WE ARE ALL SCOTT OLSEN. Scott, 24, served 2 tours of active duty in Iraq. He came home safe. He went out for a peaceful protests in the USA, and ended up in intensive care at the hands of his fellow Americans, the Oakland Police Force. ~ 4closureFraud.org

Dylan Ratigan | Delaware AG Beau Biden: Fighting Fraudclosure

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White Paper | Credit Ratings Across Asset Classes: A=A? – Credit-rating companies routinely award higher rankings to debt issued by banks and corporations that pay them the most

Abstract Contrary to assertions by the Big 3 credit raters, we demonstrate that credit ratings are not comparable across asset classes. Default frequencies, ratings transition matrices, hazard rate models, and ratings adjustment regressions all indicate that differences exist across asset classes both in the levels of credit ratings and the distributions of their changes. Relative … Read more

The European Non-Bailout Explained With A Cartoon

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Unemployed | Marshall Watson Law Office Cuts Staff, 20 to 30 Positions Eliminated

Marshall Watson law office cutting staff, focusing on compliance The Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson, a Florida-based foreclosure law firm that paid $2 million to settle an attorney general investigation into the firm’s operational processes earlier this year, is laying off staff members and hiring new employees for its compliance division. “To streamline our … Read more

Trending Now | “Worlds Most Inappropriate Halloween Party” Steven J. Baum

“Like” us on Facebook.com/TrendingNow and follow us on Twitter @YahooTrending! Twitter is calling it “the world’s most inappropriate Halloween party.” It’s the annual office party for a Buffalo, New York-based law firm. The Steven J. Baum firm processes so many foreclosures that it’s nicknamed “the foreclosure factory.” Pictures that recently surfaced from last year’s Halloween … Read more