Take Back Boston March & Rally protester occupying bank arrested and taken to jail – THEY DO NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THAT Paddy Wagon

Right to the City Alliance marches on Bank of America – 20 Arrested protesting predatory lending & foreclosures

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  1. George Mason says:

    We must develop two lists.

    List #1. A list of goals. Ex. follows:
    * Pass a law banning corporate donations to political campaigns.
    * Pass a law banning corporate donations to the campaigns of elected public officials.
    * All lobbying will be done in a public forum.
    * Former elected and public officials must wait 5 years before thee can lobby after leaving their positions.
    * Elected officials and their families will not be allowed to travel or stay at lodging or have food bills paid for by corporations or their lobbyests.

    List #2 Corporate Etiquette
    * We shall not ddonate any corporate funds or goods or services to any elected official.
    * We shall not ddonate any ccorporate funds, good or servise to ant political campaign.
    * Shall not donate any monies to, goods or services to any political action fund.

    Whereas it all corporate expenses end up in the price of our products or services, and where as it is the responsibility of corporate management to protect the brand and the monies of the stockholders, we pledge to not waste the shareholders monies by using corporate funds to support election campaigns so that we may bring to the marketplace the best products and services possible at the lowest price.
    * Public Officials and their families will not be allowed to travel, or stay at lodging or have their food bills paid for by corporations or their lobbyists.

    • Randy Frodsham says:

      What you propose sounds G-R-E-A-T. The “chink in the armor” is the issue of free speech and freedom of expression. The Congress and the Supreme Court have already put their collective blessings on treating corporate persons differently from individuals – it’s just that those rules heavily favor the corporate person.

  2. Randy Frodsham says:

    The peaceful demonstrations have begun. Unlike the peaceful civil rights marches of the ’60s, where marchers were met with water cannon and police batons because, due to laws that were in existence and allowed at that time, those marches (peaceful or otherwise) were illegal and it was easy to focus on an easily defined group: people of color. Today, all people are oppressed. Why? Because WE have allowed both major political parties to be bought. Now, laws have been passed limiting political contributions from individuals, while political contributions from corporate persons are allowed to be unlimited – and corporate persons have a lot more money than do individuals. In the last two general elections (2008 & 2010), I touted the idea of not voting for anyone with either a “D” or an “R” behind their name. (I case you haven’t noticed, the media will only give a forum to D’s and R’s. Why do you think that is?) It is now even imperative that the voting electorate take that to heart. If you do not, the very existence of future elections are in doubt.

    Peaceful demonstrations are gaining a head of steam. And, momentum is building. For me now there is but a single question: which side will take that first step into violence. Members of NYPD, and others, each face a massive dilemma. Being charged with maintaining order, each individual member is but a layoff away from joining their brethren on the other side. And given the state of most governmental budgets today, that outcome is not that remote. Officers, however, are trained how they are to conduct themselves. The general citizenry has not had the benefit of that type of training. Each individual citizen demonstrator must maintain full control of their emotions or the “other side” will have the cannon fodder they need. And, since they already own the media, the outcome is obvious.

    I wish it were no so, but sometime, someplace, tempers will boil over and, depending on the media’s slant, one side will become the villain. And we will all lose. I can only pray. (And I do pray.)

    • Equity Free says:

      Its great to see people starting to stand up to the corrupt powers of corporate greed .
      The top 1% have bought and paid for law makers who have indebted & strangled us,our kids, and their kids . Its the 99% ers time to have a government that works for them .
      Bravo To the fighters in the trenches .
      In Solidarity .

    • Wayne says:

      This is exactly how I feel …. thanks for taking the words out of my mouth and putting it to print. There must be a Separation between Corporations and Government, just like between Government and Religion. Corporations such as the Federal Reserve should not be handling the finances of the United States nor should they be printing money. The IRS should not even be allowed to exist for they are not even part of our Federal Government. This has been frauding the people through an Illusion for so long and we are now finding out how they can make an Elephant disappear behind the Curtain. For so long they kept telling us not to look behind the Curtain and if you do, don’t pay attention to that man pulling the strings …… Well it’s about time to tear the Curtain down and expose all the lies that has been told to us through their Illusion.
      First civilian Drone attack should be directed at the Vatican.

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