Occupy Wall St Police Riot (9-24-2011) #OccupyWallSt

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1,000 + people marched through nyc and many were arrested. the crowd at the park grows each day. if you have not heard from your friends lately … maybe they’re there.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

FAX (212) 788-2460


Demand More Coverage!!!
CNN 404-827-1500
MSNBC 212-664-3720
FOX 212-301-3000
CBS 212-975-2161

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20 Responses to “Occupy Wall St Police Riot (9-24-2011) #OccupyWallSt”
  1. housemanrob says:

    Just watched MSNBC…….reort on Occupy Wallstreet……complete with all offending videos and the only question asked of the so-called expert analyst was “WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE WANT? WHAT DO THEY WANT….DOES ANYBODY KNOW? Really? We are still that invisible….well… not for long!

  2. xxxx says:

    appears cops are in lock and load mentality, are they scared? should they be, yes some will have to give a life for this evil disease spreading in out country and other countries. They have been training for this a long time from many countries. can they succeed? probably not. The younger people are here trying to save our country and their own also. The bravery is heart rendering. May you be watched over brave ones, praying for your safety and you strong voice to be heard around the world!!!!!

    • housemanrob says:

      Cops in blue are mostly sympathetic…..they realize they are a 99%, like us….the guys in white shirts, including the cop in the red jacket, were all brutal! Probably Homeland Security…special ops.

  3. Mario Kenny says:

    well when I worked for my lawyer some time ago many, Police officers of every kind came for legal help with their foreclosure, I personally helped many of them with their paper under the supervision of my lawyer, I recall one cop actually cried, when I told him what he had gotten into, most of them could not believe that this could ever happen to them, a few of these officers would think they were special and did not deserve a foreclosure.

  4. lvent says:

    Watching these videos gives me a cold chill…It looks like cops are grabbing random innocent people who are doing nothing wrong. Maybe the cops do not yet realize they were robbed by these criminals too and they are not safe either…The cops must be feeling the economic oppression as well, they don’t make that much money. The cops will know doubt be joining the protestors soon. America should boycott the MSM they are largely ingnoring this.

  5. rictic says:

    If anyone needed more evidence that the US is now a fully fledged Police State then I think this video proves it.

  6. Mario Kenny says:

    anonymous reminds me of the Borg in movie Star Trek, where one can be a part of a faceless collective where no one person is any thing other than a part of a whole, I also liken it to a pool of mortgages, where and when all the notes are mixed up in one pot of soup and they all become the same and cannot later be made whole and brought into court to make a claim.

  7. cmc says:

    I don’t think that I saw this on the news this weekend. If it was it must have been a small piece……Disgusting…

    • lvent says:

      CNN reported a tiny bit on this yesterday morning. CNN said that cops were cracking down on peaceful protesters on Wall Street…80 were arrested. CNN also said that people are protesting because they feel Wall Street has caused the the economy to be so bad for so many..

  8. Mario Kenny says:

    I hope that the State of new York is made to pay with big money for all it has caused it police thugs to commit as crimes on “free people”. I hope that lawsuits are formed to bankrupt that state and every state

  9. Jackson Bane says:

    They’ve identified the cop who sprayed the mace in the notorious video – heaven forbid that someone dies as a result of a heavy handed response to these peaceful protests, that may be the spark that causes an explosion. These are very scary times indeed, people are hurting and the state apparatus is out in full menacing force. Got to keep hope alive, don’t let the bastards grind you down!

  10. talktotennessee says:

    Anyone know the speaker’s (anonymous) origin or home country?

    • I don’t know…but he sure got my heart pounding….had to turn down the speakers…..But he was very good ..that is why my speakers were up till I realized my heart was pounding faster and faster…..

    • Fury says:

      i think that they electronically alter the voice in anonymous videos.
      anonymous is a worldwide activist collective with no real head, according to what i have read.
      i’m not even sure whether they have an official spokesman. they might take turns or everyone is free
      to do their own thing.

      it is frightening how the FBI tries to arrest people whom they believe are part of the collective.

      i saw a woman interviewed who was arrested in an FBI sweep.
      she is 42, a single mom of 2 kids living in Napa and they are charging her with DDoS attack.

      she said that all she did was click on a link when she was reading about one of anonymous’ protests, the one where they were mad at paypal for not accepting donations for wikileaks..

      she didn’t even know what a distributed denial of Service attack was…

      very very scary.

    • Veblen says:

      A speech by Charlie Chaplin in “The Great Dictator” (1940).

  11. Mario Kenny says:

    I say we need more police brutality that, more foreclosures, more fraud, and the police need to kill some people. It must get bad before it gets better. real bad.

    they are cowards, they are trained to abuse people and they are not trained to jail real criminals

  12. Mario Kenny says:

    when 50000 comes? they will kill many of them, bank on that

  13. Tee says:

    Wow…….what will they do when 50,000 show up???

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