 3, there are a very many people who will not be able to feed themselves or their families. This Government has failed the American people and if the Obama Adminstration allows Bernanke to financially terrorize the American people with a QE 3 in order to prop up the TBTF they should all be forced by the American people to resign immediately.

  6. Eugene Villarreal says:

    Show the video on the Short Sales (Sweetheart Deal for One West). I saw it and its worth a million comments. The bads news is that Robert Dell of Dell Computers is one of the owners of One West. How much more money does he need after this bank has thrown out homeowners and the homeowner has nowhere to plug up and use his Dell computer ?

    • leapfrog says:

      In answer to your last question, I’m thinking he’s going to figure it out soon. Wal-Mart is now complaining that their customers can’t afford to shop. I don’t feel too sorry for them though.

      • lvent says:

        leapfrog, I heard Walmart is hurting to..I despise Corporate America and now they are getting a taste of what we all got 3 years ago and are still getting. What Wall Street did and got away with is a cancer on not only the economy but society in general…When people can’t afford food anymore because that is the evil plan, then maybe we will get mad enough to overthrow this corrupt Government…The attorney I spoke with today told me that a very many people he knows are just one job loss away from Hades. That is the evil plan of these Plutocrats who are being aided by their Oligarch minions and their cohorts in DC…Empires always fail because mainly of greed and impositions which do not allow free will A/K/A a tyranny.. that is completely intolerable in a free and open society…

      • Eugene Villarreal says:

        I’ve been reading you comments, but I missed the state you’re from. It sounds like you’re from Florida, but I may be mistaken.

      • lvent says:

        Eugene, I am from Chicago, Ill..It is called the windy city but not because it is windy.

      • lvent says:

        Last I heard, Ill, the Land of lLncoln, has the highest fraudclosure rate in the county.

      • lvent says:

        Sorry Eugene, my brain is clogged and I can’t spell today. I meant to say Illinois,, the Land of Lincoln has the highest frauclosure rate in the country…

  7. lvent says:

    Just came from the attorney’s office who told me he would help me fight the fraudclosure,GUESS NOT…..He pretty much told me in no uncertain terms fraud is now legal and you have no PROPERTY rights and laws that protect you…It does NOT matter how much fraud the banks committed there is a mortgage and even if they lost track of who owns it the judges do not care..As I walked out of his office on his secretary’s desk I saw a letter sitting on her desk with a Fannie Mae letterhead..There was my answer, they own him. He is a Real Estate attorney and I am sure the attorneys have gotten plenty of money over the years from aiding and abbeting the Wall Street criminals…and are no doubt invested in the fraudulent MBS’s as well.they are not going to bite the hand that fed them all of these years and they no doubt still feeding them with unjust rewards for lying to homeowners….He is obviously following Wall Street’s Law Book , the laws of WALL STREET LAND, which are completely different than the laws of this land and on Wall Street they do not care about the Constitution unless it protects their rights..The lawyer did tell me at the end of the consultation I can fight this without him and If I can prove fraud the judge would probably rule in my favor…..He told me he would tell me what to file but could not rep me in court..This is a horror show… When my husband and I arrived back home there was a woman standing in front of my house in the street taking pictures…My husband pulled up next to her and asked her what are you taking pictures for? She replied, do you live here? My and I said yes, she then told me the BANK sent me here to make sure someone is living here…..I told her tell the BANK they can kiss my ass they don’t own my home…My husband told here to get out of here or he is calling the cops..She proceeded to take pictures and ignore him..By the time we got into the house she was gone..I will continue to fight for my rights no matter what it takes…

    • leapfrog says:

      That sucks! But at least you got a heads up that he’s bought off and know that there is still hope. It would be more disturbing if you thought he was actually telling the truth. Have you checked Max Gardner’s BK Bootcamp grads for one in your state? Or Mandelman Matters has one in your state too – read the bio. It starts off with info about (worthless) mods, but further down there are partners who also do FC defense. Its worth a look, anyhow.

      • lvent says:

        leapfrog, yep,this is Chitown.(sheister town) but anyways, I did go to one of Max Gardners graduates a few months ago and that law firm was also full of beans. When it came down to the nitty gritty they won’t return my call..yet they have ads all over the internet offering help, and I know that costs a fortune so they are making alot of money some how, I get the impression that Sulamain Law group are shady and are working with the banksters trying to get short sales done for the banksters and they only want to help people who do not get it, by throwing them under the bus……I just got off the phone with Fish Law group, they are affiliated with Ice Legal down by you guys. The woman I spoke with was wonderful and she told me they are litigators and they have won cases…I told her my story from today about the Real Estate lawyer I went to and she told me he is not the right kind of attorney, I need a liltigator…I told her I have met with a litigator who also did not want to help (the Max Gardner grad) She told me that was a shame but they are helping people.She told me the banks are preventing these cases from going to jury trial so you can never get a clear title to your house. I think there is a 30 year statute of limitations in Ill. on a mortgage…. I had one attorney tell me that the mortgage gets extinguished in a bk but the note still hangs around…The Real Estate attorney I talked to today told me just the opposite, The note gets extinguished but the mortgage stays around.. It is unreal how much b.s. is out there.. I have a free consultation with Fish law next week. I will let you know how that one goes. Thanks leapfrog for the advice!!!!! It is a minefield out there for sure!!!

      • leapfrog says:

        good for you lvent! Don’t take no for an answer and even if discouraged, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and prepare for battle again. Did you check Mandelman’s site? The attorney’s name was George Olson, of the The Rogers Law Group. I was just curious if this one is good. Hope Fish pans out. If not, try this one. All they can do is say no. Maybe its good they say no, then you aren’t wasting your money.


        I’ve been in the battle now for a year and we are in discovery, but now are having to add new parties as we go down the rabbit hole. Its discouraging at times, but we must continue to fight. I’m not tucking my tail between my legs and going away. I will fight to the bitter end. I will cost them money. Just as they have cost me money. They have a lot more money than I do, but WE HAVE THE NUMBERS, if only more people would fight back.

      • I vent…I fully understand your frustration…it is pure hell fighting the massive crime done to us….the legal system has failed…I fully believe the court doors should be closed to the foreclosures..it cannot be called a Court of Justice when fraud reeks upon entering the doors…I know Ice is a very agressive law firm, quite large and well respected…..but I don’t think my daughter had the money required or what it would cost to fight her foreclosure. I believe they fly to the court sessions all over Florida. I could be wrong on that….so now we got another well known attorney who is aggressive and we both felt very comfortable with his law firm….( I don’t know if I can say who it is) but you have read his articles on 4 closurefraud….not Matt..but Matt is also aggressive and very well respected….I pray he runs for Rep….this man is well versed in knowledge and has the heart of gold. So we in Florida do have some lawyers who fight the good fight. Again I feel the rest and all courts, Supreme and civil…are under other laws…be it money or threats that rule…is the question….maybe both.
        Please keep us informed of when you have consulation with Fish Law Group….and I sure hope you and your husband find comfort with this law firm….we all need some comfort knowing ‘ someone ‘ is honest and true ‘……But what I don’t understand is why did this lawer tell you he would help you fight the foreclosures and when you get there he say’s the opposite….that makes no sense….to get hope and only to be slammed….maybe he takes the cases that the people don’t know what is going on and he can just go thru the motions and get paid and the homeowners is on the street……there are scads of those lawyers out there.

      • lvent says:

        Thanks leapfrog! I will check out Mandelman’s site and look for that attorney. Bloomberg reporting that BOFA is cutting 1% of its workforce due to mortgage related losses. Well the attorneys are sure working hard to try to convince us there is no such thing as mortage fraud and the banks did us a favor by giving us a loan. They set America up to fail and never recover from it is what they did.. The woman from Fish Law that I spoke to earlier today told me that the tide is starting to change in our favor. They don’t charge a consultation fee so I will see what they have to offer. She also told me that now the judges are allowing copies of notes and mortgages. I said that is not right. She told me you have to question everything and that is how you can win. This isn’t about a house, this is about a dirty scheme cooked up by the ruling elite and all of their minions to overthrow America from within and just because of that I will fight this until the day I die..

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, this is the third attorney I was told that would help me and I get there and they tell me I would just take a short sale if I were you. Even an attorney who went to Max Gardners seminar recently got me in there and told me he would help, charged me $150.00 consultation fee and he could not convince me I was wrong. He told me well it looks like you won yourself a free house but he does not know anyone who has won one in court yet..I tried to get him to rep me but he won’t return my calls. I think if you get it and they can’t convice you to take a short sale they won’t help you.. I think they are getting kickbacks from Fannie/Freddie and that is all no doubt coming off of the taxpayers back. The corruption is horrible but, I am going to go for a free consultation next week with Fish Law who is affilliated with Ice Law down in Fla by you guys..I am not giving up Marilyn. Now I am more determined than ever to beat these crooks!!!

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, I just want to add that the lawyer I met today was a real estate attorney and he was the attorney from my original house closing..Now I don’t want to point any fingers but he is the very person who mailed me my original stamped paid warranty deed and that deed had alterations done to it after it was recorded at the recorder of deeds it had a new pin # added to it which hid all of the Origination fraud under the old pin….Did he do that? I don’t know but I think quite possibly he or the title company did that..The new pin is written in and ink..The attorney I went to today is actually a friend of my husband’s uncles so I thought I could trust him. These real estate attorneys hands are no doubt dirty too Marilyn…there is soo much corruption..they are all scared I think.. I will let you know what happens next week at Fish Law Marillyn, thank you. How is your baby grandson doing? I hope he is well..

      • lvent says:

        leapfrog and Marilyn, there are alot of unclean hands everywhere. I think that is why alot of the attorneys don’t want to help. They may be throwing themselves or their friends under the bus..Like Mandelman said in his article, THE SIGNING….Or Pardon me, Mr. Banker, but your REMIC is showing, “they’ve been caught….red-handed, as they say…..hands in the proverbial cookie jar, mouth and pockets stuffed with cookies, and with crumbs and chocloate all over their faces…”
        Gotta love the few honest people who are left in the world!!!!

      • leapfrog says:

        lvent: I LOVE “Pardon Me Mr. Bankster, But Your REMIC is Showing.” I think its one of Mandelman’s best. I use that one to educate newbies on what went wrong with home loans, mods and MERS and how ruthless and diabolical the banksters are. Its an “oldie” (last year), but definitely a GOODIE! I have another favorite to educate folks who don’t understand what MERS is – its on the chink in the armor website and its about Mr. Geeai and Birdhouses. I know that sounds funny, but its a good article.

      • lvent says:

        Yes, leapfrog, Mandelman rocks!!!

  8. Tbar says:

    The banks are merely servicing the pretender lender loans. They have no “authority” to modify, because the do not own anything but “servicing rights”. The jist of the SCAM is that the people are the actual CREDITORS/GRANTORS/TRUSTORS and ISSUER of any and all agreements and until the PEOPLE realize this, nothing is going to change. Stop asking these criminals for their help. Learn who we are. The People have the power and the sovereign CREDIT that is allowed to be Administered by the N>A> banks because the PEOPLE insist on staying Incompetent to handle their affairs, and Ignorant regarding their STATUS as LIVING FLESH with the God given Power to SIGN and SEAL a document into Life. DEMAND by your COMMAND as the only true Party of Interest. the only ones who loaned anything in these transactions was the PEOPLE we have too long thought that they were loaning us their money, but It was created by our signatures in the first place. Parasites and their giant milking machine must be disavowed for righteousness to prevail. Stay strong, it is a “DUTY”. “Rights” are EXERCISED by that Duty for their Preservation.

  9. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    Holy Crap!!

    Go get’um!!

  10. leapfrog says:

    Indymac One West Sweetheart Deal – here’s an analysis, and it sounds like someone got a helluva deal here.


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