New Deposition of Cheryl Samons | “David Stern Lied to me” and LPS “Made My Life Miserable”

Looks like we have another look into the world of fraudclosures via the deposition of Cheryl Samons.

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Cheryl Samons depo: “David Stern lied to me.”

Former employees of the Law Offices of David J. Stern have filed a class-action against Stern and his firm, claiming they were laid off in violation of federal law when Stern’s firm collapsed in November 2010.

Lawyers in that suit have taken the deposition of Cheryl Samons, and her testimony is fascinating for anyone who wants to know how Stern built his empire on whose toes he stepped on to get there.

One fascinating aspect is the promises that Stern made to Samons—and how, when he took the company public, he cut her out of the talks completely:

Q: Taking the company public, you said it was "our dream," was that ever your dream?
A: No, I didn't want to be part of a publicly traded company, but David kept saying that—because I didn't know anything about publicly-traded companies. And I still don't know anything about publicly-traded companies. But you know, because it was—it was our little thing that we built, you know. It was supposed to be small.
Q: Do you think David lied to you?
A: Yeah. I think he lied to me.

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New Deposition of Cheryl Samons

4 Responses to “New Deposition of Cheryl Samons | “David Stern Lied to me” and LPS “Made My Life Miserable””
  1. To tell The Truth says:

    Am beginning to wonder if Stern acted on his own? It would seem to me that the bank was complicit with him for him to do what he did? He had to have gotten his info from the bank and together came up with the strategy he did…so where does that leave the bank?
    Also, how can we know what cases he did turn over to the banksters and which ones he had after they fell out? Perhaps this is a good time for those home owners to sue him and the bank if they were victims of robosigning and other notable fraud, before the powers that be work out a deal with the banks to get money for their coffers…

    Is anyone following the lawsuits with Stern and the banksters and vice versa?
    What does it mean to assign a judgment and credit bid to another bank ( BOA) in a foreclosure sale?

  2. CaitlinO says:

    Actually, it looks like they were good forecasters. With a current valuation of $.07 per share, down 99.5% from its all-time high, DJSP DEFINITELY qualifies as a “little thing.”;range=2y;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

  3. David B. Fee says:

    Ever scense Stern was shut down all of the phone calls from Costa Rica & the Phillippines have stoped ! I want you to no me & my lady have a total of (5) five 1st morg. & (4) equity lines all with Chase this means we would get sometime (9) phone calls in the PM hours.

    • lvent says:

      Proof of the multipledging of notes….they did not care because they knew they were going to dump all of these toxic loans into a Global Pool and try and force all of us into believing we caused this 140 trillion in collateral fraud and bankrupt all of us to pay for all of their fraud….and then steal our country with thier Global currency and their Global Tyranny.

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