Wells Fargo | Homeowner Facing Pre-Foreclosure Can’t Get Answers in Writing Even Though She is Current



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  1. lvent says:

    I was in fraudclosure court today and Wells Fargo was one of the banks that did not show up for court….Federal Home Loan was another…hmmmmm……..

    • I vent….so what happens when they are a no show ? The way the courts are….it probably just is set for another day….but if you are a no show..your done. This was not on your case..right? So at this point you still have no attorney on your case?
      I just remembered something I wanted to ask you or anyone who understands what I am going to ask….On my daughters foreclosure, the mill lawyer included the affidavit not signed and the letter from the FDIC….telling of Chase taking over certain purchase of WAMU….The affidavit was stamped recorded in the State of Washington….(home of WAMU)…but it was never recorded in my daughters county records. If the affidavit said that Chase took over WAMU…would that need to be recorded in her county? I know she has a letter from Chase saying they were now the servicer of the loan..but nothing say’s they are owners of the loan. Could that be why it is not recorded in her records? They just service it….not own the loan? Yet…the summons say’s they own the loan. The way the FDIC worded the letter was very tricky and short….they said like…Chase purchased the loans and other services…….but Chase said they were the servicer of the loan….I just wondered why the affidavit was not signed and not recorded in county records….my opinion is that they do not own the loan and servicers are not recorded….Am I right on this? It fries me that Shapiro and Fishman twice have filed the same documents and keep saying Chase owns the loan…but nothing shows they own it…we got the letter saying they service it…but Shapiro does not know that we have the letter. and all Requests to Produce came back almost 10 months later …all requests OBJECTED….is that not crust? I just wondered why the affidavit was not signed and recorded in the county where the home is.

  2. learning2 says:

    Had the same problem…

  3. Charles says:

    She should file a complaint with the OOC and FDIC/FOIA/Trustee dept., I’m sure the will correct all her problems.

    • lvent says:

      I hate to have to say this Charles, but we can file all of the requests and complaints we want …… this is a Hitler Plan by the ruling elite and they don’t give rat’s ass about any of us…..This is all about greed and world domination..THEY ARE THEIVES AND HORDERS……..they want to take over the world for false debt when they never lent any of us any money…..The U.S. TAXPAYER lent our money to them..This is all a test to see what we will allow them to get away with…and the U.S. GOVERNMENT IS COMPLETELY CORRUPT AND — USELESS AND IS ALLOWING THIS TERRORISM OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE……….!!

  4. Readdocs says:

    It looks as though the whole article is not published.

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