Breaking into her own home was just the beginning of Tanya Dennis’ campaign to convince Wells Fargo to modify her mortgage


Squatting Homeowner’s Persistence Pays Off

Breaking into her own home was just the beginning of Tanya Dennis’ campaign to convince Wells Fargo to modify her mortgage

It’s hasn’t been easy, but nearly a year and a half after Wells Fargo foreclosed on her home of 27 years, Tanya Dennis has finally convinced the lender to modify her mortgage.

“They had to deal with me to pacify me and get me out of their hair,” joked Dennis, who made headlines earlier this year by hiring a locksmith and breaking into her South Berkeley home after Alameda County sheriff’s deputies evicted her.

Since then, Dennis, a short, 63-year-old woman who was once vice principal of Oakland’s Castlemont High, has been a thorn in the side of the nation’s largest mortgage originator.

Wells Fargo spokesman Tom Goyda said the deal — which Dennis said reduces the amount of money she owes on her home from $484,000 to $365,000 — occurred not because of Dennis’ persistence, “but because we want to keep homeowners in their homes.”

Yet it’s hard to imagine that public pressure played no role in Wells Fargo’s decision to reduce Dennis’ principal and promise to transfer the deed to the property back to her hands.

Here are some of the steps Dennis took after breaking back into her home in January:

Check out the steps she took here…


4 Responses to “Breaking into her own home was just the beginning of Tanya Dennis’ campaign to convince Wells Fargo to modify her mortgage”
  1. incognito123 says:

    Mr Moss, what state are you in? Are you on ForeclosureHamlet? HousemanRob, I KNOW what you are saying, and if it were me, I wouldn’t do it either, but people believe they owe money back to these people (as if they were lent money) but if she was willing to do it, so be it. I was asked couple years ago, if I won the lottery, would I pay it back, without hesitation, I said, “NO WAY.” Shocked the hell out of her, but that is where I stand! I’m sure you realize what I am saying…. Leapfrog, there is STILL so much that people REALLY do not understand, but we all must be persistent to educate them about their frauds and thefts!!!

  2. Ron Moss says:

    My sympathies go out to the elite educated, but how about my own perdickerment? My own eighth grade education with limits because I stuttered, divideds me from the teachers union because of my experience with the Union of operating engineers where they deprived me of my right pension and gave me 40 % of what I had earned, and they rejected my every visit to the office with my Ronald Reagan buttons . I was a delegate for reagan in 1980 and still am a non union independent. anyway how about my government doing something for me? may Ron Paul will. In fact all foreclosure victime should vote for Ron Paul to attack the federal reserve.

  3. housemanrob says:

    Reducing her loan by 20% ain’t SHIT! No doubt in my mind this was so-called modification, will now, with a new bank mortgage deal, will find out in 2012 that her house will lose alot more value. I pray for her, for when and if the time comes that she cannot afford to pay again……what grounds does she have to stand on…….she now has a legal contract for what will become a much less valuable home!

  4. leapfrog says:

    Good for Tanya for standing up for herself. Of course, the comment section is loaded with the typical bankster plants and their “but, but, but….the banks are the good guys. The banks did AFTER ALL pay back their TARP.”

    BS! Maybe they paid TARP back, but what about the numerous discount windows, 16 trillion in SECRET LOANS noted in the Fed Audit and the untold amounts they stole through HAMP (while offering customers a fraudulant inducement into modifications they did not have the power to modify) and the untold amounts in the backdoor Fannie Mae bailouts?

    Nope, we NEVER EVER hear the banksters talk about THAT….do we? I don’t have a Facebook, so I can’t log on to add this comment to defend Ms. Dennis. Can someone go out there and blast those bankster propaganda shills a new one for me? I’d certainly appreciate it. When I can, I always give the shills hell.

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