WE ARE ALL SCOTT OLSEN. Scott, 24, served 2 tours of active duty in Iraq. He came home safe. He went out for a peaceful protests in the USA, and ended up in intensive care at the hands of his fellow Americans, the Oakland Police Force. ~ 4closureFraud.org Tweet

Dylan Ratigan | Delaware AG Beau Biden: Fighting Fraudclosure

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White Paper | Credit Ratings Across Asset Classes: A=A? – Credit-rating companies routinely award higher rankings to debt issued by banks and corporations that pay them the most

Abstract Contrary to assertions by the Big 3 credit raters, we demonstrate that credit ratings are not comparable across asset classes. Default frequencies, ratings transition matrices, hazard rate models, and ratings adjustment regressions all indicate that differences exist across asset classes both in the levels of credit ratings and the distributions of their changes. Relative … Read more

The European Non-Bailout Explained With A Cartoon

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Unemployed | Marshall Watson Law Office Cuts Staff, 20 to 30 Positions Eliminated

Marshall Watson law office cutting staff, focusing on compliance The Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson, a Florida-based foreclosure law firm that paid $2 million to settle an attorney general investigation into the firm’s operational processes earlier this year, is laying off staff members and hiring new employees for its compliance division. “To streamline our … Read more

Trending Now | “Worlds Most Inappropriate Halloween Party” Steven J. Baum

“Like” us on Facebook.com/TrendingNow and follow us on Twitter @YahooTrending! Twitter is calling it “the world’s most inappropriate Halloween party.” It’s the annual office party for a Buffalo, New York-based law firm. The Steven J. Baum firm processes so many foreclosures that it’s nicknamed “the foreclosure factory.” Pictures that recently surfaced from last year’s Halloween … Read more

Our Protest Picture from A View From the Bench on Front Page of Daily Business Review

Picture of our protest in front of the View from the Bench seminar. Funny how they used our picture for the article since we weren’t even mentioned in the story. (I think they like us over at the DBR) Here is an enlarged view… ~ And here is the image of the sign with the … Read more

Occupy Everywhere | Rioting Breaks Out Across America (VIDEO)

Rioting Across America – The Great Depression. America in the 1930′s. ~ 4closureFraud.org Tweet

THIS FRIDAY, Nov 4th: WPB & Sarasota Lunch & Learn Events for Foreclosure Defense Attorneys, Concerned Citizens

These working lunches serve as an opportunity to exchange information, network, share pleadings & case law, and regale war stories. WEST PALM BEACH Please bring $4 in quarters to cover 2 – 2.5 hours of metered parking. ATTENTION PLEASE:  ALL weary, embattled foreclosure defense attorneys.  It’s time for another First Fridays Lunch & Learn!  We’ll … Read more

Lee Camp | Occupy Wall Street Has Proven We Don’t Have Free Speech

Some Explicit Language So Viewer Discretion Advised Occupy Wall Street continues to show us in many ways what is wrong with our country. It has proven above and beyond any doubt that we don’t have freedom of speech. (www.LeeCamp.net) ~ 4closureFraud.org Tweet

County of Washington Pennsylvania vs U.S. Bank N.A. | County Brings Class Action to Recover Recording Fees Lost to Wall Street

Washington County, Pennsylvania Brings Class Action to Recover Recording Fees Lost to Wall Street Mason LLP, Robert Pierce & Associates, PC., and Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca. The County of Washington, Pennsylvania has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, seeking to recover unpaid fees from U.S. Bank National Association. Supreme Court … Read more

OCCUPY | A Message To The Police: “You Have No Power!” (VIDEO)

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Happy Halloween | The Bail Out Thriller Video – It’s Midnight this Late October Night and Central Banksta Zombies Lurking in the Dark

BAILOUT THRILLER NIGHT (Michael Jackson’s Thriller) WilliamBanzai7 It’s Midnight this late October night and Central Banksta Zombies Lurking in the Dark. Under The Moonlight, You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart. You Try To Scream, But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It. Markets Start To Freeze, As Horror Looks You Right … Read more

Bob Vila | 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Foreclosed Home (HAHA)

Oh, Bob… You left out sooooo many things… Let’s chalk this one up to Saturday night humor, kinda, cause it really isn’t funny, but hey, how else do we cope… His list, with my comments and links… Be sure to check out the relevant link in each of the top ten “considerations.” 1. Invest in … Read more

Steven J. Baum | Foreclosure Mill Fraud Busted by Susan Chana Lask-MERS and Mortgage Fraud Detailed (VIDEO)

The above video was released a little over a year ago but has become very relevant again in the last 24 hours… Foreclosure Mill Fraud Busted by Attorney Susan Chana Lask, who exposes the bank attorney fraudulent filings. Lask’s video takes a complicated issue and simplifies it with actual mortgage filings as examples and easy … Read more

Evicted | A Photo Essay – One Year Old Watches on as Eviction Crew Removes Playpen During a Home Foreclosure

Eviction in Colorado photographer John Moore: It’s hard to ‘stand there and watch’ By Jon DeNunzio In a stunning visual essay about the one family reeling from foreclosure, John Moore of Getty Images photographed a Colorado family’s eviction from their home last week. The resulting gallery was one of the most-viewed items on washingtonpost.com, and … Read more

42 USC 1983 | It’s Time to OWN Some Cop Homes, Cars, Boats and Other Possessions #OWS

  The Market Ticker – 42 USC 1983: Learn It, Live It OWS It’s time for the protesters to bone up on the law.  Specifically, due to this: Tennessee state troopers for the second straight night arrested Wall Street protesters for defying a new nighttime curfew imposed by Republican Gov. Bill Haslam in an effort … Read more

Why #OccupyWallStreet? 4 Reasons (VIDEO)

Video features: Elizabeth Warren (Bookended) #OccupyBoston General Assembly Senator Byron Dorgan Alan Greenspan Senator Carl Levin Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs Senator Susan Collins Daniel Sparks, Goldman Sachs POS Representative Alan Grayson Senator Bernie Sanders Democracy Now Anchor ~ 4closureFraud.org Tweet

Gretchen Morgenson | A Fraudclosure Settlement That Wouldn’t Sting

“One of the oddest terms is that the banks would give $1,500 to any borrower who lost his or her home to foreclosure since September 2008. For people whose foreclosures were done properly, this would be a windfall. For those wrongfully evicted, it would be pathetic.“ ~ “The deal being discussed now may also release … Read more

Occupy Wall Street: Outing the Ringers (VIDEO)

A few thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, I’ve been watching it and going down there for a while now but hadn’t had a chance to speak on it. By the way when I say some news media people are “ringers,” I don’t necessarily mean that they deliberately obfuscate, or get orders from some shadowy figure … Read more