DEADBEATS | Florida’s Fraudclosure Courts Running Out of Cash, Foresees Shortfall of Around $108 Million

Court revenue forecast is a cause for concern

It appears the courts will need another loan to make it through the fiscal year

Revenues for Florida’s courts will be lower than initially projected for the 2011-12 fiscal year, but how much lower was a point of contention at the Article V Revenue Estimating Conference September 12. The eventual consensus, however, showed that the courts will need another loan of state funds in the current fiscal year.

The courts began the year with a $54 million loan for the first three months because of the dramatic slowing in foreclosure filings. (The budget anticipates the courts will pay that loan back by the end of the fiscal year.)

Under the new estimates, the courts foresee a shortfall of around $108 million, which includes paying back the initial $54 million loan.

Officials from the Governor’s Office, the Economic and Demographic Research Office of the Legislature, legislative budget staffers, and the Office of the State Courts Administrator shared their economic projections and reached a consensus of what is likely to happen for the remainder of the year.

On most items, various officials were fairly close together on their projections. But on foreclosures — the largest source of funding for the courts — they were far apart.

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10 Responses to “DEADBEATS | Florida’s Fraudclosure Courts Running Out of Cash, Foresees Shortfall of Around $108 Million”
  1. Granicus says:

    I do believe that the standard FNMA mortgage cantains language covering “judicial foreclosure” upon default. How does changing the statutes to allow non judicial foreclosures cover these contracts? How can the state of Florida unilaterally (through legislation) negate these contracts?

  2. Granicus says:

    Making Florida a non-judicial state will save the banksters foreclosure filing fees. The courts need these fees to operate. How does Herr Scott plan on replacing this revenue?

  3. Beth A. says:

    IVent – Thank you so much for posting the hyperlink to the Ratigan petition. I signed it right away.

    Happy Friday!

  4. lvent says:

    Hey everyone! check this website out….Dylan’s petition to take the money out of politics….Sign it and spread it like crazy!
    There is also an e-mail address for Dylan to send any ideas to…

  5. cloud97408 says:

    So…if MERS had complied with the LAW…they might not be in that perdicument. Oh wait Florida has that Idiot AG…nevermind.

    • neidermeyer says:

      If Florida lawmakers (on the state AND local level) had half a brain they would force MERS and other private record-keepers to comply with recording laws ,, How? Simple , don’t allow the fraudsters to create and backdate .. if it wasn’t filed it doesn’t exist! This would bring in huge amounts of cash (lets add a 100==>200% penalty filing fee to all late submissions) and get the courts out of the Rocket Docket business.

      • neidermeyer……..Florida lawmakers in Tallahassee are NOT for the people…everything done has been for the Mortgage Bankers Asssociation who has home base right in Tallahassee….they golf and party together….the lawmakers made and passed a bill allowing the bankers to drop money into a ‘ pouch ‘ and claim it is for re-election purposes….we had no voting rights on this at all….in fact…we have no say in anything done in Tallahassee…..This has already been said all along that the lawmakers see black is white and white is black….they are not our government as we think…they are under the same control as Washington… you have seen…and so are the courts…the NWO rules…they are called the owners…..we have no government for the people…this is a deliberate plan to say the courts are running out of money….BECA– USE the courts have let the banks get away with having to refile….at no additional cost…they call it re-summit the correct fraud papers…such as forge papers that correct the lies…the courts see wrong as right and right as wrong…that is the way the NWO thinks….black is white and white is black. All rights have turned to be wrong and we are the enemy in their eyes….Making Florida a non-judicial state is a deliberiate move to let the criminal crooks steal all the homes….that is what the Bankster Assoc. has asked for ALL ALONG….and the State will lie to follow the NWO rules…….WAKE UP FLORIDA….EVERYONE NEEDS TO PROTESTS….NOT JUST ON WALL STREET EITHER….DID I SEE YOU AT THE RALLY IN TALLY IN MARCH OF THIS YEAR???? DON’T THINK SO……I WAS THERE….WHERE WERE YOU? .

  6. As far as I am concerned they can shut the damn courts down…..the Courts of Justice have turned into the courts of hell….Some of the Judges are on the up and up…the others need to be thrown out on the street so the bus can run over them…….Florida is a corrupt state starting in Tallahassee on down….the people need to revolt…..

  7. Mario Kenny says:

    well this helps them to pass the bill to take the courts out out of foreclosure, so it works like a charm.

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