Sewer Service | Woman in Cape Faces Loan Nightmare

There’s no doubt Dobberstein didn’t pay her mortgage; that’s not a crime.

But I believe what’s happening to her and thousands of others in our court system certainly is.


Woman in Cape faces loan nightmare

Paula Dobberstein’s story starts out like so many others who are in foreclosure.

And unfortunately, it looks like it’s ending up like many others, too – with attorneys for the banks and mortgage companies using falsified documents and fabrications to deny homeowners’ rights.

“This is the most horrible thing I’ve been through in my life,” she said.

In 2007 Dobberstein took out a $544,000 loan to refinance her Cape Coral home. The interest rate on the loan was 8.375 percent and her monthly mortgage payment was $2,149.46.

Soon after, Dobberstein, a registered nurse, took a $10-an-hour pay cut, she said. She can rattle off all the loan modifications and foreclosure prevention programs she tried but failed to get. She would submit documents for months, believing things were working out, and then would learn she wasn’t approved. This went on for more than three years.

While Dobberstein was working things out, the David J. Stern law firm in Plantation was stealthily foreclosing on her home.

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  1. jaclyn says:


  2. housemanrob says:

    Hey Vent, make your mark, for we are nothing but the whisper of an echo in the thunder of time. Remember……….”don’t you know that you are a shooting star?”

    • lvent says:

      You to Rob? I am always relating music to what is happening right now!…Many artists were trying to warn us..I think we were being prepared for this our whole lives, we just did not know it till now…I remember I had a teacher in grade school who always used to tell us go, do your due dilligence…! Isn’t that weird that I remember that?

  3. lvent says:

    Thanks Rob…!

  4. Constitutional ChrisYAHan says:

    Regrettably this is: But ONE; “Guerilla Attack” in the N.W.O.’s 3rd World War III, as a new Form of War incorporating the : “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,” Rothschild’s Cainaanite M.O. [ Meyer Amschel Beyer: in Fact in Law, or what other PSEUDONYM, they adopt to Deceive?] [Like: Barry Sotero, a.k.a. B.H.O’bama, a.k.a. the SSN Pseudonym, he used to deceive and continues to deceive] ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc !

    This IS a Stealthful, intentionally; difficult to discern, [How to: Boil a FROG?,] WAR by: multifarious Quasi Legal Fictional Schemes, Frauds, Regulatory Schemes, and militarizations of regional Police and Quasi Law Agencies, clevely DisGuised as: “Public Servants,” under the: artful device, of the “Pretense of Public Safety,” [kind of Like in: “AVATAR,”] where the: Aggressor Forces, CONcoct the CONtrivance of: “colouring the PREY,”
    [ That’s US, pilgrims!] as: savages, Extremist Right Wing Terrorists, or bubba’fied Ignorant Masses of Indigenous GOYIM /Infidels / Gentiles/heathens of: WE THE PEOPLE, whom they merely PRESUME: to
    Save US; by their Evil Communist Schemes by: WORLD DOMINATION, thru SLAVERY!

    The Chicago Mob’s: “Teflon Don; Pretend POTUS,” C.I.A. Trained Asset, / Agent provocateur, a mere: well coiffed; Talking Head, tele-prompter Reader Extroardinaire, feebily ACTING the Part while Enjoying the Perks, ad infinitum, to excess, AT OUR EXtreme Expense, while: DRAINING the Treasury to: Destroy the American Economic Empire!

    When will the American People DEMAND: an Accounting, and Trial for TREASON?

  5. lvent says:

    Same old evil loan mod plot, another set up to fail by the Global elite… They are using their Oligarchy, the attorneys and the judges to steal everything from the people that they do not own and never did own……An attorney told me point blank, they are coming for everyone’s property… one is safe. I replied that is Comunism…He told me that is TOTAL COMMUNISM…..The atttorneys are telling us the NWO’s evil plans for all of us and if you want to hire them, they are being forced to play by the rules of the tyranny. This is a fight between WE THE PEOPLE and this illegal and unconstitutional tyranny….not to many attorneys want to get involved in this manufactured mess….

    • housemanrob says:

      Vent, This is why I hire my lawyer team….4200$ a year for a little less stress…….and a lot of great help!

      • lvent says:

        I am glad you found someone to do this for you Rob that did not try to point what is akin to a 22 revolver at your head and tell you to sign up for some bad assed extortion plot to be performed by HUD…I have tried and failed to find an attorney that is willing to step on any toes here in the land of Plutocrats….The Plutocrats are running Chitown….not the Oligarchs as many would have us believe…the Oligarchs did the dirty deeds for them but they are not the extortionists, that is being done by their owners…Ozzie left and went down by you guys. My son and I were watching some of the best of Ozzies rants on our local sports channel….Ozzie said it like it is…..and had us laughing our arses off….Ozzie spoke the truth about the Plutocrats and their Oligarchs……Everyone is full of shit and F–K everybody…..He is one honest character….We will miss him…

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent…someone has to care up there……..interview lawyers yourself, ask them about what they know about notes, deed of trust, securitization, assignments and bank and investment bank schemes…..pools and trustees…the minute he says something you do not like…….leave and start over. Also, who were the lawyers who have had VICTORIES IN YOUR AREA…….a good place to start! P.S. Avoid all you know about the NWO and the world plot….keep them focused on the job at hand!

      • lvent says:

        Rob, I have been through the attorney mill….they either tell you they can help and string you along to see what you know or they just tell you….you can’t win. I am still looking but this town is a giant plutocracy….At the end of the day here, where I live..this is going to come down to what you know and a lot of luck….You know who is Mayor here now…that is all I need to say. When I went downtown to the courthouse a few days ago….I was told by a reputable pssst….. they are switching the judges around…and there is alot of sneaky business going on…Of course there is..there always is!

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent….soooo! Keep on looking…….if none are willing………then you got a scoop! I know you won’t give up………your too tough……so go get em’.

      • lvent says:

        The real twist here Rob is this…in the 2 fraudclosure complaints I am fighting the Plaintiffs have joined me and my husband, the defendants…they are actually telling me they are a non-record claimants..these are unsecured debts……so if I do hire an attorney they are actually fighting for them because the pretender lenders are defendants as well..trying to fraudclose on MERS and a FEE SIMPLE DEED….which is bullshit…the land is not anything at all compared to the value of my home……..that is why the attorneys are telling me to hire an attorney to protect myself from my own attorney….could this be any more sinister?

      • housemanrob says:

        Remember Vent….Winning or losing is not about you and me….it is about your grandchildren……..and mine. Remember Nathan Hale, before being hung….” I only regret that I have but one life to live for my country”.

      • housemanrob says:


      • lvent says:

        That is the main reason I am doing this Rob….and we don’t want to be homeless and eating cat food in our old age either….!

      • housemanrob says:

        I know Vent……..they should hang all of them!

      • lvent says:

        I think EVERYONE has had it with all of their lies and b.s…and they know it. They never thought they would get caught…

      • lvent says:

        Bloomberg just reported many of those loan mods that were given out are now in default and people are at least 90 days late..No surprise…it is just a shame these people wasted their money trying….An attorney told me months ago…forget the loan mods, this debt the Ponzi Schemers created is unsustainable…..Sure it is….this is a Hitler Plan…they want to steal all of our weatlh and all of our homes…The people who got loan mods were the tokens…so they could say, see we told you so…when they knew damned well they created these horrible economic conditions..and this unsustainable debt. their debt, not ours..this was all done intentionally to steal everything from all of us……Fight the good fight!

      • housemanrob says:

        We all knew that default was coming for mods……this is a DEPRESSION!!

      • lvent says:

        Max Keiser’s guest today on the second half of his show, Nomi Prins…started out speaking the truth she said…… this is a depression..the MSM is trying to cover up the truth…

  6. Jeff Rodgers says:

    This is all we need to know:
    “David J. Stern law firm in Plantation was stealthily foreclosing on her home.”

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