Dylan Ratigan | Boomshakalakah! 100k in One Week as the Wave Surges on GetMoneyOut.com

Boomshakalakah! 100k in One Week as the Wave Surges

Today tens of thousands of “occupiers” are marching and walking out in a single wave of protest. Anger and frustration are rampant — but it is only if we can put the positive harness of real action on this wave that can free all of us from this bought system.

We are being heard and winning support, but we at this point are people bringing a knife to a gunfight with a heavily financed auction-based democracy. Which is why, the most immediately impactful use of our collective communications power and energy — is to devote all of it — to helping others understand why WE are doing this and ask them to consider joining us.

One hundred thousand is the perfect number to start that process and we share unprecedented tools for information sharing with each other — a tool that has never existed before — we must deploy it. For us, it is only if we are massive, aligned around a single pinprick of agreement that we stand a chance. The possibilities for growth are unprecedented and spectacular!

Our greatest barrier to growth is two-fold:

Our own decision to invest time and energy in growing. If every one of us doesn’t make the decision to tell at least one other person about GetMoneyOut.com — we will not benefit from asymmetrical growth. (100k…200k….400k….800k…1.6m…3.2m…6.4m…12.8m….25m…51.2m…102.4m!)

But to do this will require an unprecedented level of TRUST, RESOLVE and PATIENCE among us as partners. This is why as this develops it will continue to be run transparently, with integrity.

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  1. Readdocs says:

    ‘Occupy’ is a strategic campaign move by AdBusters of Canada. They
    registered their Occupy domain name in June.
    Are we be lead around by the nose by canadians?

  2. tonycat says:

    We need to find some judges in areas all over the United States who “get it” and are willing to ACT at least in their own courtrooms with integrity and respect for our laws. If they will DO this, and start throwing out (dismissing) the fraudclosures, WITH prejudice, and maybe holding the banks to the same standards as the poor homeowners are being held to, by asking the D.A.’s to CHARGE the banksters and their attorneys with fraud, we could turn things around. Maybe these judges could hold some classes for homeowners in the judges’ own jurisdictions on what WORKS in the shortest amount of time with the least problem, to defeat the banksters, even if the homeowner cannot find an attorney to help him in court, We need something in the law that will stop the banksters cold before they can exhaust the homeowner and his resources and steal his house from him. In other words we need a working formula. Then we need to know how to enforce it such that the banksters cannot get around it with money or anything else until these banksters fall. Please, any ethical, non-corruptible not bought judges out there?

  3. Readdocs says:

    If this kind of private money can be generated for politics, then why can’t
    the same group of people generate the same kind of fund to help struggling
    homeowners, and those who need the legal aid to fight in keeping their
    homes or in getting their homes returned? Instead of waiting for help from a
    government who is as mired in this fiasco as the bankers why not turn this
    thing around by helping each other? What better way of giving the bird to
    them all?

  4. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    Yes! The time has come. TRUST, RESOLVE and PATIENCE

    This is a BIG part of making things better. It only makes sense….

  5. leapfrog says:

    I signed already, but glad to see this article.

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