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Iowa’s Miller Says Foreclosure Deal Won’t Release Banks From All Liability

The 50-state attorney general group investigating mortgage foreclosure practices won’t release banks from all civil, or any criminal, liability in a settlement, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said.

Miller said criticism of the multistate case was based on the “false notion” that its organizers were prepared to release the banks from all liability, including criminal liability. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been portrayed as resisting that position, Miller wrote in a letter to New York lawmakers who complained about Schneiderman’s removal from an executive committee working on the agreement.

“The negotiation committee, working on behalf of all 50 states, does not have any intention of constraining the office of the New York attorney general in any way, has not tried to do so and could not do so,” Miller said. “Schneiderman was removed from the executive committee because he has, over the last several months, undermined our efforts to reach an agreement.”

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11 Responses to “Paid Advertisement from Your Local Neighoborhood Bank Lobbyist | Iowa’s Miller Says Foreclosure Deal Won’t Release Banks From All Liability”
  1. thisblows says:

    We will be sitting and waiting a very long time, before that b**** AG we have in Talahasee to support us in anyway!!!

  2. abs says:

    Mr. lying Sack of S#%^, the word settlement or sue is not what the victims are looking. Mr Madoff is waiting for your campaign contributors and his newly found boyfriends in the cell. I think by protecting the lying bankster you committed treason, just do us favor and bite that cyanide pill in your mouth mr socialist.

    • lvent says:

      abs, love that!!! they should all bite that cyanide pill and commit suicide along with the suicide banksters……who are all going down and that is what this whole show with all of these lawsuits is all about……They don’t have the notes or the standing to foreclose on ANYBODY…THEY ARE NO MORE THAN A BUNCH OF UNSECURED DEBTS, THEIR PRETENDER LENDER STANDING IS NO MORE THAN NON-RECORD CLAIMANT…THESE DEBTS SHOULD BE EXTINGUISHABLE IN A BANKRTUPTCY…….This is a Hitler Plan to make all of us a nation of renters….DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AID AMERICA..In the words of the great Bob Marley,..GET UP, STAND UP, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!!! and we need to do this INDIVISBLEY!!!!

  3. Thomas says:

    Isreal does not negotiate with terrorist, neither should our AGs. They would have settled a long time ago if they could firure a way to sell it to the public. They have been trying. No evidence, no proof no investigation (fire the investigators who gather evidence), clear dereliction of their duty, chase the New York A.G. for not playing thier game. They can not even articulate WHAT they are settling. They think we are all fools or powerless.

  4. John says:

    I agree with him.
    Regardless of what agreement they come up with it will not affect your suit of any bank.
    Neither will it affect and criminal charges against them by any agency now or in the future.
    If you have been harmed by any bank, this settling will show all that what you are saying in your suit is right.
    This will actually help you, not hurt.
    On the other hand, if you are hoping the government will give you something for your being wronged and you did not attack yourself don’t expect to get much if anything.

  5. talktotennessee says:

    Do we need to launch a campaign against Miller so he can straighten out his thinking? nyone have his facebook account, website, email, etc. etc. Maybe his attitude needs adjusting?

  6. Readdocs says:

    Mr.Miller might be needing a good looking over.
    And was his lips moving when he said there would
    be no amnesty for the banks?

  7. housemanrob says:

    Screw Miller …..removing Schneiderman was just an obvious attempt to f@#k all of us. Think about it…..if you robbed the banks for billions fraudulently….like the banks have done to us….would the AGs be sitting down making a cash settlement with you?…..oh, give us back just a minor portion of what you heisted and don’t worry about the rest. Where is the accountibility? It is so absurd and diabolical… it boggles my mind! Is not this conspiracy evident at this point? Wake up America!

  8. Fury says:

    eric schneiderman put a monkey wrench in tom miller’s faux settlement.

    there’s hope for defrauded homeowners!
    thank God for eric schneiderman.
    the other AGs need to do the same as schneiderman.

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