More Foreclosures | Bank of America to Slash 30,000 Jobs to Save Billions

Bank of America Issues Statement on New BAC

CHARLOTTE – Bank of America today issued the following statement following the company’s presentation at the Barclays Capital 2011 Global Financial Services Conference.

Bank of America’s Project New BAC is key to the company’s strategy of focusing all of its resources on serving individuals, companies, and institutional investors.

The first result of New BAC was the recently announced management reorganization, removing a layer of management and streamlining the company by aligning its businesses with the customer groups.

This reorganization follows on work that started in January 2010. The company continues to sell non-core business units and assets that don’t support its strategy, thereby strengthening the balance sheet, and improving capital and liquidity.

Phase I nearing completion

Bank of America is nearing the end of the first phase of a comprehensive review of its consumer businesses and support functions. As the company implements the thousands of decisions from Project New BAC over time, it intends to become a more focused, leaner, and more efficient company, providing all of its customers and clients with the best financial services, generating strong revenues, carefully managing expenses and risks, and delivering long-term value for shareholders.

Bank of America’s goal is not a given number of job reductions, but rather implementation of New BAC decisions. As the decisions are implemented, employment levels in the areas under review during Phase I are expected to be reduced by approximately 30,000 jobs over the next few years. The company expects that attrition and the elimination of appropriate unfilled roles will be a significant part of the anticipated decrease in jobs.

Full implementation of approved ideas in Phase I is expected to lead to net expense reductions of $5 billion per year by 2014, on a baseline of $27 billion in annual expenses for the areas the company reviewed.

New BAC Phase II is scheduled to begin in October and continue through March 2012, and cover those businesses and operations that were not reviewed in Phase I.

For more Bank of America news, visit the Bank of America newsroom.


50 Responses to “More Foreclosures | Bank of America to Slash 30,000 Jobs to Save Billions”
  1. Joe Loomer says:

    The sad thing to me is the loss of jobs – it’s not the 9-5, just above minimum wage workers at BOA that orchestrated their role in the housing crisis. More job losses is not what our economy needs. I hope the sell offs result in other companies (reputable companies) keeping at least a modicum of the jobs (and their people) in place.

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride

  2. talktotennessee says:
    Version of “This Old House” that speaks to the times now.
    Bof A may be singing our song soon! Worth a listen! Mama always said, what goes around comes around!
    Tonight’s news spoke of B of A taking “Countrywide” ino bankruptcy. Imagine a ploy but I have no tears for a bank that takes people’s homes away when they are trying to make things work.

    • lvent says:

      That song says it all…A copy of that should be sent to all Judges around the country as well as all of the MSM including CNBC and Bloomberg…They would never have the guts to play it on the air but they should all be slapped right in the face with this..This is the truth and they should all know what they are doing to America by letting the ruling elite get away with this, they are traitors who are helping sell of our freedom, democracy and national sovereignty…They should all be ashamed of themselves that this is what they allowed to happen to the greatest country on earth…Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, Holder and all of the politicians should be thrown out on their heads by the American people now….elections are not going to change this country, the people are who have to do something to make a change…..The politicians are completely corrupt, treasonist and therefore useless and are incapable of governing under the U.S. CONSTITUTION or the laws of this land………..

      • talktotennessee says:

        Well, it is on utube so a link can be posted anywhere I guess. The band would have no objection to it going viral. You are right, it is right on target and done well too. I posted it on my facebook but my facebook is limited, so hopefully others will post on blogs, CNN, etc would be a good thing I am thinking.

    • talktotennessee….You sure know how to pick them….this old country gal has been a country lover of country songs all my life….This song hit home with me going way back….I remember it well…I just was so into what we are going through that I never thought to even think of singing….Thanks for reminding me to sing and play my old favorites…I have relatives in Franklin TN and love it there…saw every house of the country singers in that area….This song hits it so right on…and I am going to copy and paste it to send to a whole lot of people….Starting with those who have done Florida wrong…AG Bondi and those in the Capitol in Tallahassee….than on to Washington.DC.. I am an ADVOCATE IN SUPPORT OF A CA– USE…and will not let up till we all have our country back…and an honest trustworthy government….there has to be an end of this evil deceitful crime……FIGHT THE FIGHT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT…THE POWER IS IN NUMBERS…..WAKE UP AMERICA….

      • talktotennessee says:

        Hi Marilyn,
        Thanks, The song touched me too. Whoever ‘rewrote’ the lyrics’to tell about a man losing his home to the bank must have had this happen to them or someone they loved I think. I know nothing about the singer or band, maybe from Netherlands, but they sing in English and really touch the spirit of our housing dilemma in the U.S. Maybe it will go viral. Should become OUR theme song I am thinking. Of course you can’t be from Tennessee without thinking in music. I am in Memphis (home of Elvis and Sun Records, Beale Street, etc.) Nashville is heart of Counry:)
        I like these singers too, wonder who they are?

  3. B o A are expected to be reduced by approximately 30,000 jobs, that is maybe another 30,000 foreclosures, (more of less) and if each home is at least a family of 4 that is 120,000 more homeless people that you can add to the equation and it goes on and on….

  4. Lost Homes says:

    Losing a job from one of the biggest fraudsters of them all should be inspirational. Now the counterattack on management! Those are the crew that should have been fired!

  5. Katheryn says:

    @Ivent..It is a massive PONZI scheme to be sure! I’m not sure how the Law stopped being the Law! They are all just a huge legal mafia. I don’t know where this country is heading and I’m just trying to survive one day at a time. I spend every day working on this stuff. I am mentally and physically exhausted…but I won’t give up. I let the opposing attorney know that I will take it to the ends of the earth before I give up. They will spend more money to fight me than to settle, but that’s how they operate. I wonder why Buffett got involved with them? I may end up on the street or in a mental institution.

    • talktotennessee says:

      The opposing attorney could be billing by the hour, in which case it might not be to his advantage to settle or resolve. Having experience with a couple of suits, I found they typically take at least a couple of years and often much more. Everyone has to make a little change$ and that takes time. . .

    • To Telll The Truth says:

      Beware of Buffett….he also owns several real estate companies under the names he bought them under…also, why is he so interested in advising Obama and why is he so interested in giving money to BOA? MMMM And you will not end up on the streets or in a mental institution…do not confess that and do carry on the fight…I wonder if we can include the emotional upheavals that all this is causing us in a lawsuit?

      • lvent says:

        To Tell The Truth…..they are all dirty filthy criminals…..they all play all sides of their illegal activities….they want to wear us down, gotta fight the good fight…. Gottta be mentally, physically and spiritually tough..and know this is probably the biggest war of good vs evil in history and believe that we are going to win this… doubt. The hidden hand is not hidden anymore…and the emperor now has no clothes! That alone is a huge triumph for the soul….and makes me feel better.

    • lvent says:

      Katheryn, I know exactly what you mean about being exhausted……I have been here..there is a massive conspiracy to cover up all of the fraud…You sound just like me……It is a real rat race, a mine field with the attorneys…I found an attorney after many consultations….this attorney sounded just like me and told me they banks never lent us any money and he hates the banks…He asked me what I want and I said a loan recission……he said yeah well……he told me his strategy to fight and I liked his ideas but he told me at the end of the road, the banks are going to want to right down your principle to half…..And I said, I will never accept that because they put me through hell….He agreed..I think some of the attorneys are playing the lets get the dirty banker side of the coin now to make money for themselves……Bottom line, you can’t trust anyone and it looks to me the attorneys are playing another side of this game with those of us who get it……..Buffet is probably being used as a proxy to funnel money into the bank that owns his bank, BOFA… is probably the 2% the feds fined him for getting caught laundering drug money……….Buffet is in the Big Club…..he is just playing the game…..Just gotta keep fighting the good fight! You will be alright….don’t give them what they want….remember, you don’t owe them any money……and what they want to do is wear you down….You take care of yourself and dont let them do that to you….Your health is the most important thing, don’t let them ruin your health….and well being…..Keep in mind that they are all criminals, liars and thieves and you did nothing wrong..They should be in prison by now….

      • Katheryn says:

        You are so right Ivent. I had to give up my part-time job because I can’t sleep and I needed 12 hours a day to cram advanced financing and securities and law school 101. My teeny tiny brain feels like it will explode. I have had 3 episodes of bronchitis and I don’t even smoke. Lucky for me, I had a tuff childhood so I have a very strong will and desire to not be f’d over. Thanks to everyone out there for the support. I welcome anyone with any guidance. Unfortunately, it does not look like there is an attorney who can help me. I would be happy just to pay for some guideance. I guess I should be grateful if it takes a couple of years, but I really don’t do well when something is hanging over my head like a huge dark cloud. I’d just would rather get it resolved whatever the outcome. I did also go for a rescission. My legal argument is that it is not up to the judge, it is an operation of law. The judge has the descretion to change the terms about the amount or means of tender but not on the rescission itself. It is just beyond my comprehension that they are getting away with this. I did also go for compensatory damages for the pain and suffering!!!! It will go towards a good psychiatrist. just kidding

      • lvent says:

        Katheryn,.there is alot to learn but you can do it…and the more you know the better. They never thought they would get caught and in most cases of fraudclosure they are getting away with the end game of largest financial coup de tat by the rulling elite in history. Unbelievably, they are getting away with stealing America right from underneath the noses of the American people..THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE ASLEEP AND DO NOT SEE WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES…..these dirty RULING ELITE bastards have the whole country up for sale to the highest bidder for properties they do not even own and the U.S Government and the corrupt and treasonist politicians are allowing this foreign federal takeover of America…….The ruling elite are stealing the homes that the U.S. TAXPAYER fully funded and paid for….WHAT A SCAM…It is a disgrace… You are definitely on the right track. Fight the good fight of luck to you!

  6. Katheryn says:

    Please excuse the spelling and grammar errors. I’m not proofing my writing! lol

  7. lvent says:

    The Wall Street criminals need to be forced to pay for their crimes…..the people are being strategically eliminated in a very many evil ways by this massive FORECLOSUREGATE COVER-UP…..I was reading an interesting link that connects the dots about this evil plan… that World War III is the ruling elite’s final plan to reach their evil goal of world domination……This was a three stage plan begining with WWI…
    The Final Plan- The Third World War is to be fomented by using the so-called controversy agents of the Illuminati it would stir between political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. That war is to be directed in such a manner that all of Islam and political Zionism, Israel, would destroy each other while, at the same time, the remaining nations once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a complete state of exhaustion-physically, mentally, spiritually and economically…The stage will be set to put the One World Government into operation……I believe that the truth movement is part of God’s grand plan….
    Here are a few interesting links about how the moneyed elite have been operating all through our history…..The have been patient, planning and plotting world domination for hundreds of years. Obama’s jobs plan is only going to help what boils down to a few of the many in need……America must ABOLISH the FED…..AMERICA MUST GOVERN ITSELF UNDER THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND ISSUE ITS OWN CURRENCY..And remove itself from its Ruling Global Elite Membership A/K/A the U.N……
    A satanic plot for a one-world Government:

    • lvent says:

      The second link is not working for whatever reason but you can get there via the third link…..via the words highlighted in blue…..

  8. talktotennessee says:

    Hoping this suggestion makes it to a broader audience to seek potential resource: Thinking out loud here that we need to publish, broadcast or turn over the rocks to see if there are one or two ‘whistleblowers’ in this F of A employee crowd of 30,000+ that just might be angry enough to ‘drop a dime’ on B of A.

    • talktotennessee says:

      Freudian Slip? I meant B of A, not F of A. Draw your own conclusions here:)

    • eif says:


      Hi ttt – I am perhaps somewhat the perpetual dreamer…

      yet am hopeful that (although about a different bank) a contingent of employees might come forward though their mandates are narrow.

      That would help so much! Thx for your post, and all here.

      P.S. It might not be for reasons of ethics of course in some instances but to try to stay clear of scandal by association, or to clear conscience, or politically bargain, or for others reasons contemplating risk reduction.

      As said often this dire situation affects everyone.

      Best wishes,

  9. Ron Moss says:

    Bank of America is similar to MortgageIt which was owned by GMAC befor it was sold to Duetsche Bank then
    IndyMac then negotiated in a “sweetheart deal” to George Soros’ OneWest My house was sold to HSBC and Iluminent Mortgage. all part of a scheme to steal through the order by MERS without standing in WA state but greased by attotney General Rob McKenna office of consumer protections run by Jim Sugarman.

    • To Telll The Truth says:

      What exactly is GMAC position? Are they mortgage holders, servicers, trustees or all three? ANd who do they work for?

  10. housemanrob says:

    Whe it walks like a duck….quacks like a duck…..and swims like a duck………it’s probably a duck!

  11. foreclosureweary says:

    Katheryn, where are you located?

    • Katheryn says:

      Delaware. I have contacted AG Biden three times for help. I think I can handle doing what I need to do, I am just a bit confused as to the procedure from this point, however, I would prefer an attorney! Biden’s office just won’t even acknowledge my correspondence. I have even contacted foreclosure housing assistance orgs with no luck. In my complaint I alleged that the refi numbers were incorrect and we had been overcharged on numerous things. Sent 2 QWRs. I was ignored. Once complaint was ready to file I contacted BofA as well as the two firms that had written to me stating they represented BofA to find out who to serve. Again, Ignored by all. So I served the law firms anyway as well as Mr. Moynihan personally. Within 2 weeks I was contacted by a new law firm who is now representing them.

      They never filed a motion to lift the stay…don’t know the logic with that?
      The really funny thing is that 2 weeeks prior to their filing their answer with the court, I received 2 checks from BofA for overcharges at settlement. Have not made a payment since January and the last notice the arrearage was over $406,000, however, they send me money back. … as well as denying that we were overcharged in their answer filed weeks after the refund. I want to ask for sanctions as it is outright blatant perjury. They don’t care what they deny and it’s ‘in you face’ denials. They even claimed in their answer that I was trying to violate their Constitutional rights. What a joke….but I have not researched constitutional law yet to know how to resond to that. I pray everyday that they go down for all the damage and carnage they have caused so many.

      • Readdocs says:

        B0A is covering its’ @55ets, needing the money to cover the
        hundreds, if not thousands, of lawsuits it’s facing in court.
        The re-restructuring going on is moving money so Peter
        can pay Paul.
        Just waiting for the implosion.

      • see says:

        I hope you did not cash the checks and have them stored in a safe place. I could be wrong since I am not an attorney, but wouldn’t cashing the checks mean you concur with BoA? Couldn’t they come back and say by cashing the checks you accept whatever they are trying to cover up?

      • Katheryn says:

        Flash up-date…just went to the mailbox and low and behold…another check. This one is the biggest one yet…maybe week by week they’ll pay off the house for me…just a joke.

        I’m sure they will try to use the refunds as a defense but I don’t think that by cashing them admits or agrees to anything legally. This just goes further to prove their figures were off which made the APR wrong as well as the payments and everything else in the required disclosures. I don’t have it in front of me now but they are only allowed an error of $35 max. in certain instances. I think it has to do with if the house goes into foreclosure but I have to check on that again. For the judges, they all hate pro se litigants. I really emphasized the need for the court’s understanding and tolerance for me as a pro se and cited numerous references. I have not been in front of him yet so I don’t know how accommodating he will be. I’ll probably end up with a comtent of court charge and be remanded immediately to jail. I also found a 4 page outline for Delaware Judges concerning pro se litigants and to try to allow them to be heard. I also attached that with my complaint.

        I also think that someone should look into how many people have been overcharges for misc. things for their settlements. One of the overages was for the recording the lien satisfaction as the loan now was a refi. Of course, I am challenging the satisfaction as improper, etc., but I knew that the recording fee was more than it really cost BofA. One of the refund checks was, in fact, for a mistake on the recording fee. Now folks, I understand a mistake in accounting of figures, but a recording fee…really. They look at the cost and list it on the HUD 1, not a whole lot of room for error? My point is that if they were overcharging most of the loans for just that one item alone, multiply that… adds up to substantial amounts of money. I also believe that they assigned loans certain loan numbers and with beneficial accounts that they were fairly certain would default. If this could be proven, there could be no doubt that it was premeditated fraud. I left fraud out of my complaint because it is so hard to get through the courts, but I’ve asked for leave to amend based upon discovery.

      • lvent says:


      • To Telll The Truth says:

        Make sure you make copies of those checks before you cash them and keep good records and follow their every move….

      • Katheryn says:

        That’s what I don’t get. There is a new lawsuit almost daily filed against them. I’m small stuff and yet they are paying a very expensive firm to fight me. It shows me that Moynihan is a horrible CEO and operates out of stubborness rather than logic which will more than likely end up killing the company. We can only pray!!!!!!! that they fall (from 100 feet onto concrete with exposed rebar).

    • I vent…Do you recall in one of the videos I believe you posted….that Bush Sr. and Clinton both had something to do with our National Sovereignty..(.not sure now and can’t find it) I will just say like disolving or turning it over to the enemy….I wish I had kept notes on that one….Are we still a Nation with Sovereignty?

      • lvent says:

        The ruling elite fully intend to bankrupt America and steal it…..and offer to”fix” our problems with socialism, like the global currency and create a NATION OF RENTERS…….they want to level the world financially by socializing the 40 trillion in FRAUDULENTLY CREATED MORTGAGE DEBT BACKED BY ZERO, onto us and make us believe we owe them money….WE DON’T….that is a BIG LIE……..which will in turn lead to the next part of their evil plan communism, the Government will then own our homes and everything….they want a nation of renters and rent everything, even the cars we drive…. than totalitarianism, THE MICROCHIPPED MARK OF THE BEAST…….that is the end game plan for the New World Order….That is why the truth is being hidden from the American people that we funded this entire mortgage fraud ponzi scheme with our tax payer dollars and the whores at the top have been robbing America blind….AMERICA IS NOT BROKE….THAT IS A BIG LIE……The american people need to know the truth about all of this…before it is too late…….Kudlow said that Obama wants to level America economically like they are doing in Europe…..Obama has owners…and they are the ruling elite……It does not matter what he wants, they own him….but, THEY DO NOT OWN US, THAT IS THE BIG DECEPTION….THAT IS HOW THEY HAVE STOLEN NATIONS ALL THROUGH HISTORY….. OUR HOMES ARE PAID FOR, MANY TIMES OVER BY ALL OF US AND SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE IN AMERICA…I LIKE TO CALL AMERICAN PROTECTIONISM UNDER THE U.S CONSTITUTION….THAT IS WHY THEY WANT TO BURN THE U.S CONSTITUTION…THAT IS THE ONLY THING STANDING BETWEEN US AND THE RULING ELITE TYRANTS……..THE RULING ELITE ARE WHORES…..AND THEIVES……THEY RULE BY SECRECY, LIES AND DECEPTION……..THEY DO NOT OWN US AND CAN ONLY OWN US IF WE ALLOW IT…..THEY BOUGHT THE GOVERNMENT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, NOW IT IS TIME FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK FROM THESE TRAITORS……WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THE GOVERNMENTS HELP, WE WANT OUR STOLEN WEALTH RETURNED TO ALL OF US RIGHT EFFING NOW……!!!

    • Judith McDonald says:

      Live in DE too take a look twitter@judemcdonald. Would think it beneficial we collectedly unite. Good luck.

      • Katheryn says:


        You are the very first person I have enccountered on any foreclosure blogs in nine months of researching from DE! I would love to unite and share info. I couldn’t get to you by twitter. Have you sought any help from AG Biden? He nor his office will respond to me in any way. Have you found a DE attorney willing to help? I will try again with twitter!

  12. John Anderson says:

    BOA must get rid of these people before issuing the final BONUS checks, to top level crooks. The 50 State AGs will now want their campaign contributions up front. They can’t be to careful.

  13. Katheryn says:

    I bet…cut staff and provide better customer service!! I have been fighting them for 10 months now. I finally filed an adversary complaint against them in mid July. Our chap. 7 341 was held on 5/2/11. Trustee filed it a “no” asset case including property. Have not received a discharge yet I guess due to filing the complaint. Trustee wants me to seek legal help. Tried that for a year even including the last couple of weeks. Received one offer and he wants a ton of money up-front which I don’t have now.

    BofA finally hired its 3rd law firm to handle my case. This firm is a global firm..big bucks. I had numerous conversations with their attorney and granted them an extention to file an answer to my complaint. ( I complied only because I knew that the judge would end up granting it would be more work for me without any benefit). Pre-trial hearing was scheduled for 9/2, however, the judge canceled it. Said it was not necessary because we had already prepared and filed a joint scheduling motion. I have survived thus far but now I am totally confused as to what the next step is. I have re-read the Rules of Procedure several times but I am just not getting what I’m supposed to do next. My understanding is I don’t need to respond to their Answer unless it contained counter-claims, which it did not. I, however, would like to answer it. Any guidance from out there in web land would be appreciate! Each time a pro se nobody gains a step…is a benefit to all.

    • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

      Going pro se always leaves you in a position of being accorded very little respect by the court. It also subjects you to being victimized by the other sides dirty tricks. And, in not being well versed in the rules, puts you in the position of potentially unknowingly making a mistake that could prove fatal to your case. I advise against it, even while understanding that competent counsel can be very difficult to obtain.

      You might try looking on Max Gardner’s site for a grad of his bankruptcy bootcamp that is located in your area.

      Look for link at the top “Find Grads.”

      If you come up empty there then keep reading the rules. Then read them again. Also find a good source for case law that relates to rules and issues similar to the facts in your own case. If there is a law library you can get to they will likely have either a West:aw or LexisNexis service available to the general public. A university law library would be preferable as the research librarians will be happy to help you become familiar with whatever database/s they have available. But you might also find that you local courthouse has a service available to the general public as well.

      By all means keep fighting, but make sure the punches you throw are well targeted, and well informed. You can’t go wrong by reading rule and law in terms of getting the best and most useful information.

      • To Telll The Truth says:

        SHe can go pro se and hire a good attorney as a counselor for guidance….

      • lvent says:

        True, I had an attorney tell me he could not rep me but he could help me answer the complaints and such…..This is all nuts! This reminds me of the Black Sabbath song, Crazy Train! All Aboard!! hahahahah!!

      • Katheryn says:

        I keep reading and reading and reading. I just wish someone could look at where the case is now and say you need to do this this and this. Then I would feel a bit more confident. Part of the problem I find is the number of different terms they have meaning the same thing, ie: pre-trial conference, scheduling conference, etc., all meaning the same thing. Unless you deal with the court, you have no way to know that all these terms are referring to one and the same meeting with the judge. Then stuff they have on the court website has changed, and again, unless you are familar with the court, you would not know. Just another day in paradise without the paradise.

      • Katheryn says:

        Me thinks Crazy Train pretty much describes the world nowadays

      • lvent says:

        Katheryn, an attorney was here a couple of months ago on a podcast and said the most important thing to do is get your case out of foreclosure court……You can file a motion to dismiss on a technicality like civil rico, slander on title, fraud….. at anytime even if they have been granted the fraudclosure it is not to late….The recorder of deeds office gave me some good advice a while back….have your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed before you go talk to an attorney…..Foreclosure court is an attempt to collect a debt and we have to force the pretender lender to show proof they own the loan through discovery and make them prove up the original note and all of the original documents,(clear chain of title to them) which they can’t because of the Origination Fraud and the fact they ever delivered the notes to the trust which they only have 90 days to do and that can never be legally perfected at this late date .In the movie Capitalism, a Love Story, Marcy Kaptur, the Congresswoman from Ohio who has been trying to fight for our rights said that if your attorney can’t put his finger on your note, it does not exist….They lost the notes up on Wall Street…. ..Anyway,the attorney stated this action by you, causes the pretender lender to withdraw their case most of the time….you have to be the moving party and challenge your pretender lender for anything to happen is what I took from the podcast.

      • lvent says:

        Just wanted to add that we need an attorney because the pretender lender attorneys know all of the tricks and as a pro se defendant we will end up losing on a technicallity….Truth is we are not lawyers and the banks attorneys know every sneaky trick in the book to screw us and the judges know if we don’t have an attorney the banks will screw us out of our homes that they do not own…..

    • To Telll The Truth says:

      Answer it anyway…they tried that on me and it failed…file anything and everything….amd get certified copies eacj time you file and check your docket often and photo copy whatever is in it you dont have…

      • Katheryn says:


        Thanks for the suggestions. There is not an attorney in my state that will handle it. The attorney that did respond to me who wants tons of money up front is not even in my state. I would have to also pay his fees to file here on top of his hourly fee. I just don’t have the money to do that. I have no choice but to do the best I can and pray that somehow somewhere help will show up or God will send me a legal guardian angel to guide me!

      • lvent says:

        Katheryn, Best of Luck to you…I believe God is on our side and when you really need help you will get it….Learn everything that you can and God Bless.

      • Katheryn says:

        Thank you Ivent – and God Bless you and everyone of us who have to fight these $#@*& you know whats! I will post as the case goes along, or not… something may be of help to someone else:)

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