Banksters | Floridians Facing Foreclosure Should Lose their Homes Faster Under Plan Making its Rounds

In states that already settle matters outside of the courts, homeowners are still given notice and time by lenders to settle the issue. If there is a mistake, they should be able to notify their bank and straighten out the problem, DiMarco said.

But if the bank is acting irresponsibly, DiMarco added, lawyers and judges should become involved.

That’s the point, DiMarco. The banks are NOT acting responsibly.

That is why we do not need to remove foreclosures from the courts.



Floridians facing foreclosure could lose their homes faster under plan making rounds in Tallahassee

TALLAHASSEE — Floridians facing foreclosure could be stripped of their homes faster and have routine access to the courts limited under a proposal likely to come before Gov. Rick Scott and the Legislature in the coming months.

Bankers see it as a speedy and efficient way to manage foreclosure cases and get tens of thousands of Florida properties in ownership limbo back on the market, helping pull the state out of its economic doldrums.

In contrast, foreclosure defense lawyers and consumer activists see the plan as removing judicial oversight from a system that has proven to be riddled with fraud and abuse, and leaving ordinary homeowners defenseless before some of the state’s most powerful financial interests.

“Obviously there’s a lot of fraud being perpetrated by the banks in these cases,” said Michael Redman, a Palm Beach County resident who founded the Website to chronicle Florida’s ongoing foreclosure crisis. “At this point in the game, it’s almost ridiculous to take it out of the court system.”

But the Florida Bankers Association, which has pushed the plan over the past few years, has key allies. Scott voiced support for the proposal at a Florida Bar convention this summer and told reporters Wednesday he is still interested in it. Some lawmakers have already jumped on board.

“Well, I want to make sure that we have an efficient process, so we don’t create a reason for banks or whoever lends money not to lend money in Florida,” Scott said. “When you talk to people that are in the system now they say it’s 600 days to get through foreclosure. All that does is create another incentive for people to not lend money when we want people to lend money to our state.

“I don’t know the answer yet, but I want to look at the process,” Scott said. “I want to get more information before I make a decision.”

According to RealtyTrac, a foreclosure tracking firm, Florida had the third highest foreclosure rate in the nation and was second in the number of foreclosure cases filed in 2010. On average, the firm said, the foreclosure process takes 676 days.

Usually the lender reclaims possession; other times, homeowners get to keep their property.

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13 Responses to “Banksters | Floridians Facing Foreclosure Should Lose their Homes Faster Under Plan Making its Rounds”
  1. Mary Sims says:

    Jeez…how do you recruit people to work for these banks? Are they “Americans” or what do they stand for?
    How do you make people turn against each other while the establishment does bad things?
    What do these people in Tallahassee know about anything?
    How has this happened to us, the citizens of Florida?
    So sad. What is next??

  2. J. Alonzo says:

    How on earth do they plane on passing a law that simply can’t go retroactive. They are trying to scare us. It won’t happen. All mortgages to date have a clause that says they will accelerate by taking you to court. The judicial lingo is in all the mortgages and notes that have been done until now. It’s in the contract folks. By them doing that they would have void out their very own mortgages. What they may do is change it for all new closings. Maybe!

  3. foreclosureweary says:

    What a bunch of crap from DIMarco! In the non-judicial states houses are stolen 2 months after the fraudulent Notice Of Intent To Sell–and there is no recourse–the judge just dismisses the complaint by the homeowner–WE ARE ENTERING A NEW STAGE OF FASCISM!

  4. It seems Scott is treading on the people of Florida.. if he even thinks the way of the banksters……Scott seems not to understand the actual set up of all the frauds…..Tell the people, Mr. Scott, who are the creditors of all these mortgages.?…Who actually lent the money since you know so much of the foreclosures? Where are the original Notes and Mortgages that are needed for the banks to prove they are even owed any money..let alone steal the homes? Does Mr. Scott even know that the banks put themselves as payee/lender on the Notes and Mortgages..when they were not the payee/lender? They recorded these documents as fraud in the county records. Does Mr. Scott see fraud yet….Mr. Scott must know what fraud looks like…it is not a stranger to him……. Of course the bankster assoc. wants a fast way to foreclose….they want to steal the homes faster….cause they are loosing ground fast. The banks have not lost one cent in the mortgages..they never paid for the mortgages …so tell us Mr. Scott…what have they lost ? .They have made money over and over. …using the signatures of the homeowners….all done in fraud…money made when nothing was paid by them….from the closing on fraud reeked everywhere…..and is still reeking in the courts. I suggest Mr. Scott better get his act together and know the full story FROM THE PEOPLE….. ….NOT FROM THE BANKSTERS……
    The hell with the economy…THIS ISSUE is what needs to be solved now….it’s the people who need to be listened to…not the bank Assoc….they are part of the fraud…..they speak no truth….they are the devil in disguise…… The banks can go to hell too…they have gotten wealthly off of the frauds….destroyed records to hide the frauds…lied……paid bribes…did whatever they felt like doing as long as they could get away with it…WELL..they got caught….caught in many crimes….guilty…the devil used his own pitch-fork on them….THE FRAUDCLOSURE CRIME PLAN WAS PREMEDITATED….A PLAN BEFOREHAND,… A BLUEPRINT TO FOLLOW….BUT THE PLAN DID NOT INCLUDE BEING CAUGHT….SO NOW THE BANKSTER ASSOC. IS STILL LYING AND CRYING TO TALLAHASSEE THAT THE FASTER WE CAN GET A SYSTEM OF STEALING …THE FASTER WE WILL OWN ALL THE HOMES…..AND THE NWO CAN TAKE OVER….THE JOB WILL BE DONE. WAKE UP PEOPLE….IT’S NEAR THE END…….YOU BETTER SWAMP sCOTT WITH PHONE CALLS, E-MAILS AND LETTERS NOW….OR WE ARE DONE..

    • J. Alonzo says:

      They can’t do it to all the current mortgages. It’s in the mortgage and note that they will sue you in
      Court. That can’t be changed. It’s contractual. Meaning all currently delinquent and future defaults that have already been closed with the current forms that have the existing judicial law in them can’t e affected.
      Even if they wanted to the supreme would over turn all their work. Careful, what may happen is they may change it fior all new closings. The republicans really don’t care about the people. I am no long one. Have not been for years and democrats are cut by the same cloth. Let’s vote for Ron Paul.

  5. lvent says:


  6. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    the world’s burning down,hatred of each other appears to be the fuel,ignore-ance the torch…others,having”paid their fair(!!) share”…be it taxes or Mortgage fiat currency…hate the”free house people”,the”ill educated” the”working poor”…hate is poison but apparently in the Greatest Hoax/genocide it has worked like an evil,mad magicians’ charm….


    So sad to hear of it,certainly sign of the banksters/ de facto courts desperate bid to”bail out” with:more lies and treachery…
    the day is dark
    I seek Light…

    Love the ones you can
    there is only kindness to save us
    but in the bastardized legal arenas
    millions suffer
    Godspeed the Lawyers with a Soul
    thank you all…
    thank you Neil
    may Courage sustain you!
    To my fellow earthlings…Love Conquers All
    my Daughters and my Dog have taught me …

    there is no”job” plan we all need to BE the real Shift
    we can easly feed clothe house and produce enough without the false we get to truth
    I will not be silenced
    even the”dull and ignorant” have a story…
    ahh it’s just battle fatigue
    time to Ranger the bleepity bleep Up…
    Stay Strong
    Never never never never never quit…
    “There is no higher God than Truth.”~Gandhi

    …”And the TRUTH shall set you Free…”
    and if the Son shall set you free,you SHALL be free indeed… ”

    “Give me liberty or give me death…there are,WORSE things than death.”~Son of thunder,Patrick Henry

    banksters are…?????

    En la Brecha !!!( hope my spelling held…correction accepted with grace:)

    Charge like the BULL!!!!

  7. Jeff Rendle says:

    In other words “the faster people are thrown out of their houses, the better the ‘economy’ will be”. That’s the crap that comes out of the mouth of a lobbyist. He is clearly saying people don’t matter. This is undoubtedly the same idea the Treasury Department/Fannie Mae, some judges, Realtors, Banksters all have – ‘let’s just get these million losers or so out of the way since they are “hurting the economy”.
    I wonder it we’ll reach the point where we’re told that the fact that because we’re alive , we’re “hurting the economy”.

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      As blatant as the last round of extermination…when the unaffected-so they thought-a price was paid to lose one’s humanity is to lose one’s soul-when the people just commented”I wonder if the Trains are running on time today?” when they all SHOULD have been shouting in UNISON :”STOP THIS TRAIN!! DISCHARGE IT’S”CARGO” !!THIS MINUTE!!”

      Humanity has become a race of chicken shits…with notable and multiple exceptions who are NOT getting their voices united as the controllers are desperate to retain control.
      they WILL fall.

      “failure is impossible.”~Susan B.Anthony

      Merciful lot the expensively mis-educated masses…sepeaate education from schooling and separate that from our enemy L’Etat! Global resistence is growing we seek a peaceful transition
      by their FRUITS you will know them…anyone smeel something rotten in those court rooms,those dirty sealing @!$%&^…
      WHY should one have to”pay” to LIVE on the planet one was born upon…
      Expect us.

      • Jeanette Ambrose says:

        man do I EVER need some optometry and…to slow down…sorry all for the typos…too much cuppa joe I see…

  8. Readdocs says:

    Sure, take homes that are inhabited, and turn them into blight. Empty them by putting them
    back on a market where they will not sell. Or better yet allow them to be bought up for pennies
    on the dollar by slum lords, that will also take care of the surrounding neighborhoods!
    Let this continue until the homes fail and are torn down. Then a new generation of buyers
    try buying those newly vacated lots only to find out that years before the foreclosures were
    fraudulent and the titles cannot be fixed because all involved are now defunct or dead.

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      System FAILURE…repeat,system FAILURE!!
      What a group of absolute reptilians (apologies to the Natural reptiles…a least a side-winder is identifiable …)

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