Dallas County D.A. Craig Watkins takes on Wall Street with MERS lawsuit

Dallas County D.A. Craig Watkins takes on Wall Street with MERS lawsuit

In an interview with Dallas South News, Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins says he plans to file a lawsuit against a company representing organizations who he says owes the county millions of dollars.

A group of private attorneys is working with the county on a claim against Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) who they say has avoided paying county fees. The suit will be filed in Dallas County District Court sometime next week.

“Counties are suffering financially,” Watkins said, “If the fees were paid, they would not have to [struggle].” The district attorney says he felt this lawsuit was necessary to protect the interests of Dallas County citizens. “It’s because of the nefarious activities of some of these entities that the county has been harmed,” he adds.

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  2. Charles says:

    MERS is the banks. MERS was created by Freddie and Fannie along with the banks and Angelo Mozillo, CEO of Countrywide mortgage. But now that all the lawsuits are happening Freddie and Fannie deny being members of MERS along with JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. Do they think we are idiots? I. Say sue the bastards.

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