Report: At This Point, Most Americans Feel More Comfortable In Dying Economy

Sorry about the frequency of the Onion posts lately, but their stories, EVEN THOUGH SATIRE, are closer to the truth than most of the MSM.


Report: At This Point, Most Americans Feel More Comfortable In Dying Economy

WASHINGTON—A report released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center found that after more than four years of financial hardship, a majority of Americans now feel more at ease living in a failing economy than they would in a thriving one.

The report concluded that the constant threat of a second recession, record joblessness, ever-rising health care costs, and a soaring national debt, while devastating, have come to be the only things citizens know they can truly count on in these bleak and unstable times.

“To be honest, without the specter of defaulting on my mortgage looming over my head, something would just feel off,” said Louisville, KY resident Dale Bowman, one of thousands polled for the study. “Call me a creature of habit, but I’m just accustomed to waking up knowing our unemployment rate is over 9 percent, there’s nothing I can do about it, and it’ll be a very long time before we can ever hope to pull out of this.”

“Even if I did somehow make enough money to keep my head above water, I haven’t the slightest clue what I’d do with it anymore,” Bowman added.

According to the survey, 63 percent of Americans said they had come to rely upon the familiar sense of dread that came from knowing the country was quickly losing its place as an economic superpower, while 71 percent described finding a kind of tranquility in the steady, predictable cuts to local, state, and federal funding.

In addition, 80 percent reported they had been tightening their belts for so long, the thought of loosening them again after all this time just felt unnatural.

“You get used to sending 50 resumés into the void each day and having them all go unanswered,” said Mary-Lee Jones, 46, of Cleveland, who later called the enduring unlikelihood of ever finding employment “her rock.” “The emotional trauma of not knowing if or when I’ll work again has just become a regular part of my life. Honestly, not living on the knife’s edge of poverty might make me a little anxious.”

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30 Responses to “Report: At This Point, Most Americans Feel More Comfortable In Dying Economy”
  1. Fito says:

    Very sad..Again not only americans become normal as society they have become “conditioned” It seem to me most american love to be brain conditioned.

  2. John Anderson says:

    I know that since I gave myself up for dead three years ago, I feel better. I pray more, and enjoy the government cheese.
    Comforting thought, they can kill us, but they can’t eat us.

  3. Beth A. says:

    While I realize this article is satirical…I have to say that there is a freakish sense of comfort knowing that we’re not the only ones in the same boat. Know what I mean? Yeah, misery loves company and all that – but at least I have a sense that we’re not alone; we have others to talk to / bounce thoughts off of and such. I think sites such as and others have been a blessing in terms of keeping me somewhat sane through all of this.

    You and I are not alone. We still have each other 🙂 We can perhaps do in numbers what we can’t manage alone. Take care today – keep the faith – and make some noise, write some emails and let’s get ’em.

  4. To Tell The Truth says:

    De ja voe…like lambs to the slaughter…remember the Hitler camps? Such apathy…it is there…let us not deny it…I see it everywhere I go…heads buried in the sand…heads hung down in defeat and shame…heads moving from side to side in hopelessness…the bad economic news that constantly bombard the masses is having a deteriorating effect on many…we must send out good news and encouragement to offset these…highlight the ones standing up for right like the Aprils. Schneidermans, Matt Wielder etc…( i understand that Schneiderman was removed from some committee…mmmm)

    Lets blitz the media…lets send out well drafted newsletters or letters to each household with the truth or where they can go find more of the truth,,,what say ye….?

  5. foreclosureweary says:

    I GET IT! Don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t fight fraudclosure and the evel minions everyday!

  6. lvent says:

    Great Keiser Report today. Max and his guest Catherine Austin Fitts who used to work for HUD during the Bush Administration talk about the mortgage fraud Ponzi Scheme and how many frauds they used to pull this off. There was Fraudulent Inducement, Securities Fraud, Collateral Fraud, Fraudulent Placements, Derivatives Fraud, Foreclosure Fraud which has lead to Expedential Fraud..Great Interview Max!!!

    • lvent says:

      I spelled that last fraud wrong,it is a new one I have never heard of but all of this mortgage fraud really is Exponential Fraud. It is like fraud to the trillionth power, like what Nye Lavalle talked about, 40 trillion in debt backed by 8 trillion in collateral….Collateral fraud on steroids…EXPONENTIAL FRAUD……There are approximately 10 mortgages on each house is what Ms. Fitts is saying….She also said “This is not a debt crisis, its a plan”

  7. Americans are determined people, accepting current situation? Who took this report? I know of not one happy person about current situation, just doing ones best to keep trying to move forward, your message is counter productive

    • lvent says:

      ruth, I think this is the onion. It is satire but not really off the mark from what the MSM want us to believe that this is the so-called new normal.

  8. I am not sure how these people presented their questions, but I know of no one who is happy and more comfortable with this economy. Perhaps these people have just given up! I for one do not feel happy, nor comfortable with this economy. Nothing is normal about it it is terrorizing to most who talk to me and people are in fear and terribly unhappy. My daughter who is a hard worker told me the other day when I told her to go to the dentist, upper tooth infection can be life threatening. I have worked for two dentist in the far past. She told me at least I would be out of this HELL! Both her businesses are almost dead and she went from a fivethousand sqare foot home to my double car garage. Remodeled into an apartment for her eight children and her and her husband. And I am fighting modification fraud after paying five months modification payments to be told I was now unapproved and in default, because they were considering the five mod partial payments now to be partial payments. I was not in default and consider myself not to be in The servicer pulled a fast one on me. Our whole family is in extreme stress. My face in numb and I wonder if it is going to kill me before it is over. I dont beleive people are happy right now. Unless they are the banksters. And I hope we are giveing them sleepless nights and numb faces.

    • you need to write to everyone you can think of, give out dates and loan numbers, their next game will be to try and take your house, lock you out, trust no one! Do this now, do not wait, good luck to you and families,

    • Shelly…Not sure but I can only say whoever wrote that BS…MUST be on some drug….or should be. I know alot of people, some not even in foreclosure, who are raging mad….some have lost their pensions….so this is spreading to every family in one way or another. Anyone who feels they except this way of life must be a low lifer to begin with. It is obvious they don’t even know what may be in store for them if they don’t change their thinking…their waking up may be to late.

  9. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    When my ordeal is eventually over (litigating 3 years, 8.5 months now) there will be a period of readjustment but that doesn’t mean I will miss it. At all!!

    • lvent says:

      OMG, I know right? I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger..but this tyranny is sure trying their damndest to kill us. Good Luck to you! I hope you will win so that you can have your NORMAL life back because none of this is normal. It’s no way to live as Dylan Ratigan says.

  10. Eric Bassard says:

    This is what is known as “stockholm syndrome”. Never give in, the Banksters don’t own this country.

  11. Mad as Hell in Maryland says:

    Well, I am not comfortable living in this economy. We do have a bit over a year to go until elections. Then, if we are not comfortable, we need to vote out all encumbants that are part of the problem. Only then will things start to get better. The economic markets are not comfortable with this uncertainty. Neither am I.

    Good luck to all. Fight the good fight.

    • Mad as hell…..I don’t think this will wait for the next election….if this passes…this fraud made legal…..that may be the straw that breaks the camels back….. plus…we can’t wait that long….we have let this go on way to long now….and right now people are not even thinking of an election…they are thinking of survival. Electiions have gotten into this mess long before now and it is still going on….we need to rid the seed that caused this problem….and it may go very deep……..

  12. kravitz says:

    Meanwhile, back to Schneiderman…

    New York Removed From State Group Working on Foreclosure Deal

    • Fury says:

      it is good news for new yorkers. maybe we will see some justice after all.

      i feel sorry for those left behind and stuck w/ the group of spineless AGs.

    • lvent says:

      I am calling AG Lisa Madigan’s office tomorrow..I want to know where she stands on this deal with the banks who want to make fraud legal. I am really hoping she is planning on doing the right thing and removing Ilinois from this criminal dirty deal with the banksters like AG Schneiderman and New York. Obama is from this State and it would look really bad for Obama if the AG from his home state was in bed with the banksters and their criminal friends on Wall Street and want to strike a deal with the crooks who robbed us to make mortgage fraud legal. The Cook County Recorder of Deeds talks about the rampant mortgage fraud by the mortgage industry on his website in the second paragraph. There is massive proof of what these crooks did and her office doesn’t have to look hard to find it..they just have to take a trip to the Cook County Recorder’s office, it is right in plain sight all throughout the public records.

      • I vent…I didn’t see her name on the few others in question. I bet she is going for it….for sure her name would have appeared….This whole 9 months was a stall tactic….they knew all along what they were going to do…that is why that Tom Miller was so hot to start this..he wanted to be the big dog from the start. Someone made a comment when this guy was planning a get together with all AG’s…the comment was not good… and he warned to be aware. Guess he was right…another one who follows the money. Who in their right mind would even consider fraud legal….isn’t the attorney general the Chief Law Enforcers of the state….or do I have that wrong. Either way they are aiding and abetting a crime by approving this.
        I feel something will start soon if this is passed….and it will not be ‘ pretty ‘…..something is lurking in the background….I can just tell by a feeling……

      • lvent says:

        Oh god yeah Marilyn!! If they even try to make fraud legal so the banksters can fraudclose with ease, the people are going to be marching to the State Capitols by the millions with torches to burn the Capitols down. I don’t want to be any of these criminal bastards or any of their evil minions or cohorts then!! The cops will no doubt join us when they find out there is no pension or social security money because there are so many unemployed the crooks can’t keep the Ponzi Scheme going…..they are running out of things to steal from the poor….Jon Stewart funny video: John Stewart Defends The Poor, I hope the link works, if not, you can yahoo search it, these links have not been working to well lately….I love Jon Stewart!

      • lvent says:

        The link works!!

    • This Tom Miller was so gun ho to go after the banks….he is a professional liar….he turned his back on the people….maybe he better watch his back …he certainly is better at making enemies than friends. I say Schneiderman is a peoples man….courage to stick to his opinion and promise….. . We in Florida need to tell the scum we have sitting in the AG get out…..and she already knows it….she followed the money…this is not something we think…..we KNOW exactly what she has pulled and it ain’t setting well with the people at all… wonder how fast she can run in heels? Her opinion from the very start was against the people….and now we want her out….GONE.
      This liability crap was the same thing that CONgress pulled on the people when they snuck a bill into HomeLand Security..after the final vote was in ( at midnite)…It involved the pharmaceutical industry protection from liable lawsuites dealing with vaccines…..been there…done that.
      This will completely cause pure hell to start….that alone… what these AG’s are doing…. settling with the banks is NOT what this country wants….this is not a plea agreement. time…..we are talking about a massive crime the banks have deliberatly done to millions of people…..Come on America…Is your AG one of the scabs that has spit in your face? If so…do something about it….we in Florida plan to solve ours..

  13. Joe Parisi says:

    I meant foreclosure conference stage naturally, sorry.

  14. Joe Parisi says:

    There is hope in this anxiety driven economy. Here in NY the justice department is representing homeowners in conference stages in Westchester County. ??????????????

  15. maggie May says:


  16. lvent says:

    This is sad..the American people have to fight this evil tyranny and take their country back, not give in to this..This is not the new normal as the ruling elite are trying to shove down our throats, this is the new abnormal!!!! Come on, America we are better than this……

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