Justice Dept Memo | The Case for Using Predator Drone Strikes Against Wall Street Executives


The Case for Using Predator Drone Strikes Against Wall Street Executives:

From a secret Justice Department memorandum obtained by the Rude Pundit:

Mr. President,

Since it is now the policy of our administration to target American citizens for killing by missiles delivered by Predator drone aircraft, I am proposing an expansion of the program to include targets beyond our ongoing conflict with al-Qaeda and its affiliates. I propose that we now target executives and others in the finance industry who so far have not been prosecuted for potential crimes that forced the economy of the United States into a long-term decline.

The legal authority for these actions rests with an earlier memo dealing with the targeting of [name redacted, but presumably Anwar al-Awlaki]. To summarize, targeting of American citizens may be done: 1. on foreign soil, even if no actual battles are occurring in that nation; 2. as long as there is an ongoing war; and 3. without regard to due process, as long as the administration is confident that the target has committed crimes against the nation.

To deal with those in reverse order:
– We can say, with certainty, that particular executives in various firms were responsible either directly for or directed others to engage in the reckless investment schemes that resulted in firms going bankrupt or in need of a bailout from the federal government. Under this condition, we can target [name redacted] of [firm redacted] who concealed $50 billion in loans in order to inflate the firm’s value while at the same time personally taking several hundred million dollars in compensation. We know this occurred. We have evidence that it occurred. We know that [redacted]’s actions, in part, led directly to the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

– If the targeted killing of American citizens is justified in our ongoing war with terrorists above and beyond any previous congressional authorization, and if the military has previously been involved in the ongoing war on drugs, then we can say with confidence that the proposed targeted attacks on financial executives falls under the purview of the “War on Poverty,” which was declared by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964 and which, like the ten-year war on terrorists and the forty-year war on drugs, has not been successfully concluded. This might seem to strain legal justification, but we are talking about criminals who have done grievous harm to the nation.

– One concern must be where we could target American citizens. Surely, we do not wish to use Predator drones within the borders of the United States. So we must wait until the targeted executives are on vacation or doing business in foreign countries. Once, for instance, [name redacted] of [firm redacted] travels to his private island in the Bahamas, the collateral damage from Hellfire missiles would be minimal.

The final consideration for moving forward with these actions is whether or not the targets are an ongoing threat to American and its interests. To put this in perspective, what has caused greater damage to the United States? Attacks by al-Qaeda or the crimes of the targeted financial officers and executives? For the average American, loss of jobs, foreclosure, and loss of retirement income, all due to the massive fraud committed by the proposed targets, are far more of a threat than terrorists have ever been, yet we limit our drone program to them.

To take this further, one might be able to say, with some degree of certainty, that more Americans have died as a result of the actions of the proposed financial industry targets, through suicide and loss of income and health insurance due to a contracting economy, than have been killed as a result of actions by terrorists.

As for an ongoing and current threat, the sociopathic behavior of terrorists leads us to believe that they cannot be reformed; the same presumption can be made about the proposed targets in the financial sector. This office has no doubt that, given the chance, [name redacted], CEO of [firm redacted], would allow another convoluted series of billion-dollar transactions that might end up in another bailout, thus costing the United States more of its diminishing treasure.

The total use of Predator drones against financial industry executives would most likely be minimal. After several strikes, we anticipate that others will turn themselves in to authorities for prosecution out of fear for their lives.

To conclude, our policy of “Capture or Kill” towards American citizens who are terrorists should be expanded to include others who terrorize the nation in more subtle ways than bombs or bullets. And since the administration has shown no willingness to capture any of these proposed targets, we are only left with the latter option.

Respectfully submitted,
[name redacted]

SOURCE: The Rude Pundit



23 Responses to “Justice Dept Memo | The Case for Using Predator Drone Strikes Against Wall Street Executives”
  1. Alison says:

    Could we please stay on topic here, many need help staying in thier homes or getting back into them. I know what everyone would love to do to those asholes that started all this, I really do but lets face it, it ain’t gonna happen. So lets find legal ways to stick it back to them and maybe help others in the process.

  2. Readdocs says:

    If the author of this hit piece is going to advocate going after private citizens who have
    committed financial terrorism, let’s add to that list the government figures who created,
    designed, empowered, and enforced the laws that started this insanity. This means
    going all the way back to 1980, and going after ALL who have been involved in the
    destruction of our unalienable right of pursuit of happiness, our right of owning
    private properties and the safety of such assured.

  3. Wayne says:

    Ivent: Love ya …. but do me a favor, take a deep breath. I too am listening to the President right at the moment. The question just asked to him was about the movement and protest by the people on Wall Street. His response was that he believes the people are “Frustrated”.
    Now he did say more but the gist of it was he down played it. He said he has to keep the Financial System Strong and again he said the people are “Frustrated”. Now right at the moment, I am beyond frustration. I was frustrated 2 years ago trying to deal with Countrywide and when the Banksters first took over them. I was frustrated trying to find a Lawyer … take that one back …. A competent Lawyer. Then I grew more frustrated when I found a “Competent Lawyer” and they wanted more then my house was worth to help me and that was with no guarantee.
    Then I have done more and more research and I have gone way past the point of frustrationand past the point of anger. Now I am at the point of planning. Planning of educating the people. I am too old for the anger but that doesn’t mean I won’t defend myself against these banks. I am one who in great defiance will not pay his mortgage only due to the fact I don’t know who I am paying. This is not fair and this is not right.
    However the thought I am getting from the President is that he is the one who is “Frustrated”. I feel for him. He is trying to be “Politically Correct” in how he delivers his speech and responds to remarks.

    He says he is leaving this up to the Attorney Generals, not only at the State Level but at the Federal level as well. That to me is correct but the Attorney General’s must have an order not to bring down the Financial House. I say this because they all aren’t doing their jobs. No one has gone to jail. This I don’t understand, with all the blighted fraud that is being done. How ever … with all this said .. I have not lost my house …. I have not paid my mortgage in over 3 years … I continue to fight the good fight and I will join the Protest. People must be made aware of the this. I still can not believe people think that the “Feds” (meaning the bank) are part of the Government. I can’t believe there are millions who are paying their mortgages and do not realize they are not paying who they think they are paying and that they will never ever recieve their note back stamped “Paid In Full”.
    With all this said Ivent: Do what you do, I enjoy reading your posts. I hope everyone else does too.

    • lvent says:

      Wayne, THEY ALL HAVE BANKER DERANGEMENT SYNDROME……Obama wants to fix the problem now with regulations? while the Federal Reserve is bailing out its own criminal institutions and bankrupting the American people! CHASE AND BOFA ARE TWO OF THE BIGGEST SHAREHOLDERS IN THE FEDERAL RESERVE….ALL OWNED BY THE VATICAN!!!! This is all incredibly evil, underhanded and devicive…!

      • lvent says:


      • lvent says:

        The U.S. Government must be forced to be held accountable PUBLICLY, for why they are allowing this robbery and bankrupting of America by the Federal Government………

      • Wayne says:

        They all have the Fed’s money …. they all have Health Care and Retirement ….. I again will not get my meager bonus that was promised to us by our corporation even though our plant is prospering. Our CEO just got a 2.5 million dollar bonus and we the workers are now paying in health care about as much as a monthly mortgage payment. There is something wrong …. Very Wrong.

      • Caitlin0 says:

        Can you provide any sources for these assertations?

    • housemanrob says:

      …..he is full of shit….it is all being exposed……and that is why he is frustrated!

  4. debi p says:

    Either drones or public executions would both work nicely. The bankers of wallstreet and how about the crooked criminals in congress too?! They are THE terriorist in the US and through out the world— until they are thrown in jail I think any thing is fair game for them. The private island bomb is good but I wish we could execute them for grand theft, terriorism, racketeering, treason, conspiracy to commit fraud upon america. No one would miss those guys that’s for sure and I would imagine if they were executed it would be truly a time to celebrate America for the first time in a decade. They are skum of the earth who have terriorized and raped the world in every way possible long enough! Take em all out!! In the mean time- May the devil has his full dues with them. Without a general ledger of course!! Debi 561-389-9339

  5. lvent says:

    I was just listening to Obama’s speech about how CONgress should pass the jobs act…I had to walk away because Obama is such a globalist and so unamerican I can’t bear to watch him speak…Obama said that the European banking crisis threatens America……WELL THEN THROW THE FEDERAL BANKS OUT OF AMERICA AND ALL OF THE FOREIGN MULTINATIONALS WHO ARE ROBBING AMERICA BLIND VIA THE FEDERAL RESERVE…….!!!! Where is the money coming from to fund that jobs plan operation? The foreignors who owe us money? Obama is a New World Order guy and so is Geithner……2012 can’t come fast enough for me…Throw them all out!!!!

    • lvent says:


    • housemanrob says:

      Vent …he acts like a puppet…….on a string! What reward could he possibly be hoping to achieve here! His legacy could have been legendary……instead he chose what?…..membership with the NWO and to be the leader of the Council on Foreign Relations?……while he turns americans into slaves!

    • Caitlin0 says:

      Who would do a better job in your opinion? This is not a rhetorical question. Personally, I don’t see a single candidate on either side I can, in good conscience, vote for. I expect I’ll write in Elizabeth Warren but haven’t totally decided, yet.

  6. housemanrob says:

    …..gimmeee the controls……betch’a I can take out all of the major bank CEO’s……..before anyone else!

  7. Hell No, No More Blasted Bank Bail-Outs says:

    More than just the top honcho from each of the major players should be on that list. Certain of the major players such as Goldman-Sachs even had major subsidiaries that have been sold off. Certain of those, like Litton, need to have their top honcho on a hot seat also.

    If the feds won’t file charges and make all the culprits exchange belts and jewelry for a nice pair of government-issued bracelets, then the public outrage is only going to build. It has been VERY slow in coming, but now that it has started, it will become increasingly difficult to rein in.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Is this real? I mean, all the names have been {redacted} and there’s no real indication that this was really sent to the president…Am I missing out; that this is some kind of joke?

      • lvent says:

        I heard about this plan on RT news…they said the Government was discussing using unweaponized drones to keep an eye on protestors and then maybe if it gets to out of hand, weaponized drones….like they do in Afghanistan……Wait a minute! don’t the U.S. taxpayers fund the military and the banks and the Governement? Dirty bastards, throw them out America!!!

      • lvent says:

        They should use the weapons we pay for to kill each other with…Perfect!!! Great solution to rid the planet of all of the double crossers…

      • Caitlin0 says:

        I have no idea what “RT NEWS” is but the only story I’ve seen from the credible press regarding predator drones is the following:


        Note that the mayor is asking that the drones be armed with cameras for surveillane, not missiles for murder. And it’s in connection to the Republican Convention, not Occupy Wall Street.


        It takes about 2 nanoseconds to do a fact check these days, so why aren’t more of them done?

        The story here is satirical as anyone with a sense of humor and about two brain cells to rub together can see.

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