Must See Video | Paralyzed Oregon Man, Living on $22,000 a Month and Able to Pay, Fights Bank of America Foreclosure

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Paralyzed Oregon man, living on $22,000 a month and able to pay, fights foreclosure

Robert Galanida was a skinny teenager when a drunken driver rammed the pickup he was riding in, hurtling him to the blacktop and paralyzing him from his shoulders down.

With the help of multimillion-dollar legal and insurance settlements, he and his mother now live comfortably on annuity payments of $22,000 a month.

So they are at a loss as to why his mortgage servicer, Bank of America, has repeatedly tried to evict him from his Tualatin home. Custom-built 14 years ago for less than $400,000, it boasts wide halls and doorways to accommodate his wheelchair and an air purification system to keep his body temperature and breathing in check.

How did someone who could so clearly afford a $4,800 monthly loan payment fall so far behind?

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4 Responses to “Must See Video | Paralyzed Oregon Man, Living on $22,000 a Month and Able to Pay, Fights Bank of America Foreclosure”
  1. Beth A. says:


  2. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    And the money is created out of ??thin air??what’money’?are sacks and sacks of frns being moved around in all reality?probably not.
    anyhow the worst of the worst are running this the full course with a goal of depopulation and stress KILLS.
    This poor man has already suffered as no one could understand until/unless they were to actually experience it but I must remember that to be compassionate is a taboo in the former united states of America…on planet earth there is running a very dark energy…

    time to give Hell a couple of big black eyes
    by caring about one another
    why is it as it has been made?
    because few believe anything else could be possible.

    It’s bad here…real bad…but this man has it worse still though comparison of misery helps none who are experiencing it in any of it’s modern man made/enforced forms…

    my stomach hurts almost as much as my heart now
    it isn’t ending for any of us is it……

  3. housemanrob says:

    More greedy banksters trying to help themselves to the financial fortunes of a man whose life has been essentially destroyed……..any officials, AGs or any authority for that matter? It is so obvious what goes on here and they are going to drive us to using our guns!

  4. Steven Groening says:

    One lesson here is that the Banks are continual. habitual liars – a machine that is set up for profit at any and all costs.

    “Galanida’s case exemplifies the flawed foreclosure and modification practices ”

    When we read this, are we only to assume a flawed process? Or an intentional, systematic approach to theft, fraud and dishonesty? Notice how Banks typically pass blame to the Treasury, and the Treasury places blame back on the Banks, meanwhile the land grabs continue and the “borrowers” are treated like dirt or criminals.

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