John O’Brien, Southern Essex District Register of Deeds in Salem, Massachusetts extends an invitation to banks and all attorney generals to visit his registry

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August 30, 2011

John O’Brien, Register of Deeds


John O’Brien, Southern Essex District Register of Deeds in Salem, Massachusetts extends an invitation to banks and all attorney generals to visit his registry.

O’Brien who has been leading the national effort to hold lenders accountable and was the first in the nation to refuse to record robo-signed documents, has invited the CEO’s of the nation’s largest banks including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo along with the 50 states’ attorneys general to come to the Salem Registry and view first-hand the damage that these banks and the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) has caused to thousands of Essex County homeowners’ chains of title.

“It’s as if a hurricane came through here,” said Register John O’Brien, referring to the financial havoc and damage done to property records at the Registry of Deeds.

“Following any disaster, the powers-that-be generally visit the scene to assess the damage.  That is what I would like these major lenders and the attorneys general to do – a visit to my registry sooner rather than later, may help these lenders to truly appreciate the extent of the damage” O’Brien said.

O’Brien believes that a sweetheart deal, in the form of a settlement to grant lenders immunity from prosecution, is in the works. O’Brien stated, “There can be no settlement granting the lenders immunity and at the same time letting MERS of the hook”. “I believe the responsible thing to do would be to see the damage before they talk settlement. They owe the American people that.  If they are truly sincere about cleaning up this mess then they should take me up on my offer”.

The settlement currently in negotiations with the banks is being led by Tom Miller, the Iowa Attorney General who just last week  removed New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a vocal critic of the proposed settlement. O’Brien has expressed his outrage over the ouster and has called for Miller to step aside. O’Brien said “we need more Eric Schneidermans fighting the fight. He is the voice of Main Street not Wall Street”.  According to O’Brien, any settlement at this time would be a total sellout of the American property owner and their property rights.

“We still do not know the extent of the damage and just how much they have fleeced from taxpayers in lost recording fees, which in my opinion run into billions of dollars.  These CEO’s have to step up and take full responsibility for what they have allowed to happen. They have played fast and loose with people’s property rights, and have corrupted the chains of title to hundreds of thousands of property owners across this country,” O’Brien says.

In addition, O’Brien believes that the only way lenders and the attorneys general can fully appreciate the ramifications of the schemes (including the recording of fraudulent documents, which in some cases were used to take people’s homes illegally; the use of robo-signers; and the failure to record assignments) is to travel to Salem, sit across the table from him and review the documents. Only then, will they fully understand the extent of the damage that’s been caused.

“Hopefully,” O’Brien says, “By viewing the thousands of fraudulent documents recorded in my Registry, they will begin to understand how serious this issue is and work with Registers of Deeds across this country to correct the wrongs that have been committed.”

“All I am looking for is justice for these homeowners.  I have said all along, that the banks need to talk to Registers of Deeds.  What better way, than to come to an actual Registry and see first-hand what I am talking about.  It would be the responsible thing for them to do.  We would be able to have an open and frank discussion which hopefully would lead to a solution.  The last thing the American people need now is to have this issue swept under the rug and settled for pennies on the dollar,” O’Brien said.


9 Responses to “John O’Brien, Southern Essex District Register of Deeds in Salem, Massachusetts extends an invitation to banks and all attorney generals to visit his registry”
  1. Ali says:

    You wouldn’t believe the fraudulent documents being recorded at an excelerated rate, they (TBTF’s) and Morgage brokers acting as lenders and holding on to loans for over a year. In addition to to notery fraud and signature fraud. So its not just the banks but also mortgage co.’s acting as banks and it ‘s happening everywhere. So if you are from Will County, Il. you must get your records from the Recorders office and check them over, I did and there is going to be alot touble for people who used First Mortgage Corp. for a loan. The act like the lender and immediately assign Mer’s as the nonimee.

    • lvent says:

      Ali, you are from Will County.,..? I am in Southern Cook…just down the road..I have been to your recorders office with a friend…it sure is interesting…they record in a different format than Cook…I wonder if that $1000.00 fine is state wide or just in Cook..? I will look into that.

    • mortgage brokers don’t hold on to loans, mortgage bankers do. You need to know what you are talking about to gain credibility

  2. FAITH says:

    I have been waiting, somewhat patiently, to see an article about the meeting on August 11, with some of Ma. Registrars of Deeds and Martha Coakley.
    What happened?

    • John OBrien says:

      Hi Faith, Please give me a call on Tuesday at 978 741 0201 and I will let you know what took place at the meeting. My best, john OBrien register of deeds Essex Southern District

  3. Ron Moss says:

    It’s about time some serious minded bureacrat has the smarts to hold these bankster Mafia type theives to be accountable. I have tried to teach my seven kids to be responsible but where is the governments example?
    where is the inspiration to be honest. These bastards need to be sent to prison for their fiduciary flaws.

  4. lizinsarasota says:

    Oh, hell, the banks don’t need to go to Massachusetts!
    They can come here, to sunny Sarasota, Florida.
    Or, if that’s not convenient, how about traveling to Cumberland County, Maine?
    Or Clarke County, Georgia, and maybe take in a little (little is the operative word – I’m a TECH fan) football?

    EVERY YOU-KNOW-WHAT-ing county in this ever-loving country has documents filed that are identical to the ones Mr. O’Brien has. Why, I’ll put the quality (or lack thereof) of the documents filed by Karen Rushing, Clerk of the Circuit Court, here in Sarasota County, Sarasota, Florida against any documents in any county in the country! Make that the WORLD!

    You know, we’ve got your garden variety robosigning – those are a dime a dozen. You want a Linda Green? How about a Dory Goebel? Is Liquenda Allotey more your style? How about a Brian Bly? How about a backdated document? Huh, how far “back” do you want to go? We’ve got those by the score. How about an absolutely fabricated document? How about an assignment that wasn’t filed until two years after the final judgment?

    I mean, I could go on. Whatever you want to see, we’ve got it here!

    It’s a damn shame that the clerk here in Sarasota won’t “man up” (or “woman up” as the case may be) and ‘fess up and fix this problem. Why is it YANKEES are leading the charge???

  5. Readdocs says:

    You can take it to any bank that NOT one will show up to view the
    carnage. This is one time the criminal will not return to the
    crime scene.

    • For anyone who reads this, encourage YOUR local registrar of deeds to begin this fight: to get back the money which is owed to your local government.

      I am taking care of my mom now and can no longer devote myself full-time to the fight for consumer rights (which I did from 2002 until 2010.) I lived in Indianapolis and travelled the country teaching and speaking about the causes of foreclosure and training real estate professionals how to HELP consumers avoid foreclosure: Using the laws and regulations in place to beat the lender at their game.

      Now I am in Selma Al and I am going to try to get the local officials here in this small town to start to fight for lost revenue.

      If your city has subdivisions (many rural areas do not have) then encourage the homeowners’ associations to look into fighting the banks as well.

      I would be happy to help anyone with the background info to get started with either of those fights.

      That’s For my credentials, google ‘mildred wilkins’ or “

      That’s me.

      I am so glad that this fight has progressed to this point but individuals, regular folks, must take it to the next levels by:

      a. Calling on your Attorney Generals to block the sad excuse for a settlement with the banksters
      b. Local recorders office to demand the money they are owed from unrecorded liens
      c. State and local treasuries to demand payment from the lenders who own real estate in your area
      d. Health Departments to cite the “correct” owner (usually a lender) for the clean-up in your city and
      place a lien against the property until such time as it is paid
      e. Local municipalities to force the recording of the change of ownership from the INDIVIDUAL
      consumer into the name of the foreclosing entity within a narrow period of time after foreclosure (like
      30 days) not 2-3 years. Lenders avoid costs taxes, clean-up etc by leaving it in the old owner’s
      name–that is criminal -and INTENTIONAL
      f. Do not feel powerless but you are JUST a consumer. You have a phone and maybe a computer.
      Use those two items to draw attention to the LOCAL issue and what can be done — in your city—
      NOW–to recoup some of the money which has been lost by irresponsible behavior of the banks who
      took advantage of residents in your town and then left all of you hanging in the wind.

      EVERY city has existing laws which could accomplish much of what I have just suggested.

      EVERY city has existing departments which can CLAW BACK some money, if they take the time to understand HOW.

      Where there is a will, there is a way.

      I would love to help by being a resource, all is NOT lost.

      Many warriors can win.

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