Lee Camp | Occupy Wall Street Is A Thought Revolution – And It Won’t Be Minimized

Some Explicit Language, So Viewer Discretion Advised

There’s no getting around it – Occupy Wall Street is a thought revolution for the United States. It’s our Mental Spring. The flood gates are open and they’re not closing.



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  1. housemanrob says:


  2. J.R. Homeowner says:

    He does a pretty fair Dennis Miller rant impression.

  3. Jim Bethea says:

    The Rothschilds thought they could use the JP Morgan bankster’s influence to control the media, the mayor & the police commissioner but their $4.6 million bribe money did not work ~~

    Now this secret collusion is well known making JP Morgan Chase and their subsidiaries look even worst than they ever have ~ along w/ Bloomberg would be can be assured that he will never win another term in office ~~ and hopefully some of these overzealous abusive police officers will be fired and or jailed for their crimes against humanity ~~

    But the beat is getting louder and the people who were sleeping so well in their silene are now coming to their feet in amazement ~~ THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE ARE BEING HEARD ~~

  4. Peter Everts says:

    Well done!!

  5. lvent says:

    My local news WGN Chicago reporting 7000 protestors will be showing up in downtown Chicago protesting the MORTGAGE BROKERS ASSOCIATION meeting!!……..The MBA are who fought against the American People being allowed to extinguish the fraudulently induced mortgage in a bankruptcy which would have granted much needed relief to struggling homeowers….

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